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Sports Jeopardy is a family friendly TV show. It is a game dedicated to sports; contestants must put their knowledge to the test for a chance to win the $50,000 grand prize. The game show quizzes sports enthusiast of all kinds. There are many questions in different sports categories ranging from sports history, memorabilia, and sports events. Famous athletes, and famous dates in sports are also reviewed. The contestants must each stand behind a podium. When a question is presented they must buzz in as fast as possible to hopefully answer. They must think fast because even if they know the answer, they may not be able to answer it. The contestants must go through three rounds of these questions. The host of the show is Dan Patrick, a former sports anchor.

Contestants come from all backgrounds, from house wives to teachers. Contestants must love sports, and know everything sports to advance in this game show.

Wednesday 12:00 AM et/pt on Crackle
3 Seasons, 113 Episodes
September 24, 2014
Game Show, Sports
Cast: Art Fleming, Don Pardo
Sports Jeopardy

Sports Jeopardy Full Episode Guide

  • Johnny struggles to rescue four teens trapped in a collapsing mine, all the while reliving - and in some way trying to redeem - sins from his family's past.

  • The second greatest Sports Jeopardy! player of all time, Earl Holland of Newark, DE, has amassed eight straight wins. Can he go to nine? Or will Roderick Crabbe of Ponte Vedra, FL, and Caitlin Hooks of Raleigh, NC, thwart his plans?

  • Earl Holland of Newark, DE, has seven€count 'em, seven!€straight wins. Will he nab number eight? Or will he be stopped by Chris Beckham of Tifton, GA, and Myles Bacon of Chapel Hill, NC?

  • With six straight wins and $30,000, Earl Holland of Newark, DE, is on his way to sports trivia immortality. Will challengers Rich Konopka Jr. of Rockaway, NJ, and Dustin Kuras of Ypsilanti, MI, keep Earl from his seventh win?

  • Earl Holland of Newark, DE, is on fire! Will he snag a fifth win or will he get burned by Josh Griffis of Kansas City, MO, or Rob Wrights of Rochester, NY?

  • Triple-time champ Earl Holland of Newark, DE, just doesn't quit. But can Carmen DeFranco of Clarkston, MI, and Erik Farinas of Millsboro, DE, quit him?

  • Returning champ and sports editor Earl Holland of Newark, DE, is taking on a rapper (Tim Margolin of Setauket, NY) and a business intelligence developer (Austin Pfundheller of Madison, WI).

  • Triple-time champ Terry Kent of Los Angeles goes for win number four against Earl Holland of Newark, DE, and Ryan Tucker of Charleston, SC. Can he or Kent he?

  • Going for his third straight win, Terry Kent of Los Angeles tussles with Adam Beier of Carlsbad, CA and Paul Intartaglia of Brooklyn, NY.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, returning champ Terry Kent of Los Angeles does battle with Brad Levin of Farmington Hills, MI, and Raquel Matta of San Pablo, CA. Who will kick off this season with a win?

  • In the Season 2 finale, Dan's own posse The Danettes are back for blood and glory. Will reigning champ Paulie Pabst hold onto his crown? Or will Andrew "McLovin" Perloff or Fritzy Fritz thwart him?

  • Joey Odom of Oxford, Mississippi, returns this week to take on Ari Elinson of Boston and Terry Kent of Los Angeles. Will this Ole Miss alum do his alma mater proud? Or will he get walloped?

  • Will champ Dana Higgins of Olivet, MI, claim his second straight win? Or will Mary Flatley of Atlanta or Joey Odom of Oxford, MS, steal his mojo?

  • Can Rabbi Howard Tilman of Jacksonville, FL, school a history teacher (Kevin Harp of San Dimas, CA) and a youth counselor (Dana Higgins of Olivet, MI) in the ways of sports trivia? Or will he become the school-ee?

  • Last week, José Guzman of Ferndale, MI, knocked out six-game champ Eric Park. Can this vendor analyst take on a rabbi from Jacksonville (Howard Tilman) and a marketing director from San Diego (Jen Gaffney)?

  • Eric Park of Dallas just doesn't quit. Can he claim a seventh straight win? Or will Ryan Manill of Marina del Rey, CA, or José Guzman of Ferndale, MI, snatch victory from his grasp?

