The Principal's Office

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It is undeniably the most dreaded room in all of high school. And now, viewers get a glance at the inside -- without being in trouble. The Principal's Office gives everyone at home a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of high school students. Starring Principal Caswell, Principal Deltoro, and Principal Costello, we get to see just how hard it is to be a high school principal. These men show us all that administrators are brave, nurturing, and yes, at times strict. But they're not just out to get you. We watch as the three men deal with a plethera of situations with their students, from the cliche, comical kid who is claiming that the dog ate his homework, to the truly shocking and appalling. This new all access peek inside the office will give us a heartwarming perspective that none of us have ever seen before.

2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
August 21, 2008
Kids & Family
Cast: Zachary Christopher Fay
The Principal's Office

The Principal's Office Full Episode Guide

  • Creative excuses for bad behavior.

  • A perpetual tardy student blames her being late on her fashion and grooming habits.

  • A student is caught cheating.

  • Fake ID ring is found at school

  • Principal Caswell gets heated when a student claims he missed class due to a one hour bathroom break.

  • Principal Salisbury tries to halt an epidemic which is going around his school.

  • Principal Sheninger has his very own Beavis and Butthead to contend with when a pair of giggling metal heads vandalized school property. Then Principal Ballenger has a talk with a teen who claims she would take a bullet for a boy. Finally, Principal Saxton breaks up a love triangle which caused the breakup of 2 best friends.

  • A principal is on a search for a vandal who is destroying lockers in the school. Then, Principal Tague catches up with a student who has been sneaking sodas from the teacher's lounge. And finally, Principal Russo discipline's a student who has been caught tossing mashed potatoes across the cafeteria.

  • Principal Tague disciplines a student who has been applying makeup during class. Then, Principal Sheninger talks with a student who is "pantsing" his classmates in the locker room. And finally, Principal Koenig tells a teacher's pet to go home after she announces she won't be able to attend the Saturday detention.

  • A cheater with a bad attitude is caught by a principal. Then, a principal stops a cream fight which has left the halls a mess. Lastly, a principal gives a student advice on how to keep her man.

  • A principal in Ohio steps in when a war of words between two girls begins to escalate into a physical confrontation. A New Jersey principal breaks up a couple of pro wrestling wannabes who are practicing in the school halls. Finally, in North Carolina, a principal sets a student straight after threatening to have her mom come in to discipline a teacher.

  • Principal Tague straightens out a student who refuses to attend physical education class because she doesn't want to mess up her hair. Principal Halter faces a student who is chewing tobacco on the bus. Finally, Principal Ballenger hunts for a student who is setting off stink bombs.

  • Two kids are nabbed by Principal Tague and his surveillance cameras at Manalapan High as they try to leave school for a coffee break. Then at Hopewell High Principal Bonaparte tries to get a student to apologize to a teacher. Finally, Principal Sheninger catches a kid who has been avoiding the cafeteria food each day by ordering bagels.

  • One student has a reputation for his foul mouth.

  • Students are getting out of line.

  • A student gets caught editing photos of himself in a compromising position.

  • A student is caught breaking the rules.

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