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Based on the novel by the same name, the show debuted as a miniseries in 1994. The world is suddenly faced with a plague that has been made by man. Battles of Biblical proportions ensue across the globe as people fight for survival. Everything began in a laboratory headed by the government in California. Project Blue is released by accident, and the influenza virus quickly kills the staff of the lab. An officer manages to escape, not knowing that he is infected with the disease.

After he crashes his car, friends discover that he is laying beside his wife and daughter, dying of the disease. With mysterious figures following people to the quarantine of towns, the show is a blend of mystery and science. It plays on the possibility that people could die from a disease that has been created in a lab, and then it explores the fear that is created by something that no one can see.

The Stand is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on May 8, 1994.

Where do I stream The Stand online? The Stand is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Stand on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

1 Season, 5 Episodes
May 8, 1994
Drama, Mini-Series
Cast: Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, Rob Lowe, Miguel Ferrer
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The Stand Full Episode Guide

  • Nadine and Harold's dark intentions continue to take shape. Meanwhile, the Committee's spies entrench themselves in New Vegas, where Flagg is building his own society, where officially-sanctioned sin and debauchery disguises a ruthlessly-enforced order. Back in Boulder, Frannie hatches a plan to confirm her suspicions of Harold while Mother Abagail seeks divine council.

  • Stu heads out West, Randall's group begins to fall apart, and everyone involved hurtles toward the final confrontation between good and evil.

  • While Randall sends Nadine to infiltrate the group in Boulder, Colorado, Mother Abigail's followers send people out to spy on Randall in Las Vegas.

  • As the dreamers of Mother Abigail make their way toward Nebraska, Randall Flagg begins recruiting his own group of followers, including Nadine Cross.

  • After a deadly virus kills much of the population, the survivors begin having dreams of one of two figures: a kindly old woman or a very sinister man.

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