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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.5  (56)

You Can Do Better is a truTV series that premiered in 2016 and was hosted by comedians Matthew Latkiewicz and Abbi Crutchfield. Danilo Di Julio served as the show's correspondent. The series is a mix of comedy and education, where the hosts take a humorous and informative look at various topics, providing viewers with tips and advice on how to improve their lives in a range of areas.

Each episode of You Can Do Better focused on a specific theme, such as dating, finances, health, or travel. The hosts tackled these subjects with a blend of comedy and practical advice, bringing a lighthearted yet informative approach to the topics. The show was geared towards young adults in their 20s and 30s, offering advice on common problems that people in this age group might face.

One of the strengths of You Can Do Better was the chemistry between the hosts. Latkiewicz and Crutchfield played off each other well, with Latkiewicz often serving as the more cynical and sarcastic one, while Crutchfield brought a bubbly and energetic vibe to the show. Di Julio's segments added another layer of humor and insight, providing a break from the banter between the main hosts.

The series had a light and fun tone throughout, with the hosts often taking a playful approach to their advice. For example, in one episode about dating, they suggested that if someone wanted to stand out on a first date, they should order a pizza with a custom message written on it, such as "I hope this isn't our last date." While the advice was often tongue-in-cheek, it was also grounded in reality, with the hosts offering genuinely helpful tips and suggestions.

In addition to the humor, the show also featured a range of guests who provided additional insight into the topics being discussed. These guests ranged from doctors and financial experts to dating coaches and travel bloggers, and offered a variety of perspectives on the issues at hand. The guests were integrated smoothly into the show, and were able to contribute to the conversation without feeling forced.

The production value of You Can Do Better was also a highlight, with the show featuring slick graphics, fast-paced editing, and stylish on-screen text. The hosts frequently used props and costumes to add to the humor, and the show made smart use of cutaway shots and reaction shots to keep the audience engaged.

Overall, You Can Do Better was an entertaining and informative series that managed to strike a balance between comedy and education. The show offered practical advice on a range of topics, while also providing a healthy dose of humor and personality. The chemistry between the hosts was a highlight, and the show's informative yet playful tone made it a standout in the crowded landscape of lifestyle programming.

You Can Do Better is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on August 23, 2016.

You Can Do Better
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Life Design
13. Life Design
October 3, 2017
Matthew and Abbi help you design your best life as they explore everything from building a winning day to designing your perfect sex life. Plus, they go head-to-head in a challenge to build the best personal brand.
Taking Risks
12. Taking Risks
September 26, 2017
Matthew and Abbi dive into uncertain territory as they explore all sides of risk. From determining what type of risk-taker you are to knowing how your brain impacts risky behavior, this episode will make you an expert at taking chances.
The Work Life
11. The Work Life
September 19, 2017
It's time to conquer the nine-to-five routine like a champ. Learn how to crush it with co-workers, find a path to productivity and even how to drink on the job.
10. Afterhours
September 12, 2017
Get ready to find the coolest underground hang spots, learn what a lack of sleep does to your body and mind, and discover some late-night job opportunities.
Dealing With Your S**t
9. Dealing With Your S**t
September 5, 2017
Whether it's Laughter Yoga, Cuddle Therapy, or Scream Therapy, Matthew and Abbi will recommend the best methods for dealing with your s**t.
You're So Vain
8. You're So Vain
August 29, 2017
Matthew and Abbi let their egos run free as they explore how to do vanity better. From confidence builders to the hidden dangers of selfies to the future of plastic surgery, get ready for your heads and lips to get inflated.
Weed 2.0
7. Weed 2.0
August 22, 2017
Matthew and Abbi revisit the rapidly changing landscape of weed in America. From getting an updated map of where it's legal, to learning how to properly store your stash, you'll be a master at cannabis by the end of the episode.
Sexual Identity
6. Sexual Identity
August 15, 2017
Matthew and Abbi challenge traditional notions of gender and sexuality, as we tackle sexism in the workplace, gender roles in the media, and the best ways to be respectful of LGBTQ identity. Throughout the episode our hosts take on the Pink Tax to see if women really do pay more than men for everyday services in the American economy.
Tatted Up
5. Tatted Up
August 8, 2017
Matthew and Abbi show us how to get INKED the right way! They take us through the history of tattoos, demonstrate how to minimize pain, and give a full briefing on laser tattoo removal. Plus, Abbi surprises friends and family with three types of temporary tats to see which one looks the most authentic.
Let's Fall in Love
4. Let's Fall in Love
August 1, 2017
Love is in the air as Matthew and Abbi cover the symptoms of real, full-blown AMORE, help us learn our partner's love languages, and supply a fool-proof guide to having a threesome. Throughout the episode we'll unravel the recipe for everlasting love and see which celebrity couple has the best shot at standing the test of time.
Man's Best Friends
3. Man's Best Friends
July 25, 2017
Matthew and Abbi get acquainted with the boldest and best creatures in the universe: pets. Plus, they take care of a pig, mini-horse and bearded dragon in a quest to find the best alternative pet.
Rolling The Dice
2. Rolling The Dice
July 18, 2017
Learn the who's who of the casino floor, find out the best tips for getting comped, and explore the biggest bet of all: Wall Street. Plus, Matthew and Abbi try out scratch-off tickets, a day at the races, and Daily Fantasy Sports.
Tying The Knot
1. Tying The Knot
July 11, 2017
Matthew and Abbi discuss proposing, giving a wedding toast and understanding the Wedding Guests' Bill of Rights.
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You Can Do Better is available for streaming on the truTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch You Can Do Better on demand at Vudu and truTV.
  • Premiere Date
    August 23, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (56)