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  • TV-Y7-FV
  • 1989
  • 1 Season
  • 4.8  (289)

The Karate Kid is a popular martial arts-themed TV series that airs on The Minisode Network. This show has been entertaining audiences since 1989 and features actors like Robert Ito, Joey Dedio, Danny Cooksey, Brian Tochi, and Janice Kawaye. This show follows the story of a young boy named Daniel LaRusso, who moves to California with his mother from New Jersey. On arriving in California, he faces a lot of challenges and difficulties fitting into the new community. What follows are his trials and tribulations with the help of his new friends.

Daniel soon finds himself being bullied by a group of martial arts students from a local dojo called Cobra Kai led by the merciless John Kreese. The bullying gets so severe that Daniel has no other alternative but to learn karate himself. Daniel soon meets Mr. Miyagi, a karate teacher who teaches the young boy martial arts and helps him prepare for the upcoming karate tournament.

Throughout the series, we follow the journey of Daniel as he navigates through his adolescence and all the challenges that come with it with the help of Mr. Miyagi. The show explores themes of friendship, loyalty, love, and perseverance, making it a relatable and heartening watch for viewers of all ages.

The Karate Kid delves into topics such as gender stereotypes and bullying, making it a necessary watch for everyone. One of the high points of the series is the karate tournament, where Daniel competes against the various bullies who have been tormenting him for the entire series. The tournament is engaging and suspenseful, and the audience is left rooting for Daniel to triumph over his enemies.

Apart from the plot, the show has some great performances from its cast members. Robert Ito plays the role of Mr. Miyagi with incredible skill and authenticity. His character is written with great care and depth, and Robert Ito does justice to the role. Joey Dedio, Danny Cooksey, Brian Tochi, and Janice Kawaye all deliver great performances as the young protagonists, making their friendship seem believable and heartwarming.

The show's writing deserves special mention for its ability to explore complex themes in a way that is easily digestible and relatable to the audience. The characters are well-written and fully realized, making their struggles and triumphs all the more impactful.

One of the impressive things about The Karate Kid is its ability to appeal to audiences beyond its intended demographic. While it was primarily aimed at teenagers, it has managed to gather a large following of viewers of all ages who enjoy the show's action, humor, and heart.

In conclusion, The Karate Kid is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys action-packed shows with heartwarming characters and themes of friendship and perseverance. With its great cast, engaging plot, and relatable characters, it is no wonder that it has become a cult classic over the years. Whether you are a fan of martial arts or simply like a good coming of age story, The Karate Kid will not disappoint.

The Karate Kid is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 1989.

The Karate Kid
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A Little World Of His Own
13. A Little World Of His Own
December 16, 1989
Miyagi and friends discover that the shrine has fallen into the hands of a lonely boy, who is using it to make his own little world.
The Gray Ghosts
12. The Gray Ghosts
December 9, 1989
Mr. Miyagi has traced the shrine down to the coast of Norway, where a whale has swallowed the shrine and begins to attack illegal whaling ships
The Hunt
11. The Hunt
December 2, 1989
Mr. Miyagi, Daniel and Taki travel to the Soviet Union where Professor Kirov is studying the shrine's magical powers.
East Meets West
10. East Meets West
November 18, 1989
Mr. Miyagi and friends follow the shrine to Australia, where a tribe of Aborigines believes it should be offered to the god of the volcano.
9. Walkabout
November 11, 1989
Taki returns the shrine to her temple, but a thousand-year feud between her family and the Ishidas causes the shrine to become lost once again.
Return Of The Shrine
8. Return Of The Shrine
November 4, 1989
Miyagi and company follow the magic rainbow to a mountain paradise in the Himalayas, where a magic stone has turned a well into the fountain of youth.
Over The Rainbow
7. Over The Rainbow
October 28, 1989
After a padre in Mexico hides the shrine in a Mayan temple, it's up to Mr. Miyagi to keep it out of the hands of Madero, an evil bandit.
All The World His Stage
6. All The World His Stage
October 21, 1989
Daniel befriends a young boy, and passes on Miyagi's teachings in order to help restore the boy's position as Chief of his tribe.
Paper Hero
5. Paper Hero
October 14, 1989
Miyagi tracks the shrine down to a movie lot where its power enters the sword of an actor playing King Arthur, causing him to believe he is the evil Black Knight.
Tomorrow Man
4. Tomorrow Man
September 30, 1989
The search for the shrine brings Miyagi and friends to San Francisco, where they join a group of senior citizens in a car rally, hoping it will ultimately lead to the shrine.
3. Homecoming
September 23, 1989
Miyagi, Daniel and Taki travel to Hong Kong and help the village fight of the Dragon and his evil henchmen.
Greatest Victory
2. Greatest Victory
September 16, 1989
The gang goes to Paris to search for the shrine, where it has fallen into the hands of an evil psychic.
My Brother's Keeper
1. My Brother's Keeper
September 9, 1989
The search for the shrine brings Daniel back to his old neighborhood and his first girlfriend.
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The Karate Kid is available for streaming on the The Minisode Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Karate Kid on demand at and Crackle.
  • Premiere Date
    September 9, 1989
  • IMDB Rating
    4.8  (289)