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  • 2019
  • 1 Season
  • 6.2  (35)

Going From Broke is a reality TV series that follows the stories of individuals who are struggling with their finances and desperately want to turn their lives around. The show is produced by Ashton Kutcher and Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and is available on Crackle, Sony's streaming platform.

The show's host is financial expert Dan Rosensweig, who is best known as the CEO of Chegg, an online textbook rental and homework help platform. Rosensweig is joined by a number of financial coaches, including Tonya Rapley, a financial educator and founder of My Fab Finance, and Phillip Akali, a financial advisor and founder of Akali Financial.

Each episode of Going From Broke focuses on a different participant who is struggling with their finances. These participants come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they are drowning in debt and struggling to make ends meet. Some of them are recent college graduates saddled with student loans, while others are working professionals who have fallen on hard times.

The show begins with a frank discussion of the participant's financial situation. They talk about how they got into debt, what their current financial situation looks like, and what their financial goals are. From there, the financial coaches work with the participants to develop a plan to get out of debt and start building wealth.

One of the unique things about Going From Broke is that it takes a holistic approach to financial coaching. The coaches don't just focus on the participants' budgets and debt repayment plans. They also help participants to develop new habits and mindset shifts that will help them to be more financially successful in the long run. For example, they might help participants to develop a morning routine that includes financial goal-setting or teach them about the benefits of paying themselves first.

Throughout the season, viewers get to see the progress that each participant is making. Some of the participants experience setbacks, like unexpected expenses or job losses, but they all work hard to stay on track and achieve their goals. Along the way, they learn valuable financial lessons that can help them to be more successful in their careers and personal lives.

In addition to following the participants' journeys, Going From Broke also includes segments on a variety of financial topics, like credit scores, investing, and side hustles. These segments are designed to provide viewers with helpful tips and insights that they can apply to their own lives.

Overall, Going From Broke is an inspiring and informative show that can help viewers who are struggling with their finances to feel less alone and more empowered. Whether you're in debt or just looking to improve your financial situation, the show's practical advice and engaging storytelling make it a must-watch.

Going From Broke is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on October 17, 2019.

Going From Broke
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The King of Failed Investments
10. The King of Failed Investments
October 17, 2019
Brandon Pfeltz is a sucker for expensive technology and rare antiques, which is a problem when you're sitting on a mountain of debt. Can Brandon pull himself back from the edge of financial ruin?
Butt Before Budget
9. Butt Before Budget
October 17, 2019
Allie Brown is a marketing manager with a passion for shopping and surgical butt lifts. But is Allie's new and improved look hurting her bottom line? What is her financial endgame?
Finances & Family
8. Finances & Family
October 17, 2019
Jonas Nadler has a degree in business and finance, but wants to be a musician like his dad. Can Jonas follow his passion while avoiding financial instability?
Art Before Rent?
7. Art Before Rent?
October 17, 2019
Steven Sievart is 85 thousand dollars in debt yet prefers not to get a job. So he lives out of his car. But how long can a six-foot tall man sleep in a compact Toyota and not lose his dignity...or his mind?
3 Jobs and Going Nowhere
6. 3 Jobs and Going Nowhere
October 17, 2019
Amanda Kochey came to Los Angeles to follow her love of acting, but juggling three jobs to pay off her student loan debt wasn't part of the dream. Can Amanda set the stage for a better life?
Time to Buy or Time to Sell?
5. Time to Buy or Time to Sell?
October 17, 2019
Alana Hunter left a great job to be a YouTuber, but was that a wise money move? After reining in her spending habits, Alana learns how to use her YouTube channel to help educate others in her predicament.
The Highs and Lows of Living in LA
4. The Highs and Lows of Living in LA
October 17, 2019
Daniel Babic is living is best life. He's working the red carpets, popping champagne and traveling the world. The problem? This jet-setting young man is also very broke.
Till Debt Do Us Part
3. Till Debt Do Us Part
October 17, 2019
When Megan and Max got married, they hardly dreamed of a future in which both of them would be out of work and with astronomical credit card debt. Can they rewrite their happy ending?
Responsibility Over Payment
2. Responsibility Over Payment
October 17, 2019
Violinist Miracle McKinney just wants to travel and play music, but massive amounts of student loan debt are clipping her wings. Maybe it's not a miracle she needs but some solid financial guidance?
The Sneakers Made Me Do It
1. The Sneakers Made Me Do It
October 17, 2019
Obi Nwankwo is a star athlete with a first-rate college degree and a fantastic job. So where did it all go wrong? Our financial sleuths are about to find out.
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Going From Broke is available for streaming on the Crackle website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Going From Broke on demand at FuboTV, Crackle and Plex.
  • Premiere Date
    October 17, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (35)