It Only Hurts When I Laugh

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  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.1  (51)

It Only Hurts When I Laugh is a humor-infused, reality-themed television show that first made its appearance on truTV in 2009. Similar in spirit to America's Funniest Home Videos, this show features an assortment of real-life mishaps, accidents, and just plain absurd situations caught on tape by everyday people from all over the world. The episodes can range from videos of klutzy individuals falling into pools or smacking into walls while trying to catch a ball to more dangerous acts of misjudgment that could have led to more serious injuries.

As the title suggests, the show underscores the humor inherent in such atypical and ludicrous scenarios, making light-hearted fun of various uncomfortable, yet amusing, moments in life. Each video clip is set up by a witty narration, offering humorous insights and making sarcastic remarks, which adds a layer of comedic commentary to the mix.

The show does not follow a specific storyline, with every episode functioning as a standalone installment. Each episode typically presents a series of unrelated clips, each one showcasing a different laughable blunder. The sequences of humor can range from the plainly ridiculous to the painfully unfortunate, with each segment designed to evoke laughter from the audience. However, the show’s creators make it a point to ensure that none of the featured individuals are seriously injured as a result of the mishap, directing the spotlight on the ludicrous nature of the accidents rather than the potential harm they might have caused.

It Only Hurts When I Laugh is made up of diverse comedic elements, making it unique from common sitcoms or comedic shows. Instead of being reliant on humorous scripts, top-notch comedians or meticulously-crafted comedic scenarios, the show thrives on the unpredictability and randomness of real-life incidents. Just when you think you know what will happen next, the situation takes an unexpected turn, upending your expectations and sending you into fits of laughter.

What really sets this show apart from other reality TV programs is its clever use of humor in highlighting the often missed comical side of accidents. This capability to take something that is initially seen as painful or embarrassing and convert it into a source of laughter offers an alternate perspective on situations that are usually unfavorable or even humiliating. It showcases the human instinct to laugh at the unpredictable awkward moments that life sometimes throws at us.

The videos often feature people at weddings, parties, or events where they are supposed to be having a good time. But, life has other plans and instead, they find themselves in the middle of an irreverently funny accident. The narration escalates the humor twofold by adding light, often tongue-in-cheek commentary, driving home the punchline of the situation. This aspect is likely one of the reasons viewers often find themselves, not only laughing out loud, but also musing on the uncertain nature of our existence.

Produced by FremantleMedia North America, a company famed for creating a variety of unique shows in different genres, It Only Hurts When I Laugh offers a distinctive approach towards comedy. The creators have discovered a niche in blending comedy with the relatability of real-life experiences. Viewers can often relate to the awkward, surprise moments in the show, perhaps reminding them of their own missteps and laughing at the shared universality of human clumsiness.

It Only Hurts When I Laugh is much more than just a regular comedy show. It's a celebration of our collective power to turn life's accidents and oddities into sources of laughter and entertainment. It is a lighthearted, globally-appreciated dose of Schadenfreude, making it the perfect show for viewers who appreciate a good laugh out of everyday follies, bloopers, blunders, and amusingly embarrassing moments. The show's simple yet effective concept stops one from taking life too seriously and encourages embracing the often underappreciated comical aspects of our daily lives. So brace yourself – because it only hurts when you laugh!

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Episode 213
14. Episode 213
June 23, 2011
In this episode, a a reporter falls hard for her interview... Grandpa's epic beach faceplant ...
Episode 212
13. Episode 212
June 16, 2011
A guy becomes a human rocket on a moving treadmill, a bridesmaid falls hard for her date on the dance floor, and Santa goes for quite a ride on his moped.
Episode 211
12. Episode 211
June 9, 2011
In this episode, a fashion model takes a spill on the catwalk, a break dancer puts the break in dancing, and a mom takes a face plant in the kitchen.
Episode 210
11. Episode 210
June 2, 2011
A student driver uses a new braking technique, a spectator at a soccer game gets in touch with the ball, and a bird mascot's attempt to soar doesn't go as planned.
Episode 209
10. Episode 209
May 26, 2011
A streaker's does an interesting face plant, an actor's big break is unexpected, and a collection of the world's most embarrassing wedding vows.
Episode 208
9. Episode 208
May 19, 2011
In this episode, a girl falls head over heels for her guy, a man inspires the new version of full-contact bowling, and a woman's ride on an ostrich doesn't go so well.
Episode 207
8. Episode 207
May 12, 2011
In this episode, a guy gets creative to remove a mailbox, a construction worker uses his head to catch a falling 2x4, and a weightlifter puts the dumb in dumbbell lifting!
Episode 206
7. Episode 206
May 5, 2011
In this episode, a Tae Kwon Do master demonstrates a Tae Kwon Don't move, a fisherman learns a valuable lesson about bait, and it's remote control car vs. girl's face in a race for the ages!
Episode 205
6. Episode 205
December 23, 2010
Watch hilarious clips of people caught in the craziest predicaments.
Episode 204
5. Episode 204
December 16, 2010
On this episode, a bride gets knocked on the dance floor, it's moped versus moped in a battle of bad drivers, and the milkman makes a special delivery.
Episode 202
4. Episode 202
December 2, 2010
In this episode, a reporter's face plants on his bike, a guy rockets on a moving treadmill, and two drunk guys go gonzo in a golf cart.
Episode 203
3. Episode 203
November 18, 2010
In this episode, a surgeon goes head over heels, a fashion model eats it on the runway, and a motorcycle stuntman turns his ride in an ambulance into a performance.
Episode 133
2. Episode 133
November 11, 2010
In this episode, a karate teacher is a real kick in the head, a candle lighting ceremony goes awry, and runway models trip up.
Episode 201
1. Episode 201
November 11, 2010
In this episode, a martial arts expert nails himself in the family jewels, a reporter falls hard for his interview, and a man gets a strike with his new version of full-contact bowling.
  • Premiere Date
    October 22, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (51)