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  • 1996
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (3,014)

Neverwhere is a cult television series produced by the BBC in 1996, based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman. The captivating storyline follows Richard Mayhew (Gary Bakewell), a young businessman from Scotland who lives in London with his fiancé Jessica (Laura Fraser). After Richard helps a wounded girl named Door (Laura Fraser) on the street, he finds himself caught up in her world of fantasy and magic where the alternate world of 'London Below' exists.

Richard is unknowingly pulled into this mysterious world after helping Door, and is dragged into an adventure involving dangerous assassins, mythical beasts, and strange underworld denizens. With no way back to the world he knows, Richard is forced to traverse the dark and dangerous underworld of London Below, facing untold dangers with his companions, Door, and Marquis de Carabas (Paterson Joseph), the suave trickster who acts as a guide to Richard in this bizarre new world. Croup (Hywel Bennett) and Vandemar (Clive Russell) join forces to undermine Door's mission to avenge her family and become the new leader of London Below.

The ensemble cast is a mixture of well-known actors and accomplished new actors. Tanya Moodie plays the enigmatic Hunter, a fierce warrior who helps Door fight her enemies, while Tamsin Grieg fresh from her rise to fame, playing the charming and deadly Lady Serpentine. The cast of Neverwhere utilise their acting prowess to bring the fantastical world of London Below to life.

The show features Neil Gaiman's trademark style, a heady blend of Victorian Gothic and contemporary wit. Known for its gritty tone and dark humour, the show takes viewers on a journey through the darker side of the city, weaving a tale of shadows and secrets, with every episode relishing in its flamboyant characters and fantastical locations.

The show has been heralded as a classic of its time, with its successful blend of myth and reality, magic and mayhem, and dystopian visions of London Below. The series presents viewers with a London that they've never seen before, deeply entrenched in the surreal, with an endless stream of surprises and mysteries lurking around every corner.

The music of the show, composed by Brian Eno, is equal parts haunting, compelling and uplifting. It effectively amplifies the show's dreamlike quality, merging the mundane and the magical, creating a soundtrack that lives beyond the confines of the television set.

Overall, Neverwhere is a show that every sci-fi and fantasy fan should experience. It successfully transports the viewer to a magical and gritty world that continues to inspire audiences with its boundless creativity, offbeat humour and rich characters. The show was a triumph of design, with every decision contributing to the immersive and transportive experience, and it served as a landmark in the evolution of sci-fi and fantasy show production.

In conclusion, Neverwhere is a dark, grotesque and unmissable rollercoaster ride through a mythological underworld of London that remains one of the most captivating and sublime fantasy series ever made in British television history. It is not merely a show, but a fully-realized world of which the BBC has crafted a brilliant adaptation. The show's impact on viewers is long-lasting, making it a coveted collectors' item and one of the most loved cult classic series ever made for television.

Neverwhere is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on December 9, 1996.

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As Above, So Below
6. As Above, So Below
October 17, 1996
Events reach a climax as Hunter confronts the Great Beast of London, the legendary quarry she has waited so long to face.
Down Street
5. Down Street
October 10, 1996
Galvanised by his ability to overcome a terrible ordeal imposed by the Black Friars, Richard begins his journey to deliver the mysterious key to the Angel Islington.
4. Blackfriars
March 10, 1996
Door and Richard share a glass of 40,000-year-old wine from Atlantis with the Angel Islington. He tells them that the only way to find out who killed Door's family is to deliver a vital key to him. But the key is in the custody of the machine-gun-carrying Black Friars.
Earls Court To Islington
3. Earls Court To Islington
September 26, 1996
Richard Mayhew joins Door, her new bodyguard Hunter and the Marquis de Carabas on their search for the only person who can tell Door who killed her family - The Angel Islington.
2. Knightsbridge
September 19, 1996
Richard Mayhew continues to despair of ever returning to his old life as he finds himself travelling further into the parallel world of Neverwhere.
1. Door
December 9, 1996
In this dramatic opening episode of Neverwhere, Richard Mayhew, an unsuspecting successful young businessman working in the City of London, begins an adventure which will turn his world around.
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Neverwhere is available for streaming on the BBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Neverwhere on demand at Amazon, Vudu and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    December 9, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (3,014)