Melody Of Oblivion

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Melody of Oblivion is an anime series ranging from Zen archery to the Bushido to the Bible's Book of Revelation along with stories from Greek Mythology. The assumption of the series is that in the 20th century humanity lost a war against beings known as the, Monsters.

In the series a teenager, Bocca, chooses a path of a warrior and gains the power to fight back at the Monsters. In choosing this path he gains power, but loses his place in society. Bocca soon realizes he can hear the Melody of Oblivion, only heard by Meros Warriors.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 6, 2004
Cast: Masumi Asano, Sanae Kobayashi, Mamiko Noto, Houko Kuwashima, Kouki Harasawa
Melody Of Oblivion

Melody Of Oblivion Full Episode Guide

  • Bocca returns to Earth and finally meets the Monster King. The Monster King reveals the secret about the Melody of Oblivion.

  • The Vinderlize intends to destroy the Mitranome. Child Dragon utilises a weapon that can immobilise the Aibar Machines. And the secret of Project Silent is revealed.

  • The Meros warriors are on the Mahoroba and on a course to Mitranome. But the space port is guarded by the monster union and they intend to stop them.

  • Coco meets her dad finally. The warriors must defeat Electric Sheep. And Bocca and Sayako may have to split.

  • The kidnapped prime minister is interrogated by the Armed Theatrical Group. The prime minister reveals his intended deal with the Monster Union. He also mentions about his lost daughter. The origin of the new Monster King is also revealed.

  • Sayako receives a message to return home. But she wants to know where her relationship with Bocca is going first. The Armed Theatrical Group arrives to search for 'Engine Two'.

  • With Sayako and Toune trapped in the castle of Lucky Thoroughbred, Bocca and Koko sneak in to save both. While on the way in, the two get more than a bit comfortable with each other, and Coco tells her story to the boy. Within the castle, a helpless Sayako is reminded of her old family, and of her brother's "achievement" to become a Monster Union agent. Meanwhile, the two Melos Warriors go separate ways. Bocca eventually meets up with Lucky Thoroughbred, agreeing to a race with his robot monster over a lake of water, since if Bocca wins, his friends would be released. At the same time, Koko in off saving Toune, when met up with Flying Bunny, where trouble starts to occur. What happen there? And can Bocca win the race with his flightless Aibar-Machine?

  • Bocca meets with Kei in the illusionary bus. They share thoughts about their dreams, and Bocca reveals his feelings for Sayoko. He learns that Kei and all the rest of the children that Horu, the monster, has devoured are digested repeatedly. Bocca later finds himself back at the stadium facing Horu in battle. Having faced that very same battle before, Bocca easily defeats Horu. Horu escapes to heal himself. Bocca and Kurofune meets once again, Bocca wants Kurofune to leave the maze, he tells him that Sayoko is waiting for him. But Kurofune wants Bocca to leave instead and let him finish Horu himself. They both exchange 'arrow fire', and Bocca loses. Kurofune seeks out Horu, and finds him healed. Kurofune tells Horu that he has already killed him and that he will never be able to leave the maze. Kurofune fires a bolt of arrow into the walls of the maze, and runs through the walls. Bocca who was trapped in the maze finally escapes the maze and is pulled out of the sea waters onto a boat, into the waiting arms of Sayoko. They learn that the island had sank a long time ago.

  • In this labyrinth, where space and time can be curved or warped, Bocca is able to meet with the child sacrifice, Solo, as well as Kurofune. Bocca witnesses the battle between Horu and Kurofune that happened in the past. Horu was defeated but was able to survive by hiding in the labyrinth because of the warped time. Bocca parted ways with Kurofune and later got separated from Solo, so he wanders off by himself in the labyrinth.

  • Continuing search for Kurofune, Bocca and Sayoko find Kurofune's Aibar machine, "Jaguar of the Sun". The Aibar machine reveals to them that Kurofune is on a mysterious island.

  • Bocca and the team successfully save Sayoko. Sayoko reveals to them that there are still people in Engine One. Will they save them in time?

  • Bocca and Sayoko arrive at a huge industrial region. Sayoko befriends a strange girl by the name of Coco. Coco tells Sayoko that she is involved in a theatrical play nearby.

  • Eichi finishes the mural on the dam's wall. He then tells Tone that the rest will be left to them before he leaves.

  • Bocca learns that Tone is the girl who aimed an arrow at him. Good thing is, she appears to hate Melos Warriors. Surprisingly, he also learns that the technique that she uses is a Melos technique.

  • While following Kurofune, Bocca and Sayako encounter a dead end, but finds 'Nezumikoukoku', or 'Pyramid Scheme Valley', and also find a dam with a mural of a tear on it.

  • Although knowing the problems of White Night Cape, Bocca continues to try and destroy the Monster Union robot creature.

  • Bocca finally learns that the robot creature he fought before was from the organization, Monster Union, who are humans who serve under the monsters, using the robot creatures as their weapons.Keiko Hamasaki, the sister of Kew, and the owner of the inn, remembers her past, and is reminded of why she joined the Monster Union. Later, the robot creature strikes again, and Bocca is faced with it again, giving Bocca a great surprise.

  • After starting their adventure, Bokka and Sayako arrive in a town called "Bakuyagou", or "White Night Cape", where the sun never rises, making it a perfect place for tourist attractions.

  • Bocca has become a Meros Warrior, and Tsunagi gives the young warrior his own Aibar machine.

  • Bocca Serenade, is unhappy with his high school life. He wants to become a warrior like the ones from the story told to him by Tsunagi.

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