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"Goldie & Bear" is set in the magical world of Fairy Tale Forest, reuniting Goldie (voiced by Natalie Lander from "The Middle") and Bear (Georgie Kidder from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars") after the porridge incident featured in "Goldilocks." Goldie & Bear is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (59 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 2015.

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Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt
4 Seasons, 59 Episodes
September 12, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Natalie Lander, Jim Cummings
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Goldie & Bear Full Episode Guide

  • Goldie and Bear cat sit and celebrate Halloween!

  • Goldie and Bear meet the perfect friend for Giant, but he gets too nervous around her; after her father gets a new job, Goldie and Bear try to keep Red from moving away.

  • A spell makes Humpty think he's a swashbuckling hero that performs daring rescues. During her magic act, Goldie and Big Bad Wolf accidentally get handcuffed together.

  • Jack and Jill's missing friend. Goldie's bike lessons.

  • Happy Father's Day! Bear is mistaken for a hero.

  • After Mama Bear's ring disappears, the kids get help from their tiny friends to find it. / After Mama Bear's ring disappears, the kids get help from their tiny friends to find it.

  • After a crystal ball predicts an injury in Bear's future, Goldie vows to keep him safe. Goldie and Bear agree to harvest Giant's tomatoes but it turns out to be a giant-sized task.

  • When Mother Goose's flock flies away, she needs someone else to take care of. Bear's old friend Billy Gruff comes to visit but his rough and tough ways bother Bear.

  • To help a lost horse find her owner, Fairy Godmother turns her into a human. When Twigs spends time with Goldie and Bear, Brix and Baley decide they don't need her anymore.

  • When his brother comes to visit, Big Bad decides to impersonate his sibling to get free treats. Humpty's favorite mystery writer comes for dinner but goes missing during the meal!

  • Clubhouse leader election. The kids find a magic lamp.

  • When Papa Bear can't take the kids on a hike, Humpty steps in to lead the way. Goldie's cousin Mary Mary comes to visit and Goldie wants to do things differently like her!

  • When Gnome's bunny isn't properly fed, it grows to an enormous size! Goldie, Bear, Humpty and Red play a magical board game that takes them inside the game.

  • Goldie and Bear's new drummer. Goldie's Gramma visits.

  • Goldie uses magical shampoo to fix Bear's hair on Photo Day. Bear tries to find a way to join the King's Men's singing group while also going to the Buttercup Ball.

  • When Big Bad's schemes threaten to ruin WinterChime Day, Goldie and Bear must leap into action to save the snowy holiday.

  • Inspired by a mystery novel, Goldie and Bear become detectives and look for a mystery to solve. Mrs. Locks comes back from a trip with some stowaway sprites!

  • Gnome's cousin Rumpelstiltskin visits for the Gnome family reunion. Goldie and Bear babysit Gnome's nephew Norm, who hasn't learned to control his magic yet.

  • Goldie, Bear and Humpty use Giant's bathtub as a swimming pool but accidentally leave the water running! Papa Bear tells Goldie and Bear of the legendary creature, the Snark.

  • A con man visits during the Fairy Tale Forest Muffin Swap. When Fairy Godmother's wand is taken away, Goldie and Bear show her how to help others without magic.

  • Big Bad takes a book. Goldie's hurt before a big game.

  • Goldie finds a glass slipper. Missing cheese mystery.

  • Goldie goes to the moon and saves a troll.

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