Care Bears: Classic Series

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Join the lovable Care Bears as they go on many adventures together. Their homes are in the clouds, but when someone on Earth is sad or not in a caring mood, then they fly in their cloud cars to help. Grump, Cheer and Good Luck Bear are only a few of the friends you will meet.

1 Season, 49 Episodes
September 13, 1986
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Care Bears: Classic Series

Care Bears: Classic Series Full Episode Guide

  • The fate of Toyland rests in the hands of the Care Bears, their friends and Nutcracker as they make their stand in a final confrontation with the evil Vizier.

  • As the Care Bears, their newfound friends and the Nutcracker, journey through Toyland, the evil Vizier tries to stop them at all cost.

  • The Care Bears meet a girl named Anna, her little brother Peter and the Nutcracker as they find out Toyland has been taken over by the evil Vizier.

  • Excitement runs high as the Care Bears attend a music concert with the singing minstrel. The Care Bears visit with a singing minstrel in the enchanting town of Musicland.

  • Grumpy hosts a new quiz game where contestants Hugs, Tugs and Mrs. Beastly tell us what they know about safety. While Grams reads Hugs and Tugs safety rhymes, the Cubs daydream and act out their own versions of what they've heard.

  • On a rainy day, Hugs and Tugs overcome the Beast of Boredom by finding lots of exciting things to do. With Tugs sick in bed, Hugs spends a fun filled day doing many activities with her newfound friend - her own shadow.

  • Brave Heart must overcome his superstitions on Friday the 13th and save the other Care Bears who are lost in the jungle. The Care Bears are baffled when a usually friendly dinosaur turns mysteriously hostile and starts wrecking their garden.

  • Little Tugs tries to be like his hero Brave Heart but realizes he'd rather be himself when he confronts a dangerous dinosaur. Brave Heart doesn't think much of Bright Heart's zany inventions but soon changes his tune when one of them saves Cavetown.

  • Grumpy wants to see his little dinosaur friend again but has more to contend with when Shreeky and Beastly attack Cavetown and only he can defend it. Hugs and Tugs learn it is wrong to lie when as a result Brave Heart and Grams are captured by the evil No Heart Saurus!

  • Trouble abounds when the crew of the S.S. Friendship become obsessed with opening a box to be delivered to an alien planet. The crew of the S.S. Friendship is in big trouble when Beastly and Shreeky plan to use a freezing ray and turn them into ice.

  • Cheer must prove herself to the rest of the crew when Beastly and Shreeky attack the S.S. Friendship. Beastly and Shreeky place an alien on board the S. S. Friendship to create havoc among the crew members so they can take over.

  • A wild animal Cheer brings aboard the S.S. Friendship creates so much trouble that she soon learns animals should remain in the wild.When the Care Bears help a marooned space clown, Grumpy unfortunately gets the brunt of the Clown's practical jokes.

  • Grams Bear shows everyone how to bake gingerbread cookies with help from Hugs, Tugs and that ever meddling Mr. Beastly. The Care Bears host a fascinating potpourri of cooking trivia and yummy recipes that children can do themselves.

  • Champ Bear hosts an exercise variety program complete with warm-up aerobics and many helpful fitness tips. Brave Heart hosts a light-hearted look at a variety of children's games with that cheating duo Beastly And Shreeky competing as well.

  • In this tale of ancient Egypt, Beastly and Shreeky try to break the friendship between two neighboring countries by stealing a precious gift. When Bright Heart goes skiing by himself, Beastly and Shreeky try to capture him.

  • Grams recounts how a group of Care Bears overcome their fears to fix up an old theater haunted by a mysterious Phantom. Brave Heart and Grumpy help a small boy be part of the circus unaware that evil duo Beastly and Shreeky are out to trap them.

  • Gram tells the story of how Dr. Brightenstein creates a friendly monster who is misunderstood by the inhabitants of a small town. The Care Bears organize a fair to cheer children up and make them happy but Shreeky and Beastly are determined to destroy it.

