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  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons

TV Fights! is a debate show that delves into the realm of television and puts its fans to the test. It is produced by ScreenJunkies Plus and hosted by Andy Signore, and the show's format is set up in a tournament-style bracket system. In each episode, a panel of three guests will debate over specific TV-related questions that are tightly linked to the theme of the episode, with the help of clips from the shows in question. The guests will each make their cases, fighting for the shows, characters or concepts they believe in, and hoping to convince the others, and the audience, that their choice is superior.

Each episode has a different theme, and it could range from ranking the best TV villains, to discussing the greatest TV cliffhangers of all time. The opening round has three debates, where each participant makes a one-minute opening statement for their chosen topic, after which everyone is allowed to rebut their opponent's points. The second round has a more open-ended discussion about a sub-topic within the main theme, and in the final round, the two remaining guests debate head to head, and a winner is declared. At the end of the episode, a scoreboard tracks the scores and leaves the audience with the final results.

One of the significant highlights of the show is its ability to bring in passionate and educated panelists. The guests are often YouTubers, podcast hosts, comedians or simply avid TV fans. They come armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the shows in question, and a willingness to defend their favorite characters or plots. The guests are picked with care, and the showrunners always aim for an eclectic mix of opinions, ages, and backgrounds, so as not to create a one-sided discussion. The diversity of voices keeps the show engaging and lively.

Another key feature of TV Fights! is the use of movie and TV clips from the show. By using these clips, the guests can illustrate their points and back up their arguments with specific examples from the TV shows in question. It's a brilliant way of infusing the discussion with visual aids and makes the whole show feel more dynamic.

While the guests on TV Fights! favour different shows and characters, one unifying theme is the love and appreciation they all have for television. It's not only the shows they watch, but the culture, the social aspect and even the impact TV has on our lives. It's an element that shines through with every episode, creating an atmosphere that is as fun as it is passionate.

TV Fights! is also unique because it allows the audience to participate in the discussion. The show's moderators will read out comments and questions that the audience has written in during the episode, giving everyone the chance to have their say. This interaction between the guests and viewers adds another level of engagement to the show, and it's something that has become a staple in many ScreenJunkies Plus productions.

Finally, what makes TV Fights! an excellent show is its re-watchability. The episodes are entertaining and witty, and the debates genuinely feel like a fight. It's great background noise for when you're doing something else, or perfect for when you need to take a break and just relax. Even for people who do not watch TV, the themes that are explored are food for thought, and the passion of the panelists is infectious.

For fans of television, TV Fights! is a treat. It's a show that tackles some of the biggest debates and questions of the TV industry in a fun and light-hearted way while still getting to the heart of what makes TV so great. It's not only informative, but it's also engaging and invites the viewer to join in on the fun. So, if you're looking to dive into the world of TV fandom and enjoy some lively debates, TV Fights! is the perfect show for you.

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    November 18, 2015