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Many horrendous crimes have gone unsolved over the course of time due to a lack of technology. As the years have progressed new technology can become readily available to those in law enforcement that can be utilized in processing evidence. Forensic Files is a documentary styled television show. Every episode features a different criminal case where evidence is gathered an analyzed and the perpetrator is caught then brought to justice. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery will enjoy this suspenseful show.

1 Season, 40 Episodes
January 24, 2007
Crime, Documentary & Biography
Forensic Files: Collection

Forensic Files: Collection Full Episode Guide

  • When four young people are slaughtered in an upscale Texas community, neighbors give authorities descriptions of two strangers seen in the area.

  • The bodies of a woman and her two daughters are found floating in Tampa Bay, leading to a high-profile manhunt.

  • A missing teenage girl's family hopes that she just ran away, but the discovery of her body confirms their worst fears and sends police on a manhunt.

  • When a woman is slain, police suspect her philandering fiancĂ© until a third party steps forward with a surprising revelation about the murder weapon.

  • When a woman is beaten to death a month after her husband saves her from a fire, evidence points to an intruder -- but authorities have their doubts.

  • When a man dies after a hydraulic jack slips and drops a truck on him, investigators soon discover that it wasn't just a tragic accident.

  • When a woman is shot to death in a church parking lot, police zero in on her spouse, who recently learned she'd been having an affair for three years.

  • When numerous clues bring investigators to a murder scene, evidence is plentiful -- but the victim's body is nowhere to be found.

  • A woman's rapist and murderer is brought to justice with evidence from an unlikely source: a hamburger bun.

  • After a young mother is killed and her 4-year-old daughter brutally assaulted, it takes 15 years until DNA technology can identify the culprit.

  • A week after a couple vanishes during a Memorial Day beach trip, a seemingly unrelated robbery leads authorities to new clues.

  • Authorities don't have much to go on when a rapist and murderer spends hours cleaning up the crime scene and then disposes of the body.

  • When the prime suspect in a park ranger's murder is quickly cleared, nearly six years elapse before DNA technology brings new facts to light.

  • When a woman with more than 50 stab wounds is found floating in a harbor, are her missing ex and daughter also victims, or did they commit the murder?

  • A family of four is gunned down in what appears to be an interrupted robbery, but police discover a far more heinous motive behind the attack.

  • At an apartment where a mother was stabbed to death, investigators find plenty of evidence but have no suspect to compare it against.

  • When a surgeon is stabbed to death, the prime suspect has an alibi -- until the investigation uncovers a conspiracy behind the murder.

  • When forensic specialists enhance surveillance footage, they discover that a seemingly simple encounter is instead an abduction by a serial killer.

  • Weeks after a young girl vanishes, a psychic leads investigators to a field, where they find her body and clues to her killer's identity.

  • When a woman disappears after evening church services, police search for a mysterious van that several witnesses saw her step into.

  • A unique button and some of its connecting threads are investigators' only clues when a woman is stabbed more than 30 times.

  • Investigators believe that a missing college student will turn up -- until they find blood evidence that her boyfriend has tried to cover up.

  • Eight years after the rape and murder of a college student, a cell phone and some running shoes help investigators crack the cold case.

  • When a woman is raped and murdered on the beach, investigators track down the killer through a pair of shoes left near the body.

  • A spurned would-be lover may be behind the death of a woman gunned down in her driveway, but it won't be easy to prove the young man was obsessed.

  • When a graduate student disappears and is presumed dead, a geology professor at Michigan State University lends his special expertise to the case.

  • More than 10 years after the slaying of a Seattle musician, DNA evidence collected at the time of the crime becomes vital to solving the case.

  • Investigators track the clues left behind by a missing woman, including surveillance footage of what may have been her last hours on earth.

  • When the prime suspect in a young girl's murder is sent to prison, high-tech tools from NASA help prove that the wrong man is serving time.

  • This episode re-examines the 1960 kidnapping and murder of brewery heir Adolph Coors III through the lens of modern forensic techniques.

  • Three years after the murders of a millionaire and his family, new clues -- including a decades-old box of ammunition -- point to the killer.

  • When a woman's body is found in a burned-out house, microscopic clues on a piece of pipe help determine whether her death was an accident or murder.

  • Carpet and blanket fibers, coupled with unique wax bullets, help forensic experts track down the man who killed a department-store clerk.

  • Evidence and witness testimony conflict when a fall down a flight of stairs kills a socialite, leaving the final determination up to forensic experts.

  • New forensic technology -- including DNA profiling -- enables authorities to reopen the investigation into a 20-year-old murder case.

  • When a string of bombings terrorizes a small Colorado town, police examine the remnants of the bombs to track the culprit.

  • When a woman vanishes hours after winning big at a casino and then turns up dead a month later, an anonymous phone call gives police their first lead.

  • When an insurance assessor disappears while inspecting a storm-ravaged house, the police find evidence of a sloppy killer who left plenty of clues.

  • When police try to figure out how a stalker acquired information about his victim, they find clues in a series of letters he sent to terrorize her.

  • When foul play befalls her father, a woman travels a thousand miles to find out what happened and who was behind it.

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