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Unlike other law enforcement reality shows that focus on felonies and more serious crime, this series follows drivers who are stopped by the police for a variety of minor offenses, including driving over the posted speed limit. A bit of humor comes into play as drivers tend to offer an assortment of wacky excuses to the officer in order to avoid receiving a ticket.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
8 Seasons, 127 Episodes
June 21, 2007
Reality, Action & Adventure
Cast: Daniel Staniszewski
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Speeders Full Episode Guide

  • California officers in a hot pursuit discover a smoking gun. Plus, a driver being arrested in Laguna Beach decides he won't go down without a fight. And, a couple of golfers tee off on officers in Illinois.

  • A drunken California motorist pleads guilty of smoking marijuana; Then, an officer has to remind a driver to zip up his pants. And, a pair of St. Patrick's Day partiers wonder if they can dance their way out of a citation.

  • A motorist seems confused, but insists that he's 199% sure he "thinks' he was "most likely" wasn't speeding. Then, a driver in Massachusetts gets confused on the alphabet. Lastly, a Corporal discovers a motorist wearing only pajamas, has an obscene object hanging from his rear view mirror.

  • A routine traffic stop turns into an arrest of a wanted man in Las Vegas. Next, an officer pulls over a suspicious couple who are carrying a dirty mattress, and finds out their dirty little secret. And, a suspect of a DUI informs the officer he needs to fart.

  • Here are some of the most intense, crazy and out of control moments from the history of the show. There are high speed car chases, intense confrontations, and high-octane, whit knuckle speeding that you can shake a stick at.

  • Take a look at some of the wackiest, craziest and most unbelievable Speeders excuses of all time. From goofy to bizarre vehicles and kooky policemen, the episode has it all. Plus, the award for "Wackiest Driver Ever!"

  • A deputy calls in a suspects mom when a young driver is caught with pot. Next, a buddy does an award winning acting job in order to free his friend from a ticket. Lastly, a Corporal searches the woods of Maryland in camouflage to nab a motorist.

  • An officer reaches for his gun during a routine stop; one suspect reveals that he passed the tenth grade twice; and an officer makes a discovery in the backwoods of Ohio.

  • A speeder becomes rude to an officer; a nurse demonstrates proper body shaving; and a woman tries flirting with an officer to get out of a ticket.

  • An officer may set the record for issuing tickets when he hands out three for one car. Then, a motorist is saved from his screaming mother by an officer. Lastly, a driver in Illinois finds out the hard way that 24" rims are illegal...and so is driving with a suspended license.

  • An officer responds to a hit & run drunk motorist who is unaware that his car is destroyed. Next, a deputy stops a driver celebrating Mardi Gras. And, it's obvious why this blond bombshell can't wear her seat belt.

  • Policemen stop a car containing a couple in which neither has a valid license. Next, a new dad is upset he's being given a ticket and a personal reason. Lastly, and a driving instructor is caught driving recklessly.

  • A police officer pulls over a woman who claims she's had too much sushi to drink. Then, an unlucky driver is stopped on Friday the 13th. Lastly, an amorous couple are caught in action.

  • A speeder who's late for work gets an officer to call her boss; Mardi Gras revelers; an officer pulls over a roller-skating enthusiast.

  • An ex-con/Boy Scout leader refuses to take a ticket lying down; an officer catches an amorous couple by surprise; an officer gets an anatomy lesson after pulling over a medical student.

  • Three grannies bust a move; a stoner eating doggie treats; a cat burglar.

  • In this episode, we meet the ?Possum Patrol,? two bored teenagers who have taken it upon themselves to rid Calvert County of its possum population.

  • An officer has no idea what he is getting into when he pulls over a car load of giggling girls who are headed to a "sex toy party." Next, an officer pulls over an inventor who is driving while wearing a hands-free drink helmet. Lastly, a deputy is called in when an unruly drunk refuses to take a DUI test.

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