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In this series from YouTube channel Screen Junkies, a panel of TV enthusiasts debates match-ups between TV-based competitors to determine who is the best of the best. Topics fought over include Most Epic TV Death and Which Comedians Need Their Own Show? The fights are conducted by host Roxy Striar.

ScreenJunkies Plus
4 Seasons, 78 Episodes
November 18, 2015
Talk & Interview
TV Fights!

TV Fights! Full Episode Guide

  • 1. What Pixar movie should get it's own TV show? 2. ABC is adapting "A Few Good Men" as a live play on the network. What other musical/play should be adapted for TV? 3. Mariah Carrey is executive producing a TV show based on her life. What other celebrity should have a scripted series about their life? 4. Star Trek Discovery is coming up soon. What TV actor would you want to see

  • 1. What is the most patriotic TV series of all time? 2. @Bantha_Milk: Which show is the best representation of America? Good or bad. 3. @DanBrownVT: Which TV dad would throw the best July 4th BBQ? 4. @NickJames164: What TV show's setting would be best if moved to a beach? 5. Pitch a 4th of July episode for a current TV show

  • 1. In honor of Adam West, who should play Batman next on TV? 2. Take any film rated "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes and pitch it as a TV show reboot. 3. What is the greatest MTV show of all time? 4. Who is the best TV sister? 5. Pitch a TV show based on any athlete

  • 1. What is the worst show your significant other could be binge watching that you have to suffer through? 2. What was the best season finale for any show this year? 3. Who is TV's most badass woman? 4. @BBusterBill: if you could be on a deserted island with one tv character for the rest of your life, who would it be? 5. Which Beatles song would inspire the best TV series?

  • 1. What is the best NON-NETFLIX streaming show? 2. Which previously network show should have a revival on a premium channel OR streaming service? 3. Pitch a drama with any sitcom character as the lead. 4. Which TV Character would you hire to be your personal trainer/fitness coach 5.Which TV show would you show a high school senior to best prepare them for real life?

  • 1. @mattmolina91: who is the biggest playboy/player in TV history (male or female)? 2. Pitch an amusement park ride based around a TV show 3. Reboot a classic TV show (Pre-2000's) by gender swapping the lead 4. Which TV character would make the best wedding officiant? 5. Which TV character would be the most fun to body swap with for 24 hours?

  • 1. @chrisrus1: Which season of a great show could you skip? 2. @bantha_milk: Which TV show could've still worked in the time before TV as a radio serial? 3. Which TV character (real life or animated) would make the best imaginary friend? 4. @TheTotalReviews: What is the most complicated TV relationship? 5. @mmkoch200: What TV character's will & testament would you most want to be named

  • 1. @evanbarbarian: Pitch a new animal-human buddy cop TV show. 2. @raulvaderrdz: What 60s or 70s sitcom could be rebooted for today's audience? 3. @disneymarvelfan: What is the best FX show of all time? 4. @tonybologna91: What's the best animated show of the 2010's? 5. Which TV character should join the cast of Fast and Furious 9?

  • 1. @summoner2100 asks: Which show should get an off Broadway musical? 2. @msinasays: What TV show would be improved by adding time travel? 3. What TV character would be the best Jedi Knight? 4. @nolandean27: Since 13 Reasons Why did so well, what YA novel should get a TV adaptation next? 5. @ahnecar: Which current TV actor/actress is a future Oscar winner?

  • 1. Pitch a show based on an annoying trend 2. What is the best non-American produced TV show? 3. What is the worst comic book show that is currently airing? 4. @mmkoch200: What is the best all time live action Nickelodeon TV show? 5. @jpeck1098: What famous feud do you want to see a mini-series on?

  • 1. @Oreo_Overlord: What show has the best fake death? 2. Pitch an episode of any TV with a mostly silent episode 3.What TV character would you want to see a mini-series about 30 years into their future? 4. What other news story (besides the 2016 election) would make the best mini-series? 5. What is the best episode of Game of Thrones to date?

