Ultraviolet: Code 044

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Anime is the first choice when it comes to action animation with a real plot to sink the teeth into that delivers a climax wielding a hefty punch. Ultraviolet: Code 044 brings the viewer into the futuristic world dominated by the elite but terrorized by one of the rebels who has been virus-altered to surpass human capabilities.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 1, 2008
Cast: Tomokazu Seki, Romi Paku
Ultraviolet: Code 044

Ultraviolet: Code 044 Full Episode Guide

  • Luka decides he must save King in order to be forgiven. Garcia gets closer to locating the woman behind the voice and it's only a matter of time before 044 must face her.

  • Escaping certain death, 044 and Garcia find refuge. They must flee the White Planet with the subdued Luka to save themselves.

  • After losing the clone soldiers, 044 and Garcia are forced to rely on a miracle, Zakusa's legacy. Rescued by King, they must find a place where Daxus II can't find them.

  • 044 is forced to flee into the abadoned mining tunnels with Zakusa and Garcia. Zakusa rallies his clone soldiers to take on Daxus II and help 044 escape.

  • Daxus II arrives at the Coffin of Despair and begins operation to root out 044 and Sakuza. However, together with their allies and fellow workers, they put up a resistance against the Central Government forces.

  • 044 and Garcia discover Sakuza's mysterious past. All the while, 044 is once again made aware of her dwindling lifespan.

  • 044 and Garcia take refuge in a ship, transporting them to a planet which promises to keep her real identiy hidden. As she attempts to hide a man reveals a shocking truth.

  • Now that 044 has found love, she has a reason to live. She betrays her organization and must find Luka before the central government hunts her down.

  • 044 is ordered to infiltrate the assembly of Phages in the Neo Tokyo sewer system to find their leader, King.

  • 044 poses as a loyal member of the Phage forum in order to eliminate an upper class member of the society.

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