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In this crime drama, a tech entrepreneur and a banker concoct a plan to create a digital currency, but their methods may not be entirely legal. This draws the attention of a problematic FBI agent who wants to bring them down. Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin, and Mira Sorvino star.

StartUp is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (82 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 2016.

Where do I stream StartUp online? StartUp is available for streaming on Crackle, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch StartUp on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV, Crackle online.

7 Seasons, 82 Episodes
September 6, 2016
Crime Drama
Cast: Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Kristen Ariza
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StartUp Full Episode Guide

  • Tim Price is a chiropractor, outdoorsman and dog lover. Tim's first dog and hiking partner, Ruger, forced him to ask some tough questions. He feared that Ruger, a large dog, could get injured and he wouldn't be able to carry him to safety. Tim created a lightweight rescue harness for dogs and started a business. This story is about following your heart and creating something you believe in.

  • Risë Jones and her husband opened TeaLee's after five years of planning and hard work. Before the doors opened and the first pot of tea was brewed, Jones was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. Fortunately, she beat it - and after she recovered, her husband asked what she wanted to do with her life. "I want a tea house," she said. This is a story about second chances.

  • Daniel Scott and Josh Christiansen met while working for a local plumbing company and hit it off. They decided to start their own plumbing company focused on customer service, family connections, and second chances for all. Today, they employ more than 50 people are ranked one of the top plumbing companies in Utah. This is a story about recognizing opportunity, perseverance and timing.

  • When the auto industry left Flint, followed by the Flint Water Crisis, the city had to reinvent itself. The resilient spirit of Flint inspired resident Oaklin Mixon to create GoodBoy Clothing. GoodBoy offers multiple apparel and accessory collections developed in-house and through collaborations with artists, designers and seamstresses.

  • Stitch People was founded by Lizzy and Spencer Bean, born out of Lizzy's need for a creative outlet. Originally focused on making handmade cross-stitched family portraits, they quickly saw that people wanted to make them themselves. Today Lizzy's book is the new industry standard in cross-stitched portraits. This is a story about believing that anything is possible and creating your best life.

  • When Kevin Oswald's father told him that he would have to leave the family auto repair shop because there wasn't enough revenue, he saw it as an opportunity. His father sold him the business and Kevin grew it to two locations with more on the way, transforming Oswald's into a successful business. This is a story about vision, forward-thinking, and always putting family first.

  • Patrick Bultema is a true industry-maker whose mission is to eliminate food waste. Growing up on a farm, he saw how much food was thrown away, so he addressed the problem at the source. Food Maven sells high-quality, oversupplied or imperfect food from distributors and producers to restaurants and institutional kitchens at a discount. This is a story about doing well, while doing good.

  • Thaine Fischer is a social entrepreneur with an extensive background in real estate acquisitions, development, and management. His latest startup "The Monarch" is a collaborative environment where artists, creative businesses and makers of all types can connect, inspire and create together in Ogden's creative district. This is a story about fearlessly going all-in, despite adversity.

  • Woodward Throwbacks is a passion project developed by Detroit residents, Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay as a way to furnish their apartments and clean up Detroit streets. From riding their bikes around the city searching for reusable materials to operating a nationwide brand that now employs several Detroit locals, this story is about recognizing opportunity and believing in yourself.

  • Stewart King has been actively involved in archery for over 32 years. As a tournament target archer, he's practiced at several different facilities over the years. When he decided to switch careers and start Rocky Mountain Archery, he had a clear vision of the archery destination that he wanted to create. This family business story is about perseverance and creating a life around what you love.

  • In 2007, Steven and Remy Sedylmayr were enjoying the good life in Arizona, retired with two kids in college. When Steven decided to pursue building a water purification system and re-mortgaged the house, he had no idea that they'd soon lose everything. The story of Divinia water is about family, overcoming hardship, and the quest to create the cleanest bottled water on the planet.

  • Lorena grew up eating her mother, Maria's, homemade empanada's, but she never thought that the savory snack would help her achieve her version of the American dream. From being homeless in Argentina, to owning five of Denver's hottest restaurants, Lorena's story is heartfelt, inspiring and will leave you salivating!

