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Another war is brewing between the Imperial Alliance of Eastern Europe and the Atlantic Federation. Caught in the middle is the small Principality of Gallia. With tanks and troops massing at the border, the town of Bruhl is forced to evacuate. Among the evacuees is Welkin Gunther, son of a famous general from the first Alliance/Federation War. But Alicia Melchiott, a member of the Townwatch, believes him to be an Alliance spy. Welkin escapes and Alicia gives chase.

That's when the enemy arrives.

The two retreat to Welkin's home and meet up with Welkin's foster sister Isara. The three must flee again when Imperial troops attack the home.

Welkin, Alicia and Isara decide they have had enough of running. It is time to stand and fight. They enlist in the Militia, where Welkin takes command of Squad 7. Can he mold them into an elite fighting force? Can they defeat the superior forces of the Imperial Alliance and free Gallia?

A-1 Pictures
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 4, 2009
Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles Full Episode Guide

  • In the Marmotah Squad 7 search for Alicia. The Prince asks Alicia to join him but she refuses. In the final battle Alicia and Welkin fight Maximilian and his artificial Valkyrian system. Defeated, the prince destroys himself and his fortress.

  • The Gillian army fight in the streets against the Imperials. Maximillian uses a giant Ragnite weapon hidden in Randgriz to destroy Randgriz itself. Right before the Prince destroys the city Alicia counters the massive weapons attack just in time

  • Selvaria and Alicia battle while the Prince negotiates peace with Cordelia by marrying her on account of her Valkyrian bloodline. Once Cordelia shows the Prince she is Darscen he attacks her city. Selvaria kills herself along with the Gillian army.

  • After his defeat at Naggiar, Maximilian is no longer crowned emperor so; he decides to create his own empire. Welkins gets jailed after striking a officer to stand up for Alicia but Cordela pardons him. Selvaria and Alicia prepare for a final battle.

  • Alicia is promoted and transferred by Damond so he may use her for his own glory. Alicia at first refuses but after hearing Squad 7 badmouth her she accepts the transfer. Even after The Prince's defeat he plans on using his Marmotah to win the war.

  • After many attempts to stop Selvaria her powers overtake even Squad 7. Faldio takes Cordelia hostage in order to get the lance and shield to Alicia. With the voice of Welkin, Alicia awakes with her newfound Valkyria powers and defeats Selvaria.

  • Maximillian, armed with Selvaria's powers, attacks the full force of the Gillian army. To boost moral Cordelia brings her Valkyria lance and shield to the camp. After Selvaria destroys most of the Armies forces, desperate Faldio shoots Alicia

  • Squad 7 is assigned to retake Bruhl. Welkin and Alicia try and avoid each other while Faldio researches Valkyria after suspecting Alicia to be one. After retaking Bruhl Welkin is flooded with memories of his sister and finally grieves over her death.

  • After Isara's death Welkins seems uncaring of his sister's death and Rosie has survivor's guilt. The rest of the squad becomes angered after Damon demands Isara's smoke bomb design. Some squad members try to prank Damon but Faldio stops them.

  • Isara develops new smoke bombs for a attack at Mulberry Coast. The attack comes on Holly Spirit day. Isara gives Rosie a good luck charm before the attack and is saved by it. After winning the battle Isara is killed while talking to Rosie.

  • Defeated at Fouzen the Prince plans to turn the war back in his favor. Largo gives advice to Welkin about the love triangle between Faldio and Alicia. Alicia tells Welkin about Faldio confessing his love for her but Welkin doest want to get involved.

  • Captain Varrot orders the Militia squads to take some R and R. The squads hold a talent contest and Squad 7 asks Rosie to sing. Because Darscen's killed her parents, she refuses to sing in front of Isara. Faldio persuades Rosie to sing in front of Isara.

  • Zaka, the leader of the resistance, and Squad 1 and 7 liberate Fouzen. Desperate, Gregor gives Welkins an ultimatum to retreat or he will kill the freed Darscenians. Faldio pushes the attack wining the battle but at the cost of Dacenians lives.

  • Damon orders Militia squads to launch a diversionary tank assault against Fouzen. Welkin and Faldio lead their squads in civilian clothes to meet up with resistant Darcsen people. The resistance and Welkin make plans to retake the town of Fouzen.

  • Faldio accuses Selvaria and Jaegar of kidnapping the Princess and Alicia, but they realize Ambassador Townsend is the culprit. Jaegar and Faldio decide the two groups should team up and with the help of the Eldweiss's the two groups save the captives

  • Princess Cordelia awards Faldio and Welken for their victories at Vasel and Kloden. Jaegar and Selvaria infiltrate the party but Alicia immediately recognizes them. Alicia walks in on the princess being kidnapped and is captured as well.

  • While scouting Alicia and Welkin are caught in a snowstorm. They take refuge in a cabin where a wounded imperial soldier enters with a grenade. After treating his wounds the soldier unarms the grenade and explains he was shot for deserting and dies

  • The Prince is summoned to the Imperial capitol where he is to be assassinated. Karl is sent from central command to prevent Selvaria from following the prince. Selvaria and Jaegar see through the plan and hurry to the capitol to save the prince

  • The three heroes see first hand the power of the Valkyrur after Selvaria deflects Alicia's bullet. The prince orders an attack on the Ruins while the hero's are inside. Faldio and Alicia become trapped in the collapsed ruins but Welkin frees them.

  • To belittle the Militia's recent victories Damon orders the Militia to the Barious Deset. Curious about the Darcsens Calamity Welkin, Alicia and Faldio go to the Valkyrur ruins. They encounter Selvaria and Maximilian, the Imperial prince

  • Reporter Irene comes to interview Welkin after his two victories. Alicia, worried about Welkin's unorthodox ways, interferes with any interview opportunitys. To Alicias surprise Irene finally gets her story on Welken and gives him a good review.

  • With the help of Faldio's Squad 1, Squad 7 must defeat General Gregors Kloden supply base. Using a two sided attack and the use of Edelweiss the two squads capture the supply base. To save Gregor, General Jaegar arrives to help Gregor retreat.

  • Despite squad 7's resent success General Damon shows distaste for the Militia. Damon excludes the Militia in a vital battle in Kloden, but the army is defeated by the Imperial army lead by General Gregor. Squad 1 and 7 is order to attack Kloden

  • Welkin becomes commander of Squad 7 with Alicia as his Sergeant. At first the squad is wary of Welkin's leadership and Isara's Darcsen descent. But, after a victory at Vasel Bridge, the squad is confident as Welkin as their leader.

  • Welkin, Isara and Alicia escape the Imperials with the help of the Edelweiss tank. The Bruhl Townwatch resists the Imperials until the Army arrives. With the town taken by the Imperials and the civilians saved the three hero's sign up for the militia.

  • During the evacuation of Bruhl, Alicia arrests Welkin of suspicion of espionage. Welkin escapes and while Alicia gives chase Imperial scouts fire upon them. The two take cover in Welkins estate, where they meet with his Darcsen foster sister Isara.

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