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The Mormon religion has been in the news with increasing frequency in recent years for a number of reasons. Although the religion has been misunderstood, people are beginning to learn more about it through increased exposure through news reports and other venues. The television show Big Love, which aired on HBO for five seasons, is one of the major reasons for increased interest in the religion, as well, even though leaders of the official church were not generally pleased with the program. This is because Big Love portrayed the lives of a family engaged in a polygamous lifestyle

Big Love is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on March 12, 2006.

Where do I stream Big Love online? Big Love is available for streaming on HBO, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Big Love on demand at HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, HBO NOW, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

5 Seasons, 53 Episodes
March 12, 2006
Cast: Bill Paxton
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Big Love Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, with jail time nearing, Bill maps out contingency plans for the family, while orchestrating a last-minute referendum on the Senate floor. Meanwhile, Barb has a plan of her own.

  • Nicki attempts to cast out the evil from Cara Lynn.

  • Bill sifts through Alby's past in order to stop him, but Alby continues his diabolical scheme. Meanwhile, Barb is pulled into the firestorm surrounding Bill and Margene.

  • Bill considers renewing his vows to his three wives as a symbol of commitment. Meanwhile, things reach a boiling point at Nikki & Bill's wedding. Alby makes his move by buying out HomePlus.

  • Barb's mother is disappointed with her ally choice. Cara Lynn continues to bond with her math teacher. Bill faces Mormon boycott of his stores and also recieves a warning about Alby coming after him.

  • Bill finds success in the Senate but faces new challenges from the Mormon Church. Barb reaches a new conclusion about her life. Lois remembers her past with Frank.

  • Bill deals with opposition from state officials as his swearing-in ceremony nears. Marg and Nicki resent Barb when she makes an appearance at a First Ladies fashion show.

  • Barb, Margene and Adaleen come forward with shocking information. Cara Lynn looks into the disappearance of her father. Lura tries to stop Alby's extreme measures.

  • Bill attempts to stage a meeting for polygamist leaders; Nicki learns the extent of Adaleen's isolation; Barb tries to find common ground with her mother; Cara Lynn impresses her math teacher; Margene worries about the situation with Ana and Goran.

  • In the fifth season premiere, the Hendricksons deal with the aftermath of the election and cope with psychological and physical threats; Alby returns from his desert exile with a desire to purify the compound.

  • With the State Senate election only days away, Bill (Bill Paxton) puts the squeeze on Paley (Perry King) in an attempt to protect his candidacy. But Marilyn (Sissy Spacek) has an ace up her sleeve that threatens to wreck Bill's chances, or so it seems. At the casino, Jerry (Robert Beltran) and Tom's (Adam Beach) tribal leadership is jeopardized by the illegal actions of family members. Caught in a tangled family web, Margene weighs her allegiance to Bill with her desire to keep Ana and Goran in her life. Desperate to get pregnant, Nicki gets news from Dr. Roquet Walker - J.J.'s son - that seems too good to be true. A late-breaking polygamist scandal in Kansas becomes national news, forcing Bill and his three wives to rethink their bold post-election plans.

  • Bill worries about Marilyn's plan that might jeopardize his political career. Barb draws the wrong kind of attention at an all-ladies event. Sarah's plans for the future shocks her family.

  • Bill and Joey head to Mexico to rescue Lois and Frank. Margene tries to stop Ana from leaving the country. Barb and Tommy come across a surprising event at the casino.

  • Bill wants more exposure for the casino. Ben and Jodean are further involved in Lois and Frank's bird enterprise. Ana shows back up at the Henricksons with some startling news.

  • Bill continues to work on his campaign as Nicki throws herself into helping out. Bill worries Coburn as he wants to take down Bill. Frank pays a visit to the reservation.

  • An audit of Home Plus brings a few surprises and threatens Bill's potential political career. JJ wants a policy change at Juniper Creek and Bill finds out something revealing about Margene and Ben.

  • Bill head to Washington, D.C. to obtain support for his run for Utah State Senate but ends up on opposing side of a lobbyist. Elsewhere, Alby deals with his father's legacy all the while becoming attached to Dale.

  • Bill contemplates running for the Utah State Senate; Sarah and Scott decide to forgo a wedding in Bill's church; Margene confronts Nicki about her feelings for Ray Henry.

  • With the grand opening of the Blackfoot Magic Casino only days away, the Henricksons make last-minute preparations under the skeptical eye of Tommy Flute, son of Bill's partner Jerry. As the feds probe the whereabouts of Roman Grant, Alby has a close encounter with Dale Tomasson. At the compound, Adaleen shares a shocking secret with Nicki. Though her home-shopping business is thriving, Margie makes an on-air slip-up that prompts her boss Beverly to voice concerns about possible burnout. Worried for her safety,

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Chloe Sevigny Says No to Future Sex Scenes in HBO's Big Love

Chloe Sevigny is tired of using her body. Actually, she is tired of people seeing her naked body on her TV show, Big Love. Chloe recently gave an interview with Playboy Magazine and she spills a lot of details about how she feels about doing nude scenes now.

In Big Love, Chloe has done nudity many, many times, However, her two female co-stars wouldn’t do topless scenes. That left them all for Chloe and she got tired of it and got those pesky boobies out of her contract.