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Loosely based on the true story of the rise of BitCoin, this gritty Crackle Original follows a rag-tag group of entrepreneurs and braniacs dead-set on creating a self-sustaining digital currency, no matter the cost. When the money starts coming in, the startup lands on the FBI's radar, and the founder and his banker partner quickly learn that they'll have to be sharks to survive and secure the future of their fortune and their idea.

3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
September 6, 2016
Crime, Drama, Science & Technology
Cast: Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Kristen Ariza
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StartUp Full Episode Guide

  • Ronald fears the impending blowback from a vindictive LH7. Mara's ultimate plan comes to fruition, blindsiding Wes and Nick. Stroud reemerges to tie up loose ends, leading to an explosive and deadly season finale.

  • Ronald wrestles with the most difficult decision of his life. To Izzy's horror, the virus she built blows back on Araknet. When Mara finds out what Nick did to Ronald, their relationship teeters on the edge. Wes's indictment sends Nick into a downward spiral with biting repercussions.

  • Ronald's entanglement with LH7 comes home to roost, aggravating his relationship with Nick. With the 100 million-user mark approaching, Nick makes a disturbing choice to protect his own interests. Izzy agonizes over Stroud's final orders. Mara sets in motion her own nefarious PR strategy.

  • Araknet receives horrific news, spurring a moral debate within the company and forcing Ronald to undermine Nick. Izzy tries to uncover Stroud's true motivations while wrestling with her own duplicity. Wes hopes to repair his relationship with Mara, but simultaneously encourages her to play dirty.

  • As Araknet enjoys an uptick, Nick grows paranoid that his covert plot will be discovered. When Wes decides to bring in an old friend for financing, Mara rebels and reveals a damning secret. Izzy rejoins ArakNet, but old wounds resurface. Ronald braces for a possible war between LH7 and a rival crew.

  • Wes throws a big party in the hopes of wooing new investors. LH7's tactics blow back on Ronald's family. Nick embarks on a secretive mission to save the company. An encounter with someone from Mara's past sends her into an emotional tailspin. Stroud urges Izzy to insinuate herself back into Araknet.

  • Agent Stroud makes a bid for Izzy's loyalty, extraditing her to the States and coercing her into infiltrating Araknet; Wes must travel to Barcelona to confront someone from his past in order to recover what's left of his liquidity.

  • As Wes scrambles to hide the rest of his cash from Stroud, Ronald and Nick butt heads over how to carry on as co-CEOs. Meanwhile, Izzy finds herself drawn back into the tech underworld, a choice that will unwittingly put her on a collision course with Araknet's greatest adversary.

  • Agent Stroud flexes the far-reaching power of the NSA, threatening to derail the lives of Araknet's founders. Ronald struggles with the decision to undermine LH7 in order to keep Araknet safe. Izzy is enjoying her new life in Cuba until a chance encounter threatens to dredge up the past.

  • The arrival of NSA agent Rebecca Stroud throws Araknet into a paranoid tailspin, forcing Wes to reconsider his financing of the company and scaring Ronald into re-evaluating his ties to LH7; Nick is inspired to take the company to the next level.

  • Izzy makes a proposal to Rask. Tamara urges Ronald to make some much-needed life changes. Nick has a awful realization as Izzy enacts a destructive plot to eliminate ArakNet's adversaries.

  • With ArakNet relishing a big gain, Ronald tries to improve his life. When the Russians attempt to make peace, the team is thrown into disagreement and Izzy becomes disturbed. Right before ArakNet makes a risky decision, an unexpected adversary attacks.

  • Ronald has problems living up to the team's anticipation after proposing a bold idea. After the Russians hit them unexpectedly, Nick and Izzy draw up a quick revenge plan.

  • ArakNet fights to beat the competition and Izzy clashes with her teammates. Rask's violent history is in jeopardy of coming to light. Nick, Wes and Mara work to give ArakNet credibility; Ronald must face something he's long evaded.

  • In order to right the wrongs, Rask makes a big decision. A brush with death leads Izzy to contact a friend from the past. The team worries that Wes will be turned off by Araknet's difficulties.

  • A destructive mishap forces Ronald to make a painful decision. Izzy is deadlocked after a bold idea makes her the Russians' target. Aided by Mara, Wes' daughter, Nick finally is able to get his consideration.

  • After a discouraging discovery, the trio forges a new plan. Izzy seeks the help of someone significant from her past. Nick faces a setback while catching a glimpse into the strange world of Wes Chandler. Ronald struggles to get his crew behind the new way of doing business.

  • Nick has an unexpected encounter with Wes Chandler; Nick has a proposition for Ronald and Izzy; Rask struggles to repair his life; Nick takes on CEO duties.

  • Nick makes a ruthless deal with Rask; after asking Izzy for help, Roland is left with limited options to ease the pressures on his gang; Rask gets squeezed by the Russians; Izzy has a breakthrough.

  • The Morales family mourns Delfia's death; Izzy wants revenge; Rask makes a bargain with Vera; as the new king, Ronald is facing many challenges; Touie comes up with a risky idea.

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