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Young Hercules is a spin off of the television show called, "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." Ryan Gosling had the main role in Young Hercules when there were new episodes coming out. The main character of the show is Ares, and he is the good of war. Ares was played by Kecin Tod Smith. Ares is trying to get rid of his younger half-brother, so he can become friends with Zeus. Strifer (played by Joel Tobeck) is one of the weakest members of his group; but it's still his nephew.

Meighan Desmond plays Strife's mother, and her character's name is Discord. Desmond's character cares more about making level-headed decisions, and she is not a power hungry goddess. The two villains of the show are Hera and Apollo. Hera is the queen of the gods, and she is also Hercules's stepmother. Apollo is god of the sun, and he is also Hercules' half-brother.

Hercules is played by Ryan Gosling, and the series shows how he goes through Chiron's Academy. Chiron the Centaur (played by Nathaniel Lees) is the master of the program, and Hercules trains with the arts of the warrior. Hercules becomes friend with Prince Jason (played by Chris Conrad), and he is the future king of Corinth. In addition to training with this future king, Hercules also trains with a former bandit called Iolaus (played by Dead O'Gorman). This former bandit is sent to a prison for the crimes he committed.

Lilith (played by Jodie Rimmer) is Hercules' first female classmate. Kora, the inn keeper, is also person who is important to the plot. Hercules does not know her because is devoted to Artemis (the Goddess of the Hunt). The audience finds out Kora has special powers as she can do the bidding on Artemis' behalf. It may be possible that Kora and Hercules could get themselves romantically involved but their relationship stays innocent.

This show has real characters from the past, but it makes up a fictionalized story about them. You should definitely watch the show because you never know what will happen next. Once you start watching it, you will want to know what happens next.

Young Hercules is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1998.

Where do I stream Young Hercules online? Young Hercules is available for streaming on UMS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Young Hercules on demand at , NBC, IMDb TV online.

1 Season, 51 Episodes
September 12, 1998
Action & Adventure
Cast: Dean O'Gorman, Chris Conrad, Ryan Gosling
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Young Hercules Full Episode Guide

  • When Hercules and the guys take a fishing trip in Hera's Valley, they are almost eaten alive by a giant...

  • Cyane risks Hercules' life to save her own by utilizing images from his memory.

  • When Hercules makes Apollo the Sun God angry, the entire academy goes up in flames.

  • Ares uses an innocent Amazon girl to try and destroy Hercules.

  • Ares uses Cyane, the Amazon, and the god Hephaestus, to try and destroy Hercules and the academy for good.

  • Ares holds Cheiron hostage hoping that Hercules will sacrifice his life to save his mentor.

  • When Iolaus hires fake parents for Parent's Day, he soon discovers they are wanted thieves.

  • When Iolaus hires fake parents for Parent's Day, he soon discovers they are wanted thieves.

  • Hercules and the gang get trapped in the deadly Dune Sea inhabited by a man-eating sand shark.

  • Ares enters a talent contest to win a piece of the Cronos Stone which will make him more powerful.

  • When Hercules races his chariot into the Forbidden Zone, the creature beneath the sand almost eats him for...

  • When Iolaus angers Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, she switches his mind and body with that of a stag's.

  • Hercules finds a mysterious glass eye that gets Jason turned into a pig and Iolaus attacked by plants.

  • Hercules must stop Jason from destroying a giant monster who is really his mother's old friend.

  • Hercules is captivated by a beautiful girl who is really a hunted Golden Hind - part woman, part deer and all...

  • When a king attempts to arrange a marriage between Jason and his daughter, Lilith must pretend she is already...

  • During 'prank days' at the academy, Jason finds himself the target of a real assassin.

  • The guys enlist the help of an Ares look-alike to help in Jason's peace talks.

  • Hercules must help Iolaus pass his final exams or Iolaus will have to go back to jail.

  • Hercules becomes jealous when a man, Capaneus, appears to have stolen his mother's heart. Meanwhile, the boys...

  • An archery competition leads to revelations about one of Hercules' friends and more trouble with Strife.

  • Kora's sister, Cleo, comes to town and Kora becomes jealous of her popularity. When she tries a new look, the...

  • Hercules must enter the Dream World and embrace his worst fear in order to save his friends.

  • Lucius, a mortal son of Zeus, is back and determined to make Hercules suffer by tormenting his mother, Alcmene...

  • Jason considers the prospect of giving up life as a prince to become a simple peasant.

  • While trying to save his half-brother, Pollux, Hercules uncovers a heinous plan orchestrated by Lucius...

  • Hercules, Iolaus and Jason must rescue their monster pet from a circus sideshow.

  • Hercules goes to the Other Side to plead Eurydice's case for judgment.

  • Hercules and Iolaus are surprised to find Eurydice and Orpheus disguised as farmers in a remote village, but...

  • Reformed cult member, Orpheus, and his girlfriend, Eurydice, return to play a sold-out concert, but Hercules...

  • Hercules thinks he has found a great new party place but soon discovers he's in danger of becoming part of the...

  • Jason receives a gift from a stranger that turns out to be a venom-spitting monster.

  • Hercules alienates his friends in order to compete with his new-found brothers in the athletic games.

  • When Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods, is kicked out of Olympus, Hercules must fight off a giant in...

  • When Ares allegedly attempts to murder Hercules, Hercules must act as his counsel at the trial.

  • When Hercules tries to distract Lilith from her surprise party preparations, they end up almost dying in a...

  • Hercules is tired of being known as a wet blanket by his friends. Hercules decides the only way to fix this is to get the fire from Hephaestus's forge to make him more like Zeus.

  • Hercules and his friends run out of time as the war between centaurs and amazons begins.

  • Strife and Discord trick the centaurs and the amazons into going to war. Hercules and his friends don't know who to side with.

  • Hephaestus is lonely so he builds himself a woman. The problem comes when she falls for Hercules instead of him.

  • Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason stumble into an Amazon camp and invite some of the girls to come to the academy.

  • Artemis asks Kora to help her find the fruit that was stolen from her temple. Hercules and Iolaus end up having to watch over the inn while she is gone.

  • Hercules, Iolaus and Jason have detention. Iolaus has to work at Kora's so he asks Hercules and Jason to cover for him.

  • Hercules, Iolaus and Jason head to Athens to find a new cook for the Academy.

  • Iolaus, Lilith and Fiducius are being held hostage by Iolaus' old gang and Hercules has to rescue them.

  • Hercules steals a chalice from Hera and loses the protection of Zeus. Ares realizes this is his chance to finally kill Hercules.

  • Strife frames Iolaus for stealing money from Kora in an attempt to lure Hercules into trouble.

  • Strife gets some help from Ares and poses as a student at the Academy. Ares and Strife have a plan to trap Hercules by giving him the location of a chalice that once belonged to his father.