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R.O.D the Tv focuses on the story of three young girls named Michelle, Maggie and Anita. They are hired as bodyguards to protect a well-known Japanese author named Nenene Sumiregawa during her business trip to Hong Kong. One day, these three girls protect Nenene from an angry and aggressive author with their incredible abilites to control paper and transform them into weapons and use them at will.

Nenene then finds out that these girls are sisters and call themselves the "Paper Sisters", which reminds her of her close friend named Yomiko who also shares this ability.

After this incident, these sisters then move into Nenene's apartment building and continue to remain as her bodyguards while then freeload off of her every chance they get.

Fuji TV
1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 5, 2004

R.O.D. The Tv Full Episode Guide

  • The final battle against the Great British Library Special Engineering has begun! Will the three sisters, who are driven to the wall with their papers taken, be able to protect their dear family, friends, allies, and memories?

  • Anita, Maggie, and Michelle fly to England to help the others rescue Nenene and Junior. In order to sneak past the Great British Library's iron-tight defense, the bibliomaniacs must look for hints by pouring through every book in London.

  • Yomiko and the others head to England to stop the British Library's plan. Anita returns to Nenene's apartment and is reunited with Michelle and Maggie. Now knowing the truth of their births, the reunion brings a lot of shouting, frustration and tears.

  • Joker reveals some shocking information that throws Anita further into despair as the world she's known begins to unravel. The mystery of Anita, Maggie, and Michelle's birth is finally revealed.

  • Anita teams up with Yomiko to take revenge on the British Library. The most powerful team of Paper Masters head to rescue Michelle, using Joker as their hostage. Meanwhile, Wendy negotiates with Maggie and Nenene, who were separated from the others.

  • Anita, lost and alone with nowhere to go, returns to Nenene's empty apartment and asks her classmate, Hisami for help. However, the British Library has already initiated their project at the school. Hiding her loneliness, Anita behaves normally, but�

  • Everyone has been kidnapped! Anita awakes in the morning to find only Yomiko remaining. They are attacked by a new agent known as the Mirror Man, who hides himself by refracting light. What strategy will the most powerful paper-master team come up with�

  • Five years ago, a shocking incident occurred at the Great British Library. Anita is puzzled about the relation between Yomiko, the Great British Library and herself. Meanwhile, Nenene kindly gives a helping hand to Junior.

  • After their narrow escape from Jinbo-cho, the three sisters and their party hid at Yomiko's family home. After getting their agitated feelings settled, Yomiko begins to tell the truth of what happened between her and the Great British Library.

  • Joker, Wendy, and the Great British Library Special Engineering Department swallowed Jinbo-cho in a sea of fire. Yomiko and the three sisters tried to stand up against them, but were powerless against their force. But out of the smoke, who should arrive�

  • Nenene and Yomiko's reunion is cut short when Mr. Carpenter appears, demanding the last illicit book and that Yomiko rejoin the British Library Task Force. When Yomiko refuses, the Paper Sisters assist her, but Mr. Carpenter proves to be a formidable foe.

  • The Paper Sisters are being hunted as terrorists! They're able to sneak back into Japan, but must flee when the police show up. After a narrow escape, the girls inadvertently discover a clue to the whereabouts of the missing Paper Master, Yomiko Readman.

  • Wendy writes on the progress of their mission, Operation Sleeping Books, the latest of the long-running efforts to preserve the existence of the enigmatic Mr. Gentleman. What part will the Paper Sisters and Yomiko Readman play in the events to come?

  • While trying to rescue Nenene, the Paper Sisters encounter Paper Master Sonny Wong. After a frantic battle, they separate. Maggie stays behind to try and hold off Wong and Michelle fends off a strike team, forcing Anita to attempt the rescue alone.

  • With the close of their bodyguard contract, the three sisters' stay in Japan will end and they'll have to return to Hong Kong. Anita tries hard to hide her sadness and acts bravely to cope with having to leave her new friends, classmates... and Hisa...

  • Nenene has been invited to the awards ceremony for the Best Freshman Novelist, a competition she won several years back. Initially feeling reluctant to attend on this quiet Christmas evening, she looks at the young prizewinner and sees her old self.

  • Nenene attends a former classmate's wedding. While there, she and her old childhood friends decide to visit a hot spring resort. Nenene was hoping to rest but who shows up but the three sisters, who had coincidentally been given a job in the area.

  • There have been some strange occurrences at the Nishihama Middle School. Within the deserted library, books are said to fly about of their own accord. Anita, Hisa and all of their classmates, sneak into school at night to learn the truth of these stories.

  • Anita is finally getting used to life as a student in Japan when an Open House is announced. The students will read their book reports aloud. Anita, who hates to read, considers ditching class while Hisa tries to convince her reading can be fun.

  • Nenene suddenly disappears! The sisters are at a loss. They try to think up a plan, when a request for a lost book arrives. Blinded by the need for cash, the sisters abandon their search and fly to Romania. What secrets await in the old forgotten castle?

  • The sisters arrive in Jinbo-cho, Japan's ultimate city for used books, and are overtaken by the smell of books. They wander off instead of looking for Nenene, who went to meet with her publisher without them. Will they be able to escape this book jungle?

  • As Nenene's bodyguards, the three sisters, Anita, Maggie, and Michelle have come to Japan. Soon after arriving though, Michelle's extravagant spending habits leave the sisters penniless and living in their client's apartment

  • Nenene, known as a gifted writer since her debut at age 13, is in Hong Kong for a book signing. However, a bomb threat against her has now introduced the Paper Sisters Detective Agency to act as her bodyguards.

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