Speeders Fight Back

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In this humorous television series, people who have been cited for traffic violations contest their tickets in court. The instances that are covered are done so lightheartedly and show the both the perspective of the law and that of the individuals who choose to fight back.

Thursday 8:30 PM et/pt on truTV
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
October 16, 2008
Cast: Daniel Staniszewski
Speeders Fight Back

Speeders Fight Back Full Episode Guide

  • Judge Dave discovers an alleged speeder has lied to him about having a previous record. Then, a bag of garbage is tossed all over a courtroom by a repeat offender. Next, a speeder claims to have a legitimate excuse and a teacher learns a lesson while in court.

  • A foul-mouthed defendant is judged by a real judge; a proud mother uses her cute daughter as her witness; a defendant tries to prove he wasn't driving his souped-up car while hanging out the window.

  • A defendant fights a ticket issued while in Mexico on a vacation; a judge doubts a fishy flat tire story; and a defendant is enraged for being issued a ticket on a snowy day.

  • A ticket has ruined the chances of a woman who had seeks employment as a bus driver. Next, a case of mistaken identity as a father receives a ticket which was meant for his son. Lastly, a driver brings in his attorney Mark Gold, in hopes of having a solid 24 carat defense.

  • A busy mom learns that this is no excuse for getting a speeding ticket. And, an aspiring police officer finds himself in trouble with the law after receiving a speeding ticket.

  • Captain Cuba, a masked crime fighter, makes a surprise appearance as he fights a speeding ticket. Then a defendant brings his mom in as a character witness. Lastly, an embittered nurse shows her lack of patience.

  • First up, a smooth talker tries to get out of a ticket by using his charm. Next, a motorist tells a long sob story to get out of a ticket. Lastly, the 'perfect defense' hits a speed bump.

  • A math professor receives a bit of karma when he is sent up front of the judge while sweating through his shirt. Then, a driver shouts down the officer in court who had arrested him. Finally, a vigilante fights his ticket which was given to him for chasing down a car which crashed into him and then fled the scene.

  • Brenda's feathers are ruffled when a speeder arrives in court eating a chicken dinner. Then, a single mom believes the world is responsible for all her speeding infractions. Finally, a truck driver may lose his job and his license after being stopped on his motorbike.

  • A defendant makes a claim that she was tailgated by the police on purpose to make her speed. Then, a speeder claims that he was over the speed limit due to gravity. Plus, the court has a hard time believing that a petite driver would have trouble pressing the accelerator pedal all the way down since she is so short.

  • A driver who has won all 10 cases in traffic court comes up against an undefeated officer. Then, a poker player has a full house of excuses to explain his tickets. Plus, a speeding Hooters waitress makes a repeat appearance.

  • An optometry student turns the tables on an officer when she tests his vision. Then, a hippie woman tries singing her way out of a ticket. Plus, a love triangle is formed when a man offers to pay his ex-girlfriends ticket.

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