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Most Daring is a reality show. This is an American series that does offer reality footage. This will show of a real life automobile accidents, police chases, daring rescues, and many other reality occurrences. This series is filled with shocking events that occur in the real world. Watch these real life altering events and the heroes who step in to save the day.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on truTV
7 Seasons, 88 Episodes
September 12, 2007
Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Brian Cummings, Tyler Derek, Mitch Lewis, Beau Weaver
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Most Daring Full Episode Guide

  • An super-size man takes on a mechanical bull.

  • A drunk woman hits a cop below the belt and many more intoxicated incidents of insanity.

  • Watch some of the wildest celebration disasters.

  • Job disasters, such as a bus driver falling asleep at the wheel, are caught on tape.

  • Senior citizens wiping out.

  • Students doing wild things caught on tape.

  • Watch some of the best riots and rumbles caught on tape.

  • Clips of brawls and idiocy caught on tape.

  • First, a karate kid thinks he can wow the crowd and then 'geniuses' who flunk drivers ed.

  • First a bus tries to be a bulldozer and then a car tries to beat an oncoming train.

  • Two first time sky divers have a terrifying experience when their plane goes into a tailspin and a jaywalker pays the price.

  • A mailman is delivering mail while intoxicated and then an arsonist terrorizes a neighborhood.

  • First, a maniac threatens to end a convenience store clerk's life, then a 14-year-old girl threatens cops at gun point, finally a dead-beat mom educates her kids on stealing.

  • First, a group of girls take a few shots at their limo driver when he kicks them out, then a murder suspect attacks his lawyers, and finally two adult entertainers take it off and fight.

  • First, a water-skier takes a turn on the water slide, then a tourist can't run fast enough from an angry bull, and finally a stripper sends off a bachelor.

  • First, a storeowner fights back, then a maniac takes a woman hostage at an airport, and finally the loser in a bikini contest insults the winner.

  • A driver creates a dangerous situation by leaving his vehicle's engine running at a gas station pump; morning talk-show anchors get an unwelcome scoop from a visiting dog; the controlled disposal of old munitions at a military compound goes awry.

  • Snowmobile racers lose control on ice and collide; an angry beast heads into the stands at a bullring; a pedestrian steps into the path of an oncoming car.

  • First, a bored group of thrill seekers cruise the streets on a couch at 40 mph. Then, a young mountain biker overshoots a landing and hits a tree! And finally, a group of kids play tag with a raging bull.

  • The balloon boy frenzy raises tempers and fists. Then, wedding crashers get bashed when they're caught sneaking into a reception. Plus, a prison guard is attacked by a ballistic inmate.

  • First, clueless truckers ignore the rules of the road. Then, a canine guest gets frisky with a morning show anchorwoman. Plus, spring break partiers are flying.

  • First, a herd of steers runs wild through the aisles of a mini-mart. Then, a fight at a trailer park and proof that there is no deadlier combination than booze and a loaded gun.

  • First, during a convenience store robbery, a thug unleashes a spray of bullets. Then, a cowboy outlasts the competition at a bull riding tournament. And finally a first-time bungee jumper has an experience.

  • First, a daredevil tries to impress his friends. Then, a TV reporter takes a walk inside a lion cage. And finally, cowboys compete to outlast a rampaging bull.

  • First, a gas station starts on fire after an out-of-control vehicle smashes into a pump. Then, bystanders race to save a family trapped in a burning car in the middle of highway traffic. And, finally a crash through a little shop's front door.

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