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For crime show lovers, the name NCIS: Los Angeles probably sparks some hint of recognition. It is not related to the CSI franchise, however, except in as much as it shares a network with them. Rather, it is the spin-off of the hugely popular NCIS, known in some cases by its rather redundant first season title 'Navy NCIS.'

NCIS stands for the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, which polices crimes committed by and against Navy personnel and the Marines. In the Los Angeles spin-off, the agents work for the covert operations branch of NCIS, called the Office of Special Projects. Heading up the OSP is Henrietta (Hetty) Lange, a fearsome and brilliant but vertically-challenged leader.

Running the field operations team is agent G Callen. He doesn't know what his first name is, and neither does the government. Raised in orphanages, he is a trusted comrade of Agent Gibbs from the original series.

Agent Sam Hanna is Callen's partner, and the only person Callen truly trusts. A former Navy SEAL, Hanna has more faith in his fellow man, but respects Callen's instincts. The two of them work together like a well-oiled team, and engender many jokes about their 'work marriage'.

Junior agents Kensi Blye and Dominic Vail round out the first season field operations team. Kensi is a former military brat who uses her skills, brain and appearance equally well in the field. Dominic is the newest agent, and means well but still has some rough edges.

Operational psychologist Nate Getz is the tallest member of the team, towering over everyone in the room at all times. He provides valuable psychological insight into the minds of the criminals that the OSP deals with. Computer technician Eric Beale works in the heart of a suite of modern electronics, pulling up information as fast as the agents can use it. He likes to summon everyone to meetings with a whistle, a habit Hetty isn't too fond of.

NCIS: Los Angeles takes the idea of the original series and spins it out in a new direction to create chaos and intrigue on the sunny beaches of LA. The show maintains the quality of NCIS and the comradery of the original team, while the covert mandate of the OSP creates new adventures for them. Fans of a good crime drama that doesn't ignore character development will enjoy this one a lot.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on CBS
8 Seasons, 190 Episodes
September 22, 2009
Cast: Chris O'Donnell, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Linda Hunt
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NCIS: Los Angeles Full Episode Guide

  • Following the kidnapping of Sam's wife, Michelle Hanna, Sam goes rogue from the NCIS team and attempts to stop his arch nemesis Tahir Khaled from ever targeting his family again.

  • After Sam's wife, Michelle, is taken from her home, the kidnappers demand the prison release of Tahir Khaled, Sam's arch nemesis, in exchange for information on her whereabouts.

  • A gold heist investigation has the NCIS team working with Hetty's former Vietnam War colleagues, Retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden, Admiral Sterling Bridges and Retired Captain Charles Langston.

  • After a very decorated Navy Captain, Charles Langston, abducts a Veterans Affairs administrator who has been extracting funds, the NCIS crew has to work with Hetty’s past Vietnam War colleagues, now-retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden and Admiral Sterling Bridges must solve the case.

  • The NCIS squad investigates a defense contractor, Rebecca Larmont, conspiring a nuclear attack weapon after her estranged spouse, Victor Larmont, claims he has proof she is selling Navy confidential information to a foreign government.

  • After an engineer who was designing a new guided missile destroyer is killed, Callen and Sam go covert to follow his co-worker aboard an aircraft to Tokyo to sell the classified information.

  • After the U.S. Treasury Department is hacked, Nell and Eric go undercover inside a couple's retreat to track a tech savvy husband and wife linked to the crime. Also, Digital Forensics Specialist Dave Flynnarrives from the NCIS Cyber Office in San Diego to run Ops while Eric and Nell are on assignment.

  • Sam takes on a past alias in a risky undercover operation to take down an evasive drug lord. Also, Hetty ruins Callen and Anna’s romantic night to allot them a prisoner escort assignment.

  • After a retirement home resident is abducted, the NCIS squad discovers a pair of con artists: Ginger and Edward O’Boyle, who go from home to home scamming older people out of their money.

  • Hetty turns bad, leaving the NCIS crew completely in the dark, and the mole abducts one of the agents.

  • The mole has yet again endangered the NCIS team as set-up evidence results in the arrests of Callen, Sam, Granger and Deeks, on the day Under Secretary Duggan comes back for Hetty's resignation.

  • After a Navy reservist is murdered while protecting a city councilman, Sam is sent covert in a private security firm with connections to several criminal organizations. Also, Callen and Anna consider the next steps in their relationship.

  • Sam pairs with Anna and Callen with Deeks as the crew examines the vanishing of a Navy Lieutenant Commander who is laboring with the NSA on foreign cyber threats. Also, the crew celebrates the holidays together.

  • After an unknown female assailant murders two men dressed as Sherriff's deputies in front of Callen's home, the NCIS team receives a new lead in the ongoing mole case. Also, Nell goes to a prison to interview an inmate holding back information on the department's leak.

