Casper & Friends

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Casper & Friends is a half an hour spent with Casper the Friendly Ghost and a variety of other Harvey cartoon characters such as Little Audrey and Baby Huey. Episodes include the antics of an earnest ghost who is desperately trying to overcome his frightful reputation. He wants a friend and employs every kindness he can imagine in order to secure one. Every adult he encounters and most every other character even the inanimate ones flee in absolute terror and fright. But then as luck would have it some forlorn little creature is looking for a friend too and for awhile they have a wonderful frolic. Unfortunately, his best intentions usually, but not always, backfire and he is off in search of that elusive buddy again.

The show continues with frolics from Baby Huey, an enormously over-sized, baby duck born to an average mother duck who is adoring; if not overwhelmed at the task of caring for such a huge one. But the scope of his intellect does not compete with his size and he truly approaches the world as a baby duck which gets him into zany scrapes with wolf & company who are always on the prowl.

Also on the line-up is Little Audrey who, try as she might to be good as gold, always manages to get into things way over her head. Usually everything works out in the end with a lesson learned and her fingers crossed.

Buzzy the Crow and Herman and Catnip round out the show with pranks, poundings and mischiefs which cause some momentary fretting over some of their capers but in the end endear these characters to their audience as much as all the others.

The viewer will find these are all the wonderful shows they well remember and love. But if they are a totally new adventure for you these faithful cartoon friends will assuredly capture your heart as well.

The Harvey Entertainment Company
1 Season, 52 Episodes
September 4, 1990
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Casper & Friends

Casper & Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Follow the adventures of the world's friendliest ghost, Casper, and his friends Wendy the Good Little Witch, Baby Huey, Little Audrey and more, in this spook-tacular cartoon collection!

  • Casper teaches a bear cub a balancing act, a young lion develops a powerful roar to be jungle king, and Grandfather Mouse tours a museum.

  • Casper helps a watchdog improve his sense of smell, while a stork mixes up a baby monkey and a baby boy.

  • Casper pretends to be Santa and helps a castle ghost find his inheritor. Meanwhile, a little Martian wrecks havoc at the circus.

  • Casper plays games with a baby seal and helps a bad magician perform tricks. Hare bets that the tortoise will win the race.

  • A big dog tries to help a little dog raise money, and Casper befriends a small beaver.

  • Casper helps Hans save a town from a leaking dam/ Baby Huey wants to be a Boy Scout/ A matchmaker helps an alien find machine "wives"¬Ě/ Katnip tries to catch mice at the beach

  • Casper befriends a baby elephant and helps a knight save a damsel from a dragon.

  • Casper helps a little weeping willow get more sun/ A boy tries to build and launch his own rocket/ Baby Huey goes fishing with his father/ A bank robber tries to steal a jeweled dog collar

  • Casper finds unexpected friends in the aquatic world/ Audrey catches a burglar at her Grandmother's house/ A trumpet-playing Robin Hood wins a princess' heart/ Pirate mice pick up a cat adrift at sea

  • Wendy wants new shoes, but Casper has to take a spell off them first/ A blind butler causes so many mishaps/ Katnip wants to cure his insomnia/ Hare tries to scoop the tortoise

  • Casper plays with a black kitten on Friday the 13th/ Herman takes kids to a penny arcade in the city/ Katnip, chases the mice in the toy department of Stacy's Department Store./ Audrey imagines she is responsible for a huge drought

  • Aliens freeze the sun and Casper saves the day / Cat tries to catch mouse in novelty shop / Herman & Katnip hike the Alps/ Katnip is hired to rid a house of mice.

  • Casper befriends a baby monkey on a tropical island/ A woodpecker tries to make a home while a man sleeps/ Audrey imagines that she saves the Earth from invading aliens/ As a cowboy, Fox tries to eat Baby Huey

  • Cousin Spooky comes to stay with Casper/ Katnip thinks a crow sandwich will cure his hiccups/ A repairman charges for every appliance/ Out west, Herman outwits outlaw Katnip Karson

  • Wendy helps Casper remove a spell from a prince/ A rich man's son hunts a lion to pacify his father/ A little fat mouse can't resist a tempting pizzeria feast/ Tries to change personalities to keep his job

  • Casper tries to make peace between two warring kingdoms in a toy shop/ A big dog tries to help a little dog get a date/ Knowing Baby Huey wants gifts, Fox pretends to be Santa/ A murder novel has Katnip scared, allowing Herman to dominate the hospital

  • Casper delivers a penguin to its parents at the South Pole/ In a French artist's studio, Cousin Herman captures Katnips' true self./ A family tries to survive the hazards of suburbia/ Huey tries to help his father around the house

  • Casper saves a baby from a burning building. / A bank robber tries to get rid of a key witness. / An unlucky entrepreneur finds a talking horse.