  • Eric Park of Dallas is gunning for a sixth straight win against Ian Auzenne of Lafayette, LA, and Mike "Kid" Lowe of Naugatuck, CT.

  • The reigning champ Eric Park is back to tackle a fifth win, this week against a fellow accountant (Justin Adler of Brooklyn) and a tennis instructor (Jaime Levonian of Chicago).

  • CPA Eric Park of Dallas is calculating a fourpeat win this week against Robert Boam of Clermont Florida and Richard Tran from Redondo Beach, California.

  • Accountant Eric Park of Dallas is back for blood. This week against Satch Harve of Bridgewater, New Jersey and Fritz Metzinger of New Orleans.

  • Returning champ Patrick Gillan of La Crescenta, CA, goes toe-to-toe with Dan Raben of Hollywood, FL, and Eric Park of Dallas. Who will own the board? Who will give us a mean impression of Vin Scully?

  • Megan Kim of Sunrise, FL, is the first woman to score back-to-back wins on the show. Can she pull a threepeat against James Karr of Jacksonville, FL, and Patrick Gillan of La Crescenta, CA?

  • Physical therapist Megan Kim of Sunrise, FL, shoots for her second win against Julio Hernandez of Bronx, NY, and Ranan Tannenbaum of Washington, D.C. Who will make mom proud?

  • Three-time winner Thayer Gallison of Roswell, GA, is back for blood. Can Megan Kim of Sunrise, FL, or Deron Higgins of Corbin, KY, take him down?

  • Thayer Gallison of Roswell, GA, is back to defend his title against Colin Reimer of San Diego, CA, and Susan Herder of Blaine, MN. Can Thayer take down his challengers? Or will a threepeat win elude his grasp?

  • Thayer Gallison of Roswell, GA, goes for a second win against challengers Mara Saltzman of Philadelphia and Rob Su of San Jose, CA. Who is the biggest sports nerd of them all?

  • Chicago's Keenan Bigg wrestles for a third win, this week against Thayer Gallison of Roswell, GA, and Adam Sabol of Santa Clarita, CA.

  • Keenan Bigg returns to defend his position against newcomers Marisa Roman of Boston and Craig Boge of Austin, TX. Can Mr. Bigg stay on top?

  • Defending champ Rick Karl of Austin, TX, goes for a fourpeat win against some stiff competition, Nadeem Hasan of Redondo Beach, CA, and Keenan Bigg of Chicago.

  • Rick Karl faces against Julian Richardson from Dunnellon, FL, and Raul Mancha out of Austin, TX, as he anticipates winning his 3rd Sports Jeopardy victory.

  • Sports Jeopardy's newest winner Rick Karl representing Austin, TX, is off to a great win streak against competitors Frank Orlando from Grand Lake, MI, and Frisk Driscoll out of Milford, CT.

  • Rick Karl from Austin, TX and Ken Segiura out of Atlanta, GA, step onto the playing field to force an upset against 5-time winner Roy Hollis from Hurontown, MI.

  • Roy Hollis from Hurontown, MI, has made his mark in Sports Jeopardy with 4 straight wins. Can Alexis Fineman from Hermosa Beach, CA, and Sherriel Sullivan out of Crofton, MD, contest his remarkable win streak?

  • Will 3-time winner Roy Hollis from Hurontown, MI, continue his win streak or can formidable opponents Nipun Tulshian representing Clinton Township, NJ, and Jamie MacQueen from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia answer the call to greatness?

  • Roy Hollis is back to continue his winning record joined by new contestants Stanton Johnson from Washington, D.C., and Joe Castro out of Pasadena, CA.

  • Watch Bryan Barton from Hutchinson, KS, return to put it all on the line to extend his win streak pitted against new comers Roy Hollis from Hurontown, MI, Brice Sunderland Eastvale, CA.

  • 2- time winner Jay Sullivan out of Salem, MA, gets right back into the game to lengthen his title streak against Bryan Barton from Hutchinson, KS, and Hoon Yoo representing Los Angeles, CA,.

  • After toppling Sports Jeopardy's strongest competitor Vinny Varadarajan, Jay Sullivan from Salem, MA, steps up to bat against Abe Gordon out of Cleveland, OH, and Bev Narinesingh from Miramar, FL.

  • Vinny Varadarajan, Sports Jeopardy's reigning champion from Fords, NJ, play hard until the last second against Craig Goldslager representing Boca Raton, FL, and Jay Sullivan from Salem, MA.