  • After Callen's dad, Garrison is located in an NCIS patient's hospital room during a radiation poisoning case, Callen has to take him to the boatshed for questioning. Also, the team talks about their Thanksgiving plans.

  • After a grad student inventing an electromagnetic weapon for the Navy is attacked, the NCIS crew find a connection to international warfare. Also, Kensi caries on with grueling physical therapy for her spinal injury.

  • Callen goes covert as a patient in a mental health hospital to look for an NSA agent who vanished while tracking an ISIS cell attempting to cross the Mexican border.

  • After a maintenance guy preserved the life of a lieutenant commander, the NCIS crew uncovers his dark past which places a local teen in harms way. Also, Sam must choose which colleague to take to the Los Angeles football game.

  • The killer of a navy machinist with high security clearance sends the crew on a city-wide search for evidence. Also, Anna Kolcheck pairs with Callen, and Sam helps Hetty in the on-going mole examination.

  • After a Homeland Security agent is poisoned by a well-known Triad assassin, NCIS finds a warehouse of counterfeit purses and a money trail to stolen government money. Also, Nell unites with the team in the field.

  • Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan takes over the NCIS Los Angeles unit when they fail to find a mole. The team travels to Syria to capture a High Value Target, but someone gets injured when the mission goes awry.

  • When Sam receives a distress code from his son Aiden that his school has been taken over by an extremist group, Sam, Callen, Kensi and Deeks rush to San Francisco to protect Aiden and free the hostages.

  • Sam and Callen go undercover as firefighters when top secret information about suspected terrorists is stolen from a secure Department of Defense container at the site of a fire.

  • As Granger escorts Jennifer Kim back to Los Angeles, he interrogates her regarding a North Korean spy and she admits to knowing he is her father.

  • After Operational Psychologist Nate Getz fails to check in with Hetty while working undercover on a mission linking organized crime to terrorism, the team learns he is working with an infamous crime leader,

  • While assigned to protective details for the commander of the Pacific Command, the team searches for a North Korean spy.

  • Callen and the team try to save a child in imminent danger who has been brainwashed by a terrorist cell. Also, Deeks and Kensi discuss having children.

  • When a convicted Cuban spy escapes U.S. custody just before he is set to return to his country in a prisoner exchange, the team is shocked to learn that Anna helped him break out. Also, Deeks admits to Kensi that he thinks she is too messy.

  • After extensive surveillance footage of Sam’s family is found in Africa, Sam and Callen fly there to determine who is responsible and for what purpose. Also, Sam’s family is moved from their home to a safe house.

  • While in Russia, Callen, Sam and Anna put together a plan to help Anna's dad and his CIA agent partner break out of jail. In addition, Special Agent G. Callen discovers at last what the "G" in his name means, and in L.A., Kensi and Deeks lead Eric on an assignment in the field.

  • In an effort to find Arkady in Russia, the NCIS crew covertly disguise themselves and go with his daughter, Anna, to an event in L.A. in order to obtain access to the Russian Consul General's computer.

  • When Kensi and Deeks reveal to everyone that they are going to live together, Hetty tasks them with protection detail for Jack, Kensi's old fiance. Jack holds a rare list of important contacts in Afghanistan.

  • The team looks closely at the killing of a tech entrepreneur who became capitalist and made a daemon, a background computer program that provides untraceable data collection.

  • Kensi and Deeks go covertly to a shut down nuclear power plant when their group investigates the radiation poisoning of a Gunnery Sergeant pretending to be a security guard there.

  • The team investigates who is to blame for a North Korean spy's death. Also, Deeks and Kensi attempt to include their moms in their holiday plans.

  • The team works quickly to attempt to prove Deeks' innocence while he is being questioned about the murder of his past partner.

  • The team works fast to try to verify Deeks innocence while he is in jail for the killing of his late partner.

  • The unit looks for a missing adolescent girl who may have been enlisted by a terrorist group.

  • Kensi and Deeks disguise themselves as cult members to save an ex Department of Defense employee who has been brainwashed into sharing classified government secrets.

  • The team looks for Sam's past partner, Ruiz, who vanishes while purchasing a fatal explosive while on an undercover task.

  • The NCIS: Los Angeles team unites with NCIS Special Agent DiNozzo in search of a prisoner who got free on a plane trip from Singapore to L.A.

  • Callen and Sam acquire a cell phone and the caller warns that innocent people may die if they don't follow his instructions exactly.

  • Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a famous fashion model's assistant and chauffeur to protect her from a threat.

  • DEA agent Talia Del Campo looks to NCIS for assistance following the murder of her partner. Also, Kensi is apprehensive about Deeks hiding something, but she is pleasantly surprised when he lets her meet his mom.

  • Callen leaves Sam and the team in the dark when he goes on a secret mission.

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