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Kate and Mim-Mim is a cartoon television show for young children, perhaps toddlers to seven year olds. The show is centered on the character Kate, who is a little girl with a large capacity of imagination. Kate lives with her parents and has a small purple plush bunny she calls Mim-Mim. Kate sings a little song each show and suddenly appears in a fantasy land with Mim-Mim who is life-size in the fantasy land. Along with their other friends Tach, Boomer and Lily that live in this make believe place they have adventures that are often related to something that is also going on in Kate's real life. This highly colorful animated TV show is fitting for any little kids who have active imaginations and enjoy other Disney Junior educational and creative cartoons like Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Kate and Mim-Mim is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (144 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2021.

Where do I stream Kate and Mim-Mim online? Kate and Mim-Mim is available for streaming on Disney Jr., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kate and Mim-Mim on demand at Google Play, Apple TV online.

Disney Jr.
9 Seasons, 144 Episodes
March 7, 2021
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Matt Hill, Brian Drummond, Maryke Hendrikse, Tabitha St. Germain
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Kate and Mim-Mim Full Episode Guide

  • When Kate and Mim-Mim's twirl magic is stolen, they land in Oz instead of Mimiloo!

  • Tack's new invention brings Mim-Mim's shadow to life! But when Mim-Mim and his shadow have a falling out, the shadow runs away, and Mim-Mim doesn't feel like himself without it./ When Kate and the Mimiloo gang go hiking, Kate's insistence that everyone be prepared and follow the rules of hiking pays off when Mim-Mim and Boomer find themselves separated from the group!

  • After Boomer and the tee-hee rexes collect all the Easter eggs in Mimiloo before anyone else gets a chance, it's up to Kate, Mim-Mim and the gang to help the Easter Bunny save Easter!/ When Lily invites her friends to perform in her ballet recital, Kate has to help Mim-Mim dance in his own Mim-tastic style!

  • Boomer has a Big Boomer Idea, and he's keeping it a secret. Boomer's ideas tend to end in disaster, or at least a very big mess, so the gang is determined to discover his plans and minimize the damage!/ Tack is staging his very own play, but when a mishap with the Colour Corrector ruins all of his sets and props, he can't bring himself to perform. But the show must go on!

  • When Boomer flies a wind flower for the first time, his loops, flips and stunts look out of control! But when the rest of the gang get swept up by a whirlwind in the Gusty Windstream, it's up to Boomer to rescue them!/ Tack wants his obstacle course to be fun for everyone in Mimiloo! But when the challenges are too difficult, it's up to Kate to lead them to the finish line and help Tack change the rules.

  • Mim-Mim is tasked with keeping Kate occupied while the rest of the gang finishes a big surprise for her! But keeping the surprise a secret is one of the hardest things he's ever done!/ Boomer tries everything to make his pet Zoom Zoom as happy as possible, but it's never what Zoom Zoom really wants!

  • Mim-Mim accidentally fixes one of Tack's inventions and becomes Tack's Lucky Funny Bunny Charm! Soon everyone in Mimiloo is relying on Mim-Mim's luck to fix their projects—but Mim-Mim's luck soon runs out!/Kate and the Mimiloo gang are playing a friendly game of hockey with a team of penguins, but when goalie Boomer keeps leaving the net to try and score, Kate helps their team get back on track.

  • King Boomer- Kate wants to help pick tomatoes, but she's too small to carry a big basket of them. In Mimiloo, it's harvest time in Gobble's garden! Everyone is happy to help, but Gobble's carrots are too big for Boomer to pick. Boomer's frustrated...until he tumbles down a hole and lands in a cavern where tiny Mimiloo mole miners are mining carrottite! Down here, Boomer is the biggest and strongest...and the miners need his help!/So You Think You Can Trumpet?- Kate's mom wants to reward her for cleaning the kitchen counter...but Kate didn't do it! In Mimiloo, the gang is preparing for the Mimiloo Talent Show! Boomer's trumpet playing needs some work, but when he wanders off to practice without disrupting his friends, he makes a new Boomer Buddy who can trumpet perfectly! Boomer brings his new friend to the talent show to perform with him, but she's too shy to go on stage. So when everyone hears her beautiful trumpeting, they give Boomer all the credit!

  • Boomer's Three Wishes- Kate wants a cave filled with treasure, just like in her storybook, so she can give her parents presents! In Mimiloo, their friends are going on a treasure hunt along the beach! When Boomer stumbles upon Teeny Genie's magic lamp, his first to go inside the lamp! Everyone but Kate and Mim-Mim gets shrunk down and sucked inside. Then Boomer uses up his remaining wishes on treasure, the lamp transports them to a massive treasure trove...with them trapped inside! It's up to Kate and Mim-Mim to track down the magic lamp and free their friends./Lil' Boo- Kate and her parents are painting pumpkins for Halloween! But Kate can't decide what to paint on hers. In Mimiloo, it's Halloween too! The gang are all dressed up for a costume contest and party! Boomer's ghost costume is so good that when an actual ghost shows up to help prepare for the party, the gang just assumes it's Boomer being unusually helpful...but they're in for a spooky surprise!

  • Little Kate Riding Hood- Kate wonders how the story of Little Red Riding Hood would be different if Mim-Mim told it instead of Mom. In Mimiloo, Mim-Mim lands right in the Story Chair—so the gang asks him to tell them a story! When Lily requests Little Red Riding Hood, Mim-Mim worries he can't remember how the story is supposed to go. But Kate encourages him to tell it in his own special way!/Glowing Up- Mom wants to give some of Kate's old toys and games to the town toy collection, but Kate has a hard time giving up some of her old favourites. In Mimiloo, the star song flower that sings Boomer to sleep every night is missing—and so are all the other star song flowers in Mimiloo! Boomer can't sleep without the flower's dreamy lullaby, so the gang goes on an adventure to find out who took them—if they don't get a new flower, Boomer might never sleep again!

  • Boomer's New Pet- Kate is excited to catsit her neighbour's cat but it's making a big mess in their house! In Mimiloo, Boomer has a new critter friend too—a bowling bug! Boom wants to keep it as a pet. But while they're playing and Boomer feeds it bouncy fruits, the bowling bug's hard shell and high speed create mayhem as it chases the bouncy fruits all over Mimiloo!/Gobble's Gizmos and Gadgets- Kate is disappointed with her watercolour painting, and wonders if she should quit. In Mimiloo, Gobble's garden is sunnier than ever, thanks to Tack's new Sun Cloud invention! But when the plants start wilting, even some water and a song won't help. Gobble worries he's lost his touch as a gardener—so he tries inventing instead, like Tack! His inventions are different than anything Tack has made before, but Gobble still misses his plants.

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