Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

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What happens when you mix alcohol, a huge pool, spring breakers, Las Vegas high rollers, and perky waitresses? A lot of interesting moments, that's what! Rehab: Party At The Hard Rock Hotel is a television show that documents the excitement that takes place on the grounds of The Hard Rock Hotel. It is a daily challenge for Sharon, the safety manager, and her employees to ensure that everyone has a good time without jeopardizing their safety. From breaking up alcohol-induced fights to helping someone locate their lost wallet, the crew is dedicated to maintaining the professional image of the hotel.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
3 Seasons, 27 Episodes
November 11, 2008
Cast: Jonna Mannion, Austin Keyes
Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel Full Episode Guide

  • First, Matt struggles to keep the party going even when the bar runs completely out of booze. Then, Jonna makes a major mistake that spins her entire section reeling out of control. Plus, rumors of a flash mob lead security on a wild goose chase as they desperately try to keep Rehab from being shut down.

  • Sharon gets an indecent proposal and discovers her friend may be part of it; Amanda's bachelorette party has a male cocktail waiter; Jake finds himself in a bizarre position.

  • Get acquainted with Rehab's craziest and most scandalous newlywed couple. Plus, Jake's inability to deal with crying women lands him in the doghouse with Sharon. And the most explosive fight in Rehab's history even has the ladies throwing down.

  • First, Jonna struggles to make money after Amanda steals her cabana. Then, Jake deals with Rehab’s strangest chick fight ever. And, Chantel gets fed-up with all the in-fighting and decides to quit.

  • Director of Nightlife, Matt, is on a rampage leaving his whole staff on edge. Then, a rumor brings Chantel and Jessica to the brink of being fired and a bachelor party turns bad when the bride-to-be makes a shocking discovery. Plus, Matt's feud with Sharon leaves her speechless.

  • First, Matt gets caught in the middle of a fight between rookie waitress, Jonna and veteran server, Amanda. Then, Sharon’s last day turns into a mess when she goes on the hunt for a slippery menace. Plus, Matt’s beloved dog goes missing and security is faced with a violent guest.

  • In this episode, a giant boa constrictor gets loose and causes chaos all around the pool. Plus, cocktail waitress Amanda makes a mistake that has her leaving work in an ambulance. And, Matt and Sharon’s biggest blow up yet leaves the entire crew scared for their future

  • Freezing winds threaten the party and Paris Hilton is in danger when a stalker is discovered.

  • Lil' John rocks the crowd while Matt gives Sharon the cold shoulder.

  • Matt kicks the season off when he reprimands his general manager. Meanwhile, a veteran bartender may lose her job.

  • It may be the final days of the year's Rehab, but Matt isn't finished finding staff members to fire. A stalking "cougar" has Art feeling traumatized. Sharon, the veteran security director responds to a call which leaves her shocked.

  • A VIP high roller quickly turns 'high maintenance' and throws the Rehab staff for a loop. Plus, veteran cocktail waitress Ashley screams for a good tip...and loses it all. And, Matt gets a taste of his own medicine when his boss calls him in for a surprise meeting.

  • A rival nightclub owner learns a hard lesson when he comes to Rehab to poach some of Matt's staff. Then, Mallory pushes Matt to his breaking point when she lets her cabana get totally out of control. And, guests misbehave when the cocktail servers show off their best assets at the Girls of Rehab calendar photo shoot.

  • First, Matt suspends Mallory, but when her replacement steps in, she's blind-sided by an ex-lover. Then, things get even hotter when Adult Film Star Mary Carey puts a major spell on Deebo. And, when the sun goes down the girls of Rehab go wild to celebrate Julia's Birthday.

  • Rehab is a behind-the-scenes peek at the people who throw the wildest and biggest pool party in the world. This week too many mistakes make general manager Matt set his sights on rookie waitress, Danielle. Bartender Chantel's addiction to Joe may get her the boot. And, Julia makes a shocking discovery about her new boyfriend!

  • Rehab is a behind-the-scenes peek at the people who throw the wildest and biggest pool party in the world. This week General Manager Matt is on a rampage when he warns his waitresses he'll trim the staff if they don't trim down on the goodies and hit the gym. Also, an out of control high-roller exposes too much of himself to a beautiful bartender. And, a scandal rocks Deebo and the security staff.

  • General Manager Matt confronts an out of control guest. And emotions run high when controversy rocks the security staff forcing employees to turn against each other.

  • The club hosts a party of over 6,000 guests. Tension arises when partyers begin to clash as well as conflicts between staff members and management.

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