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"The Facts of Life" is an American sitcom that takes place at a boarding school for girls in Peekskill, New York. The cast is led by Charlotte Rae, who plays Mrs. Edna Garrett; she goes from being a housemother in the first season to a school dietitian in the second season to four girls of various ages. The oldest girl, Blair Warner, is the daughter of rich parents and possesses an ego that sometimes clashes with the other girls. Jo Polniazec is a tomboy, a sharp contrast to Blair. Natalie Green and Tootie Ramsey are close friends and confidantes. Although these girls have different personalities and upbringings, they form a common bond that takes them through life's ups and downs over a nine-year period.

During the show's run, the girls discover that growing up is not easy, but Mrs. Garrett is always around to give them advice. As a result, the girls see her as a surrogate mother; she helps them deal with issues such as alcoholism, racism, rape, and divorce.

Facts of Life is a Comedy, Drama series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (201 episodes). The series first aired on August 24, 1979. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.7.

Facts of Life is available for streaming on the The Minisode Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Facts of Life on demand at Crackle Amazon, iTunes, Crackle online.

The Minisode Network
9 Seasons, 201 Episodes
August 24, 1979
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Charlotte Rae, Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields, Mindy Cohn, Molly Ringwald
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Facts of Life Full Episode Guide

  • Blair makes herself the new headmaster and works on her first task, convincing a young girl to stay in school.

  • When Eastland threatens to close due to bankruptcy, Blair comes through and purchases the school in order to keep it open, but needs to interview for a new headmaster and round up students.

  • Jo's job at the social services center puts her into action when the supervisor for suicide prevention threatens to jump from the top of the building.

  • Jeff's grandmother gives Tootie a pendant as an engagement gift, which she feels is too ugly to wear. But when Andy and Pippa throw a wild party, the necklace is battered and causes Tootie to panic.

  • Everyone is excited when Rick proposes to Jo, all that is except for Jo, who has yet to say yes or no.

  • Blair is worried how she will be perceived after her forehead receives a cut in an automobile accident, ruining her perfect appearance.

  • Natalie and Snake spend their first night together, and she fears the reaction both her friends will give and what Snake is feeling.

  • Natalie and Tootie's boyfriends don't exactly see eye-to-eye when they meet for the first time. Meanwhile, Jo is furious over a repair job on her bike.

  • Blair becomes an intern at a law firm and is assigned a murder case. He appears to be guilty to everyone, except for Blair.

  • Jo's father isn't to pleased when he hears that her new boyfriend has a job as a piano player at a restaurant.

  • Andy's new big brother is hiding a secret, which maybe why his is living each day as if it was his last.

  • A look in the future, 40 years ahead to be exact, where the girls are older but still live together in the same place.

  • Beverly Ann has a glimpse of what life would have been like if she had never come to Peekskill. Blair's finances, Tootie's engagement, Natalie's freedom , Pippa's self respect, Andy's home life and Jo's life are all affected.

  • Blair runs off for tea with a friend, leaving her baby sister with the gang, only to return to find out no one is sure where she is.

  • Blair is awestruck when the honor student she invites over for a study session, seems more interested in Beverly Ann.

  • A girl arrives from Australia named Pippa, who claims to be an new exchange student at Eastland.

  • Jo enjoys her new job at the community center doing social work, but soon finds out there is no money left in the budget to pay her salary.

  • Natalie is assigned to do a feature story on the school's ROTC program, but she fears the job when it is discovered that she must make a parachute jump from an airplane.

  • A professor with a reputation as a playboy causes rumors to be spread around school when Blair starts spending time with him.

  • Richard Moll returns home to find that a running bathtub has flooded his place while in Jo's responsibility.

  • Jo is given a job house sitting for actor Richard Moll in Malibu, which is fortunate since she is unemployed and homeless at the moment.

  • Summer vacation has arrived and each of the girls is offered a new option, including Jo, who has been chosen to take a job in Los Angeles.

  • Jo refuses to make a commencement speech after it is rejected by the school staff members. But with her grandfather planning to come from Poland to attend the proceedings, she may have no choice.

  • Jo wants Blair to stay out of her father's love life when she tries to find him a girlfriend with her computer dating program. But Jo becomes incensed when she meets his new companion.

  • Beverly Ann's ex husband shows up with the hopes of reconciling with her.

  • Beverly Ann feels concern for Andy and the way he is shipped from home to home, and asks to adopt him as her own son.

  • It's a blast from the past when 1960's music icons Bobby Rydell and Fabian pay a visit to the girls.

  • It's an odd feeling when all the girl's former boyfriends show up on Valentine's Day at the dame time.

  • The girls cause a stir when they take a ski trip up in the mountains. While there, they meet a group of guys who are preparing a bachelor party. But after seeing Blair, the groom decides to call the wedding off.

  • A late Christmas gift for Natalie sends her on a spending spree when she receives a credit card.

  • Natalie crashes a rush party for a sorority that Tootie is trying to join, when she is sent out to write an article the school newspaper.

  • In a parody of The Twilight Zone, one by one, each member of the show is murdered until only Tootie remains, along with the killer.

  • Natalie is incensed when someone plagiarizes a short story she wrote and had it printed in a magazine.

  • When Blair's father pleads guilty to insider trading of stocks, she locks herself inside her bedroom.

  • Blair joins Natalie at working in a Mexican restaurant, but is quickly fired when she insults the owner with her snobbish attitude.

  • When Jo befriends an illegal alien, she agrees to marry him in order to keep him from being deported.

  • Blair and Jo make a bet on whether the computerized dating program Blair runs is really successful. But an accident causes Beverly Ann to erase the computer disk as Jo takes advantage by fudging with the test results.

  • Tootie gets a taste of reality when she decides to audition for a Broadway show when the girls head to New York City.

  • When Jo decides to move out, Beverly Ann suggests make a new apartment out of the attic. But when the cost seems too high for Jo, she makes other plans.

  • Beverly Ann feels Tootie is taking it to fast with her boyfriend.

  • Mrs. Garrett's air brained sister, Beverly Ann, has agreed to come to Peekskill and stay with the girls while she goes to Africa with Bruce.

  • Mrs. Garrett falls in love with a man named Bruce, and is asked to run off to Africa with him. But doing so would mean leaving her girls behind.

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'Facts of Life' Star Dies

Charlotte Rae played Mrs. Garrett in the sitcom.