  • Evan Burgmeier from Pensacola, FL, and Mandela Namaste from Buffalo, NY play to win against Sports Jeopardy's toughest opponent Vinny Varadarajan representing Fords, NJ.

  • Watch Dan Patrick and his special contestants NFL Analyst LaVar Arrington, Sports Talk Radio Host Kim Jones and NFL Gameday Host Rich Eisen play hard for charity in this episode of Sports Jeopardy!

  • Sports Jeopardy's most formidable contestant Vinny Varadarajan representing Fords, NJ, sets out to accomplish his 14th victory competing against Gale Vessels from Louisville, KY, and Dylan Reffe from Washington, D.C.

  • Brit Johnson out of Yorba Linda, CA, and Matt Weimar from Orland Park, IL, tangle with the seemingly unbeatable Vinny Varadarajan from Fords, NJ, in hopes of Sports Jeopardy victory!

  • Eleven-time winner and Fords, NJ, native Vinny Varadarajan defends his reign against Mike Gomes of New Bedford, MA, and Tim McGraw from Cleveland, OH.

  • A New Year means new competition! Watch Ariel Betancourt from Tavares, FL and Lindsay Promack out of Fallbrook, CA step up to the challenge of dethroning 10 time champion winner Vinny Varadarajan hailing from Fords, NJ.

  • Does Vinny Varadarajan from Fords, NJ have what it takes to close out 2015 with an undefeatable record? Or will Aaron Smiley from Jacksonville, FL and Jordan Honan representing Raleigh, NC fulfill their own New Year's resolutions and claim the title?

  • Tis' the season of giving and Vinny Varadarajan out of Fords, NJ could be receiving his gift early if he can maintain his incredible winning streak against new comers Jamie Scavotto from Burlington, VT and Andy Parker representing Sherman Oaks, CA.

  • Jimmy Bloomfield out of Columbus, OH and Spenser Lorance from St. Louis, MO look to offset returning winner Vinny Varadarajan from Fords, NJ from attempting his 8th straight victory!

  • It's business as usual for our returning winner from Forts, NJ Vinny Varadarajan facing strong competition from Sid Chandrasekhar representing Saratoga, CA and Chip Spires out of Phoenix, AZ.

  • Watch Dan Patrick and his special contestants the "Danettes" put points on the board for charity in this episode of Sports Jeopardy!

  • 5-time winner Vinny Varadarajan representing Fords, NJ seems to be in impeccable form competing against Jamie Eubanks from Ft. Walton, FL and Jon Ruterman out of Glendale, CA.

  • Vinny Varadarajan from Fords, NJ pushes his winning title run into OT against Bradbury, CA native Axel Kyster and Eli Marger from St. Petersburg, FL.

  • Can three time winner Vinny Varadarajan hailing from Fords, NJ join the ranks as MVP? or will J.P Viray representing Springfield, IL and Andrew Blackburn from Olathe, KS force an upset on this episode of Sports Jeopardy!

  • Will Vinny Varadarajan from Fords, NJ be able to extend his blazing winning streak against Beth Rohde out of Lino Lakes, MN and Boulder, CO native Jack Williams?

  • Rejoin last episode's winner Vinny Varadarajan from Forts, NJ defend his winning title against Steve Brauntuch out of Brooklyn, NY and Bryce Warwick from San Jose, CA on this episode of Sports Jeopardy!

  • Watch new comers Kevin Damask from Iowa, WI and Vinny Varadarajan out of Forts, NJ take on two-time winner hailing from Austin TX, Ron Freshour.

  • Join Ron Freshour from Austin, TX attempt a back to back win against Amal Shah from Dallas, TX and Tyler Patla from Jersey City, NJ.

  • Rejoin champion Ray Nhan from San Marino, CA setting out to claim his third victory, taking on Ron Freshour from Austin, TX and Dave Muller from Portland, OR.

  • Watch the returning champion, Ray Nhan from San Marino, CA take on Sabreena Merchant from Los Angeles, CA and Joe Hubbard from Northbrook IL.

  • In the premiere episode of Season 2, Michael Lopez from Portland, OR faces Chris Schlax from Deerfield, IL and Ray Nhan from San Marino, CA. The winner returns next week to defend his title.