  • 1. @mattmolina91: Which episode of The Simpsons should Billy Business watch first to get him hooked? 2. @DaxGlomwell: What is the most frustrating unsolved mystery from a scripted TV show no longer on air? 3. @mmkoch200: what is the all time best TV prom episode? 4. What celebrity should be on the next season of DWTS? 5. What is the greatest ensemble cast TV show of all time?

  • 1. What is the most shocking Bachelor/Bachelorette moment in the show's history? 2. Which TV character would make the best Bachelor? 3. Pitch a crossover between The Bachelor/Bachelorette and any other REALITY show. 4. What real life single Celebrity/Athlete/Personality should become the next Bachelor or Bachelorette? 5. Who is the best Bachelor/Bachelorette of all time?

  • 1. What show should get a LEGO themed episode? 2. Which X-Men character should get a TV spinoff? 3. What show would benefit the most from adding nudity to it? 4. Pitch a TV show based on any film nominated for an Academy Award (can be in any category) 5. Who is TV's all time greatest writer?

  • 1. What show that takes place on Earth should have a season set in outer space? 2. What show would benefit from using a "24" style season with a one day period shown chronologically? Pitch it! 3. What was the Worst TV sitcom of the 1990's? 4. The People vs OJ Simpson cleaned up at the Golden Globes. What real life true crime story would inspire the best TV series? 5. What TV show

  • 1. What current TV show should be completely rebooted? 2. Who is TV's most misunderstood villain? 3. What TV character would have the best standup comedy special? 4. If you were to build a religion based on the teachings of any TV character who would you chose? 5. What is your most anticipated show for 2017?

  • 1. Who was the best TV villain of 2016? 2. What is the best show that was filmed/broadcast in black and white? 3. Who is the best physical comedian in TV history? 4. Which TV character would make the best babysitter? 5. What TV show has the best fandom?

  • 1. What is the best New Years episode of a TV show? 2. Which show has the most ridiculous use of "Fake science"? 3. What was the best episode of TV in 2016? 4. What was the best new show of 2016? 5. As a New Years resolution, people should strive to be more like _______ (TV character)

  • 1. @chendango1: Which TV character would decorate the best tree on a budget? 2. What TV Character would make the worst mall Santa? 3. What show that doesn't have a holiday episode deserves to have one? 4. @seriously_ref: What is the best Christmas gift ever given on a TV show? [email protected] asks: what TV show deserves an annual marathon of all their episodes_4-18?

  • 1. @randommagilla: Take a finished series and one that is on now and Pitch your ideal crossover episode. 2. Which Star Wars character should be the host of SNL? 3. What's the best show that appeals equally to men and women? 4. What is the worst pilot from an otherwise great show? 5. Which show would you want to have with you at all times?

  • 1. Sons of Anarchy is getting a spinoff pilot ("Mayans MC") at FX! Which supporting character from any Drama should get a spin off? 2. Gilmore Girls made it's triumphant return to Netflix and got rave reviews What is the best revival series of a show? 3. Which TV show has done the most damage to society? 4. VR is the hot new tech toy this holiday season. What TV show would make the

  • 1. @the_joelster: Best TV grandparent of all time? 2. @reffingmovies: who would be the worst character to sit next to on a 9 hour flight? 3. @LuisGonzV23: Which character from the Harry Potter universe should get its own Netflix series? 4. @nyosbigo: What's the most annoying on & off relationship in TV history? 5. What TV show most deserves a movie to wrap everything up?

  • 1. REMATCH: What is the best Thanksgiving episode of any TV show? 2. Pitch a TV series based around a famous musician/band 3. If you had to marry a TV character, who would you choose? 4. @twalk6279: What TV character would you least want to get a dinner party invite from? 5. What video game would make the best TV series?

  • 1. @Jrspipboy2008: What TV show has the best sex scenes? 2. @geometroid: What dark R-rated movie should be made into a sitcom? 3. What is the best Disney related TV show of all time? 4. Pitch a starship crew using ONLY TV characters from OTHER shows (Captain, First Officer, Doctor, Head of Security) 5. What is the most memorable moment in LIVE television history?