  • Max Younger watched his dad struggle with crutches for years, but when his father finally had a leg amputation, Max and his wife Lilliana sprang into action to design a new style of crutch that was easier, safer, more comfortable, and allowed people mobility without compromise. Starting the company Mobility Designed, Younger's drastically improved a design that hadn't changed since the Civil War.

  • Caleb Benson is a 10 year veteran of the USCG and now the co-owner/operator of Flip Side Ninja Park with his wife Emily. Both fitness fanatics, Caleb and Emily abandoned their careers to chase something they both truly loved, fitness and helping people stay active and improve their health. So they put their house up for collateral and started an indoor ninja training facility in Arkansas.

  • In the 1800's, J. Rieger and Co. was the largest mail-order whiskey maker in the U.S when prohibition forced them to permanently shut their doors. 90 years later, Kansas City bartender Ryan Maybee discovered a faint Rieger billboard on the site of his new establishment and made it his lives mission to resurrect the brand with the only remaining heir to the Rieger name.

  • Omar Kasim created a fast-casual fusion taco restaurant in Fayetteville Arkansas, only to be pushed out of his own business by an investor. Picking himself up and starting again, Omar stayed positive and opened a cold-pressed juice bar named Juice Palm. Over time, the investor ran Con Quesos into the ground and Omar was able to buy back his first restaurant, bringing it back to the standards.

  • Cole Johnson has a science degree in Health and Safety Management, a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, and has a certification as an EMT. After a layoff from his Health and Safety job, he called on his friends Jordan and Seth to start a small business. Without hesitation, they collectively abandoned traditional employment and went all-in on Periwinkle.

  • While subscription box services have become massive new market, Bulu Box was the sixth company on the scene. They now focus on private label subscription boxes for companies of all sizes. Founders Paul and Stephanie Jarrett walk us through how they've lead the way and changed the game in this exciting new category.

  • Bill Copeland is a US Army veteran and a Master Chocolatier. He opened Glacier Confection in the Tulsa Arts District in 2006. He was inspired by Major Dan Rooney of "Folds of Honor" and decided to link his business with help for veterans, especially with those who have PTSD and were having difficulty integrating back into society. Now in his new location, he's teaching chocolate making 101.

  • Unable to find a real New York style bagel in Kansas City, husband and wife Janna and Pete Linde would lug suitcases full bagels from the east coast back to Missouri for years. After working for corporations for most of their lives, they quit their jobs and decided to turn their love of bagels into a business. Today, Meshuggah Bagels has four locations and uses age-old Kosher methods.

  • Afloat provides float therapy, infrared saunas, and sound therapy. Vicki Westergard decided to forego retirement for entrepreneurship when she left her corporate job at 56 years old. She had experienced float therapy, or "sensory deprivation" first hand and it changed her life, so she took out a loan and created afloat: Mind + Body Wellness to Omaha.

  • Knife maker Tom Maringer used his metal working skills to start engraving coins, using hand-engraved steel dies and pressing coins one at a time. Thus, Shire Post Mint was born and Tom has been minting custom coins ever since. His work caught the eye of George R. R. Martin who commissioned some coins for a new book called A Song of Fire and Ice, which became the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones."

  • Eric and Jodie DeLeon ran a wedding space in downtown Kansas City, but felt that they could do even better in crafting a memorable experience that focused on customer service. They relocated to an old funeral chapel in a beautiful historic building, fixed it up, and began a new company that caters exclusively to the dreams and desires of brides and grooms.

  • Growing up in West Helena, Arkansas life wasn't always easy for 22 year old Eric Jones. Eric overcame countless obstacles, including the loss of both parents, but that didn't stop the ambitious 22 year old from creating LFLS Shoes, a company that sells high quality shoes at affordable prices designed in the US and manufactured in Brazil.

  • Daniel Rose wanted to help people, so he went to school to become a nurse. Watching the countless cases that he felt could have been avoided through a better diet he decided to change the course of his life and create a source of real food. So, Daniel left health care, found a plot of land in northeast Tulsa, Oklahoma and opened Grassroots Ranch.

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