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There are a number of jobs that people perform everyday that, while we may be curious about, we don't know that much about those professions and we are curious to learn about them. Haven't you ever wondered about what a day in the life would be like for people in professions such as tow truck drivers, repossession agents, process servers, bounty hunters, code enforcement professionals and even meter maids. Well All Worked Up gives the public the chance to learn about these types of jobs and the people who do them.

Careers such as the above mentioned ones have generally been considered to be undesirable jobs because of the negative stigmas associated with these types of industries. However, one aspect that helps in gaining a better understanding into these types of occupations and the people who do them is that you have the opportunity to observe, not only the individuals performing the job, but you also get a personal glimpse into these individuals, one example of this would be on of the repossession agents; Bobby Brantley. Bobby appears to be a very rough and rugged individual who doesn't mind a good fight, however, in several episodes it's easy to see how soft hearted Bobby is when it comes to animals who get mixed up in the repossessions and how he goes above and beyond to see to their comforts.

Aside from getting a closer glimpse into the lives of these individuals you also get a better understanding of how these positions work and why they prove necessary in today's world and economy. Watching these individuals offers a give and take view into the need for these positions. While it may well be frustrating to the individual who is facing repossession due to unfortunate circumstances, it also offers the other side of the coin of those individuals who simply neglect their obligations and debts. Individuals, such as those featured on the show, help to make it possible for those who genuinely need a second chance to get it. This is what makes the show so great.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
October 19, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Jackie Pucci
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All Worked Up Full Episode Guide

  • Repo man Ron gets in a tug-o-war over a minivan. Plus, process server Byran ambushes a movie screenwriter who has stolen her friend's script and then serves up a slice of justice at a bakery.

  • Repo man Ron tussles with a very big man over a vehicle, process server Byran confronts a cheating construction worker with divorce papers, and security guard Ronnie has to protect some female wrestlers from drunk fans.

  • Repo Man Ron confronts a man whose pimped-out show truck is up for repo, Process Server Byran has to serve papers to the worst boss ever and finally, Ronnie the Lucha Libre wrestling security guard.

  • Repo man confronts a scrappy woman.

  • Repo Man Ron confronts a big man with a tiny car, Process Server Byran ambushes a wedding videographer in Central Park, and Meter Maid Jackie dishes out some justice when a skating team thinks they can roll past a parking ticket.

  • Repo man Ron tussles with a pretty boy with an attitude, process server Byran has a dangerous run-in with a bike messenger with anger management issues, and bail bondsman Harold finds new meaning in the term fast food when he serves a runaway waitress.

  • Repo man Ron confronts a man about his monster truck, process server Byran is under the knife when a plastic surgeon refuses to be served, and Ronnie the wrestling security guard has to protect one of his smallest wrestlers from an obsessed female fan.

  • Repo man Ron tussles with a drunk husband that refuses to give up his wife's car, process server Byran gets a lesson in hard knocks serving a tough Rugby coach at a bar, and Harold gets the help of a jilted ex-wife who helps him to capture her bail jumping ex-husband.

  • Ron deals with a rowdy MMA fighter, process server Byran uses a male stripper to serve papers to a scorned lover at her Bachelorette party, and Harold the bail bondsman works with a sneaky granny to track down her bail jumping granddaughter.

  • Repo man Ron gets a dose of fast food fury, process server Byran serves papers to a crazed tattoo artist, and Ronnie the Lucha Libre security guard deals with an overzealous fan.

  • Ron and Bobby deal with a big bouncer, process server Byran serves papers to a deadbeat dog walker, and bail bondsman Harold is on the hunt for a wannabe celebrity.

  • Repo man Ron faces a swift comeuppance after he repos a van from a family mid-move, and they retaliate by moving into the Lizard Lick office, process server Byran has an unpleasant run-in with a butcher and his medium-rare temper, and code enforcer Shawn wrangles with an overgrown hippie and his unlicensed chicken.

  • Repo man Ron attempts to retrieve an old clunker from a family of ruthless rednecks, process server Byran is in the middle of a bitter lovers' dispute when a bad break-up leaves a dog in tenuous shared custody, and bail bondsman Harold tracks a petite bail-jumper.

  • Repo man Ron executes an ingenious sting operation to reclaim a vehicle at a carwash. Process server Byran gets shanghaied by an unscrupulous real estate agent. And, code enforcer Shawn tries to shut down the world's worst restaurant

  • Repo man Ron tries to repossess a car from a passionate scooter lover, process server Byran serves papers to a motivational speaker, and wrestling security chief Zach puts himself in imminent danger to retrieve a drunken fan who has wandered into the ring.

  • Byran reunites with his old assistant to serve papers to a unscrupulous financier, meter maid Jackie tries to write up a ticket for Venice Beach's strangest inhabitant, and Repo man Ron tries to get a car away from a rock-wielding woman.

  • Repo man Ron faces double-trouble when he tries to repossess a very large vehicle from a very large man.

  • Repo man Ron can't hide from a debtor who's both a minor league baseball player and an axe-wielding maniac; process server Byran is enters unfriendly territory when he has to serve papers in a rough part of town; and meter maid Jackie shuts down an illegal carwash.

  • First, repo man Ron squares off against a hot-headed debtor who's dead-set on burning down the office. Then, process server Byran serves papers to an entitled supermodel and code enforcer Shawn comes face-to-face with the owners of the world's worst yard.

  • Repo men Ron and Bobby get ambushed by angry debtors during a repo, wrestling security chief Zach nabs a furious shoplifter red-handed, and process server Byran gets dried out by an irate customer at a beauty salon.

  • Repo men Ron and Bobby's lives are threatened when a debtor pulls out an automatic weapon; wrestling security chief Zach tries to stop a 'misogynistic drunkard' from ruining the match; and process server Byran goes undercover to confront scammer.

  • Repo man Ron needs immediate medical attention when a debtor comes at him with a blade, process server Byran confronts a depressing image of the future of America at a fraternity house, and private investigator Richard is caught in the middle of the worst domestic spat of all time.

  • Repo man Ron has to fish Bobby out of a lake after a gang of debtors gets out of control, process server Byran tries to deliver some paternity papers to a comedian with a bad sense of humor, and wrestling security chief Zach has to protect one of his stars from a maniac fan.

  • Bobby gets headbutted by a woman; process server Byran attempts to get some work done in a massage parlor; luxury repo agent Mike tries to take a top of the line Ferrari from an entitled young hepcat.

  • Repo man Ron gets pushed to the limit by a gang of unruly bikers, meter maid Jackie wrangles with an inebriated beachgoer, and process server Byran is unwillingly forced into a street fight.

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