  • Hugs and Tugs teach gung-ho archeologist Brave Heart to look before you leap as they enter a booby trapped pyramid. Bedtime Bear is the only one who can save the other Care Bears who have been put to sleep by No Heart's magical sleeping sand.

  • Beastly takes Champ and Treat Heart prisoner on the high seas and Hugs and Tugs try to save them with the help of a pirate. When No Heart banishes Beastly, he tries to join the Care Bears but discovers being a good guy is more than he can stand.

  • Grams tells a story of a broadway star who gives a young washer woman the confidence to go on-stage and perform in a show. Beastly and Shreeky trick the Care Bears away from their work and into a carnival they've set up as a trap to capture them.

  • When Mother Nature is captured by the Witch of Winter, Hugs and Tugs go to rescue her so she can bring spring back to Nursery Rhyme School.

  • The Care Bears try to help a young rodeo boy learn that how you feel about yourself is what really counts.

  • In this caring tale, Grams tells Hugs and Tugs how a magical apple tree fed an entire village until greed destroyed it. When Lotsa Heart helps a unicorn, he is granted three wishes with unexpected results.

  • Champ shirks his duty of guarding the Caring Meter giving No Heart a perfect opportunity to cover a town with uncaring smoke.

  • Champ helps a young skier named Danny regain his confidence on the slopes while Beastly and Shreeky try to capture Champ.

  • Grams tell a story of an adventurous young girl aboard a sailing ship who sets out to prove that girls can do things as will as boys can.

  • Beastly tricks Cheer into buying a car which he's built for the specific purpose of destroying the Parade and Care Bear Town!

  • Grumpy is the only one who can save the day when No Heart unleashes his evil bubbles of uncaring on a village. Treat Heart sets out to make a video about how to make friends but ends up losing all her friends by constantly laughing at them.

  • In Grams' exciting caring tale, Viking Grumpy persists in overcoming his clumsiness when he confronts a Giant Sea Serpent. Grams teaches Hugs and Tugs the value of learning from your mistakes with a tale of Champ Bear and a great chariot race.

  • Treat Heart and Cheer learn to appreciate each other and work together when they are confronted by an evil Two Headed Monster. Bright Heart learns the value of teamwork when a cloud monster, created by No Heart, starts to eat the Care Bears' home.

  • Hugs and Tugs try to help Brave Heart stop Beastly and Shreeky from getting a map, which will lead them to a valley of gold. Cheer Bear and a young girl named Carole learn the importance of asking for help when they take on a job that is too big for them.

  • The Care Bears help a young girl try to stop Shreeky's plan to turn the Forest of Feelings into a gnarled wasteland.

  • The Care Bear Cousins finally have a chance to win the annual basketball game, that is if Lotsa Heart doesn't blow it. Beastly uses No Heart's broken amulet to try and capture Tender Heart and Brave Heart while they are on a caring call.

  • The evil'Sour Sam the Pie Man' is out to ruin Thanksgiving with his 'Crabby Apple Pies' and only the Care Bears can stop him.

  • When the Care Bears forget Birthday Bear's birthday, they become trapped in a maze by No Heart.

  • Brave Heart and a boy try to stop Dr. Fright, No Heart's evil accomplice who plans to trap the Care Bears in a deserted carnival.

  • No Heart unleashes a terrible Demon to try and destroy the Care Bears as they drive a herd of helpless little stars to Big Star Point.

  • When Hugs and Tugs accidentally set the Cloud Clipper adrift, Beastly tries to make sure the Cubs get lost forever. Hugs and Tugs are out playing when they stumble upon a giant who befriends them.

  • Proud Heart gets a present unknowingly from No Heart which floods the Care Bear Cousins out of house and home.

  • Beastly tricks his way in the annual Care Bear Obstacle Race in hopes of being crowned King of Care-A-Lot for a day!

  • Grumpy helps a boy named Alvin gain confidence and must build up his own as he accepts the challenge to fight No Heart and save Care-A-Lot!

  • The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-Lot, which constitutes a part of the Kingdom of Caring. With the help of the Cousins and their Buddies, they go all around the world on Missions in Caring whilst Evil villains such as Professor Coldheart, and Lord No Heart, try to thwart their plans.