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Flo was a sitcom on CBS that was a spin-off from a show called Alice. This show aired from 1980 to 1981. Polly Holliday was the star of the show and played Flo on this show as well as on Alice. The show lasted only two seasons. Flo starts with her going to Texas to be a restaurant hostess as she had promised on her last episode on Alice. She stops in Fort Worth and visits her family. She decides to fix-up a roadhouse that she had loved earlier in life and turn it into a restaurant. Most of the next episodes are made up of her getting into conflict with her mother and sister. She also had problems with her new business.

The character Flo never appeared on Alice again. The only connection to the previous show was that the character Mel from Alice appeared once on Flo.

Warner Bros.
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
March 21, 1980
Cast: Polly Holliday, Geoffrey Lewis, Jim Baker, Leo Burmester
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Flo Full Episode Guide

  • When Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) claims she saw a flying saucer in the desert, she takes a skeptical Earl and Les (GEOFFREY LEWIS and STEPHEN KEEP) back there to camp out and wait for the UFO to return.

  • When Buddy (GEORGE LINDSEY), who runs the gas station next to the Yellow Rose, tells Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) that the bathrooms in her saloon are on his land and she'll have to pay for them, Flo calls on the law of the West for justice.

  • When Hoyt Axton (HIMSELF) hits town and visits the Yellow Rose and Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY), he's just in time to get into one of the best fights the saloon ever witnessed.

  • When Earl (GEOFFREY LEWIS) decides to play a game with Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and a former girlfriend, B.J. (JOANNA CASSIDY), he finds out he's in over his head.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) gets tonsillitis and can't talk and Earl (GEOFFREY LEWIS) discovers her age through her birth certificate. He figures he's got her where he wants her, until Flo shows him how an old pro plays that game.

  • Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) former boss stops in to see her at the Yellow Rose and gives her some unwelcome advice on how to run a business. VIC TAYBACK guest stars as Mel.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) fights her way into the local women's club, and teaches its top member how to be a female. BARBARA BABCOCK guest stars as Louise Browning.

  • When it looks like Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) has lost her money and her trailer in a get-rich-quick scheme, her friends make her a winner. Second of a two-part episode.

  • When Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) can't pay her rent, Farley (JIM B. BAKER) threatens to take her trailer, but somebody beats him to it. First of a two-part episode.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) fantasizes the Yellow Rose as a roaring saloon in the 1880s.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) gets her ABC's mixed up when she tries to alphabetize men to protect little sister Fran (LUCY LEE FLIPPIN).

  • Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) dream of being crowned "Miss Rodeo Days" is almost spoiled by a seven-month old baby.

  • Mama (SUDIE BOND) runs away from home when Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and Fran (LUCY LEE FLIPPIN) decide that she should lead a more productive life.

  • When Randy (LEO BURMESTER) leaves home, Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) invites him to stay in the back room of the Yellow Rose for a day or two, while he practices his singing. She soon regrets it.

  • Funeral services held at Flo's Yellow Rose eulogize the wrong man.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) sacrifices a dream trip to keep Miriam's (JOYCE BULIFANT) marriage together.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) brings her father, Jarvis Castleberry, back into the family fold after a 25-year absence. FORREST TUCKER guest stars as Jarvis Castleberry. Second of a two-part episode.

  • Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) gathers the Castleberry family together for the first time in twenty-five years and they are all in for a big surprise. FORREST TUCKER guest stars as Jarvis Castleberry. First of a two-part episode.

  • When Bull (G.W. BAILEY), , a wild and crazy miner, comes to town on his annual binge--seeking a good drink, bath and a pretty woman--he goes wild for Flo.

  • A skunk has stationed himself under the Yellow Rose and threatens to put Flo out of business, both professionally and socially.

  • Les (STEPHEN KEEP) is a hero, but his background is a puzzle to Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) and everyone at the Yellow Rose.

  • Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) high school beau returns to Cowtown and makes an offer "to travel the world and have fun" sound very tempting.

  • When Flo's (POLLY HOLLIDAY) prim and proper sister leaves her job at the Department of Motor Vehicles, Flo hires her to work at the bar and it proves a big mistake.

  • Thanks to Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY), Mama's (SUDIE BOND) surprise party turns into a smashing success when an old beau of Mama's shows up.

  • Earl (GEOFFREY LEWIS) has to fight a man who's come to get even for having his girlfriend stolen 17 years ago.

  • On her way to a new job in Houston, Flo (POLLY HOLLIDAY) stops off in her hometown, Cowtown, Texas, and ends up buying an old roadhouse.

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