  • Casper finds a donkey a job/ A little boy imagines everything around him is medieval/ A detective Audrey dreams about catching a canary killer/ Mountie Herman helps mice stock up on supplies in the cold

  • Casper is visited by a young Martian/ Professor captures a termite to experiment/ Audrey takes a lion home from the zoo/ Herman & Katnip play in a music shop

  • Casper saves a greyhound race/ Some animals run a carnival/ Katnip tries to eat Buzzy to cure his cold/ Herman keeps a sleepwalking owl out of danger

  • Casper helps a poor man who has the Midas touch/ A big hillbilly woman is looking for a husband/ A cat tries to teach a kitten to catch mice/ Katnip takes body building advice from Herman in order to woo a pretty girl and beat a muscle bound rival.

  • Casper helps a little bull win a bullfight/ Katnip wants to use Buzzy for fishbait/ In the Middle Ages, Guard Herman does a battle with Robber Baron Katnip/ Cat tries to catch finny the Goldfish.

  • Ghostly Trio force Casper to take mean pills/ Herman retrieves cheese from overtaxing Cat King/ A professor tries to help his wife with crazy gadgets/ Fox tries to help with dinner by cooking Baby Huey

  • Casper cheers up a gloomy circus hyena/ Herman draws the cartoon while Cat chases him around the studio/ A tour of Mexico/ Huey wants to play circus with the others

  • A boy mistakes Casper for a leprechaun with gold/ A Clumsy puppy finally catches fox, shows up others/ Herman helps the mice in a soda parlour /A donkey falls in love with a carousel horse

  • Spooky scares animals at the zoo/ Herman and Buzzy relive their funniest moments with Katnip./ A cat can't control the mice in his house / Baby Huey wrecks a birthday party

  • Casper befriends a skunk, Goodie tries to undo the other gremlins' mischief, and a fish brings two children to the aquatic cabaret.

  • Casper visits a kind of Lilliput on the moon/ Audrey tries to keep her puppy from following her/ Herman tricks Cat into thinking he has gone to heaven/ Katnip chases the mice in the building under construction.

  • Katnip chases Herman and his nephew through the Paramount movie studio, while Audrey dreams that the sea creatures prosecute her for fishing.

  • Spooky tries to ruin Casper's beach date with Wendy, a fox tries to catch Baby Huey at sea, and Cat tries to capture beatnik mice.

  • Casper keeps an Indian boy from hunting animals, newborn Baby Huey thinks a fox is his mother, and Herman takes a group of mice to a tropical island.

  • Casper saves a pig from becoming a sausage and helps Ulysses find his way home, while a child psychologist tries to tame a troublemaker.

  • Casper helps a groundhog and finds an ostrich that eats everything. Returning from Mexico, Herman gives Katnip the works.

  • Casper pretends to be a genie and helps a discarded robot find animal friends.

  • A big dog tries to help a little dog impress his nephew, and Casper and Mr. Sandman help an insomniac bear sleep.

  • Casper visits a Western town and plays cowboys with Billy. Later, three witches make nasty Casper and Wendy doubles.

  • Casper's ghostly powers are revoked. Later, Casper and Wendy save Nightmare from an evil magician.

  • Casper plays pirates and becomes a hero at sea. Later, he helps a lost ghost find his mother.

  • Casper visits a music museum and helps Schubert finish his symphony. He also prevents the Trio from terrorizing insects.

  • Casper wants to be a Boy Scout and helps a little guy win a football game. Meanwhile, a hick tortoise outsmarts a con artist rabbit from the city.

  • Casper searches for friends to invite to his party. Later, he makes friends in an orphanage.

  • Casper tries to fit in at a Halloween dance, and the Ghostly Trio gives Casper a potion that makes him larger.

  • Casper visits Paramount Studios, a Martian starts school, a realtor hires a ghost to haunt a house, and Wendy helps Casper undo the Trio's mischief.

  • Casper helps Billy learn to ice skate. Later, a big friendly ghost teaches Casper to stand up to the Trio.

  • A kitten taunts a dog, a tortoise detective tracks an escaped rabbit, and a fox fools an intellectual hunting dog by taking his glasses.

  • A boy imagines what it would be like to be president, and dog who pretends to be a man finds it's better to be a dog.

  • A little Indian tries to get an eagle feather for his headband. And when a witch hexes Wendy, all her furniture runs away.

  • Casper rescues a puppy on the street, a bum finds a dime and goes on a gambling spree, and a baby dinosaur ends up in the circus.