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Heroes Of Lucha Libre is a superheroes show based in the centenary tradition of Lucha Libre. Fights, drama, heroes and superpowers combined on a show that offers the highest production and VFX standards in a powerful and entertained TV series. Heroes of Lucha Libre is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2017.

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1 Season, 11 Episodes
January 1, 2017
Action & Adventure
Cast: Mistico, Dragon Lee
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Heroes of Lucha Libre Full Episode Guide

  • It's HOLL of Fame night and three coveted awards are up for are up for the taking: The Destroyer Moment, The Epic Moment, and The Illustrious Golden Mask. Later, the heinous act of treachery committed by the mysterious villain is revisited and a major clue to his identity is revealed...

  • Infernus brings Bestia and Damian666 to go up against the acrobatic Ocelot and Egyptian King Rey Horus. The Tecnicos show their superiority and beat the Rudos. The Sacred Legion calls upon Honor Members, Rey Mysterio to recover The Sacred Belt that Rich T stole.

  • La Park, poisoned by the Wagners' lies, forges a bond with Tecnicos legends, Blue Demon and Tinieblas against Sinestrum's royalty: Rich T, Russian Hacker, and Sam Adonis. The Tecnicos beat the Rudos, but Rich T and his two cronies pull off an unthinkable heist! They STEAL The Sacred Belt!

  • The four islands each send a fighter to the Luchadome. The Rudos show up with Pierrothito and Felinito; the Tecnicos offer up Mini Rey Mysterio and Octagoncito. The Rudos beat the Tecnicos. Sinestrum's Cien Caras Jr. has revenge on his mind against Rayo de Jalisco.

  • Alchemist and Voando must stop the incredible double attack of Mogul and Blood Eagle. The wizardry of the Tecnicos is no match for the beast and the bird. Tinieblas and Alushe team up with Huracan Ramirez against the Rudos for a tough and complicated battle, but they pull off a win.

  • Unable to resolve their infighting, Sinestrum and Infernus fight each other. Infernus recruits Canek and the Mayan legion to fight favorites, Sinestrum's mercenaries Fishman and the Kraken legion. A victory for Sinestrum will give them four rings, and therefore The Sacred Belt.

  • All four islands are involved in this fight: Pierrothito and Demus for the Rudos; Mini Rey Mysterio and Octagoncito for the Tecnicos. The Rudos pull out a close win. La Park Jr. shocks the Lucha Libre world by joining the Tecnicos. His mind has been poisoned against his father by the Wagners.

  • The Tecnicos want to unite the four Rings and win the Sacred Belt. They send in their legend, Solar, but Fuerza Guerrera shows his power and drops the Tecnico. Rich T makes his first appearance of the season in the Luchadome against Alushe and Tinieblas.

  • Lobito and Demus are fighters in the war between Khabalam and Infernus. Without a ring at stake for Infernus, Demus is in danger of being exiled to Amnesium if he loses, but uses every resource to beat Lobito and takes the Ring of Air.

  • Sinestrum sends one of its most powerful Luchadors, Pierrothito, but the Tecnicos send the King of the Air, Mini Rey Mysterio, who wins the Earth Ring. Then we see a battle between two of the most powerful dynasties: The Wagners (Sinestrum) and La Parks (Infernus).