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In Treatment is an HBO original series with episodes that run for approximately thirty minutes. This series is based on the life of a psychologist. You experience his family problems as well as the work the main character Paul does with his patients. Paul, played by actor Gabriel Byrne, has his patients meet him at his home. Here he deals with marriage issues and abuse. His patients range from teenage years to adult. There are common factors present that deal with other issues such as patient dependence and relationships between doctor and patient.

Paul also has his own set of personal problems that he must deal with. You sit in once a week at his own therapy sessions. Paul works with his therapist to help try and fix his struggling marriage as well as work on his own personal emotional and mental issues.

Eventually, while working with his patients, Paul develops a romantic attachment to Laura, a patient that tells him she is in love with him. After discovering that he indeed loves her too and coupled with his failing marriage, Paul plans to take action and go after her. Suffering a panic attack, nothing comes of his decision to see her and the relationship is stalled.

Paul eventually divorces his wife and moves from their home. He sets up his practice in a small area of his new apartment and continues to see patients. He helps his patients deal with work related trauma and death. Having not left all his issues behind with the divorce, he is faced with a lawsuit and must deal with the consequences associated with his practice.

In Treatment, lasted for three seasons with talk of a fourth still in progress. One hundred and six episodes where aired for this series. This is an adult themed drama series and not intended for kids.

In Treatment is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (106 episodes). The series first aired on January 28, 2008.

Where do I stream In Treatment online? In Treatment is available for streaming on HBO, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch In Treatment on demand at HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, HBO NOW, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 106 Episodes
January 28, 2008
Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Dianne Wiest, Michelle Forbes, Melissa George, Blair Underwood
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In Treatment Full Episode Guide

  • Paul contemplates the future of his own therapy and his practice.

  • Paul tries to get Jesse to open up about a recent transgression and his relationship with his father.

  • Frances struggles with the prospect of losing her sister.

  • Paul is shocked by a revelation regarding Sunil's therapy.

  • Adele addresses Paul's inability to make decisions.

  • Jesse worries about being abandoned by his parents.

  • Frances grows more anxious when her sister's condition worsens.

  • Paul is concerned about Sunil's erratic behavior at home.

  • Adele believes that Paul is obsessed with an impossible relationship.

  • Paul learns that Jesse has sabotaged a meeting with his biological parents.

  • Frances panics; Paul is accused of being overly sympathetic to Frances' sister.

  • Sunil vividly accounts a recent violent dream.

  • Paul opens up about his lack of passion.

  • Paul has a breakthrough in trying to get Jesse to connect with his birth parents.

  • Frances experiences self-loathing after reliving painful family memories.

  • Sunil finds his son's relationship with Julia similar to his affair.

  • Paul worries about losing Max to a stepfather.

  • Paul attempts to generate a dialogue between Jesse and his stepmother.

  • Frances fractured relationship with Patricia is traced to their late mother.

  • Sunil recounts his first impressions of Julia, but becomes defensive when Paul mentions jealousy.

  • Paul tells Adele that he feels betrayed and worries about how his illness will impact the children.

  • Paul wants to address Jesse's reluctance to contact his birth mother.

  • Frances discusses her frustrations at work, feeling alienated from her daughter and health fears.

  • Sunil talks about his arranged marriage in India and living with Arun's family in New York.

  • Paul visits a young therapist in order to get a new prescription for sleeping pills.

  • A 16-year-old discusses his promiscuity, his unsettled family life with adopted parents and an alarming voicemail.

  • An actress, whose sister was previously treated by Paul, begins therapy to discover why she is blanking out during rehearsals for a new play.

  • A retired math professor reluctantly visits Paul to discuss the death of his wife, his displacement to the U.S. and the tension he experiences while living with his son's family.

  • Paul and Gina's relationship crosses paths which makes them think what they want to get out of it.

  • Walter wants to change himself so Paul comes up with a solution to stop Walter from falling back into his old ways.

  • Paul attempts to put Oliver's mind at ease, and his parents have had a hard week which they can now put behind them.

  • Paul is told some news by April which prompts him to ask her about her anger issues.

  • Mia's plan doesn't work to trap Paul so she has to re-evaluate everything.

  • Paul tries to get Walter to embrace his vulnerable side.

  • Ignoring Paul's and Oliver's objections, Luke and Bess come up with a plan that will alter their family structure and dynamics.

  • Accused of betrayal, Paul defends his actions while addressing April's deep-rooted insecurities.

  • A recent setback allows Paul to help Mia re-examine her contentious relationship with her mother.

  • Paul is told by Gina to return to some previous unknown answers about his father, whilst Alex Snr has some news to tell them.

  • Paul decides that from what he's learnt of Walter, he is more harmful to himself than others.

  • Oliver's dad is having some issues of his own, some of which are caused by Oliver's behaviour.

  • Paul fixates on a comment April uttered about a close friend of his to explore her independent streak.

  • Among the areas touched on for this session between Paul and Mia include a discussion about mortality, being alone and making up for lost time.

  • Paul is told by Gina that in order to move forward he needs to get back in touch with his dad.

  • Walter comes to terms with what has happened to him and how he could've handled it better

  • Paul tries to see past Oliver's perfect record of late, as he doesn't believe that everything is as it seems.

  • In April's latest session Paul steps over the mark when he scrutinises April's worries about her family.

  • Paul realises he may have been the reason Mia was out of control over the weekend and needs to work to fix the problem.

  • Gina talks to Paul about his father and how he hated having to look after him when he was no longer able to do it on his own.

  • Walter talks about his recent visit to Rwanda to see his daughter, all while trying to keep up with disastrous business emergency.

  • Oliver discusses his week of staying at his father's home which leads to a few surprising disclosures. One includes his confusion over a specific family matter just before his parents separation.

  • April comes to terms with why she has independence issues and how this is connected to when she was younger.

  • Mia's session is interrupted by Laura's case.

  • Paul looks to fill in memory gaps about his mother's attempted suicide by reconnecting with a childhood crush.

  • Paul links Walter's panic attacks to a childhood tragedy.

  • Fearing his behavior has led to his parents' estrangement, Oliver outlines the difficulty he's having living between two homes.

  • April talks about her ex-boyfriend and his newest relationship, and their reaction to her condition she is currently in.

  • Mia's first session has her admitting to Paul that she was hoping he'd be impressed by her job and that she disclosed her relationship with a married man.

  • Paul is trying to change his life and he asks Gina to help him through it by helping him in his court case and his personal life.

  • Paul takes on a CEO who's struggling with anxiety, after his wife advises him to come and see him.

  • Oliver's parents bring him to see Paul as they feel their divorce may be affecting him.

  • Paul's new patient, April, harbors a secret that endangers her life.

  • In the second-season premiere, Paul, recently divorced and living in Brooklyn, reconnects with a lawyer and former patient, Mia (Hope Davis), whose firm helps him with a legal problem.