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  • TV-Y7
  • 1993
  • 1 Season
  • 4.3  (239)

Problem Child was a popular animated television show that aired on Universal Television Network from 1993-1994. The show was based on the popular 1990 movie of the same name and starred the voice talent of Ben Diskin and Gilbert Gottfried. The show followed the misadventures of Junior Healy, a mischievous and often troublesome child who had a penchant for causing all sorts of trouble.

Junior was the titular character of the show and was portrayed as a young boy who constantly got into trouble. He had a troubled past and was adopted by a couple, Ben and Mary. However, despite their best efforts to reform him, Junior often got into trouble at school and at home. He was a handful and was constantly getting into trouble with the law.

Junior's antics often put him in the crosshairs of the nefarious Dr. Philmore, a local child psychiatrist who was determined to turn Junior into a well-behaved and model citizen. Dr. Philmore was voiced by the legendary Gilbert Gottfried, who brought the character to life with his unique voice and comedic timing.

Each episode of the show focused on Junior's latest misadventures and always ended with a lesson about the consequences of his actions. Despite his constant troublemaking, Junior was still a lovable character who captured the hearts of audiences with his mischievous ways.

Ben Diskin also did an excellent job of bringing Junior to life with his voice acting. He managed to capture the character's mischievous nature and childlike innocence, which made him a joy to watch on screen.

The show also had a great supporting cast of characters, including Junior's adoptive parents Ben and Mary, his best friend R.J., and his arch-nemesis Dr. Philmore. Each character added depth and humor to the show, while also helping to flesh out Junior's character.

Overall, Problem Child was a hilarious and entertaining animated show that was loved by audiences of all ages. The show's unique blend of humor and heart made it a standout in the crowded world of animated television, and it remains a beloved classic to this day. If you're looking for a fun and lighthearted show to watch, Problem Child is definitely worth checking out!

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Junior & The Science Fair
13. Junior & The Science Fair
February 13, 1994
Junior and Cyndi build a cleaning machine for their science fair which Mr. Peabody steals to sell.
Governing Principal
12. Governing Principal
January 23, 1994
Junior's opinions become popular on a talk show resulting in his running for Governor against Big Ben.
Junior & The Camp
11. Junior & The Camp
January 16, 1994
Little Ben takes Junior to the summer camp he went to as a child. However, it has changed drastically since he was there.
Junior Dies Hard
10. Junior Dies Hard
January 2, 1994
Junior and Mr. Peabody seek revenge on each other resulting in Mr. Peabody being glued to his chair and falsely accusing Junior.
Junior & The Bathroom Door
9. Junior & The Bathroom Door
December 26, 1993
Junior avoids a family reunion by locking himself, and eventually Big Ben, in the bathroom.
Junior & The Clown
8. Junior & The Clown
December 18, 1993
Junior, stalked by a clown trying to make him laugh, is reminded of a terrible clown from his childhood.
Junior's Doomsday Debacle
7. Junior's Doomsday Debacle
December 12, 1993
Junior and Cyndi fight to save their park from being shut down and discover that Big Ben, the Mayor, has been plotting to dump toxic waste there.
Junior & The Dictator
6. Junior & The Dictator
December 5, 1993
In order to avoid trouble, Junior is sent on a field trip to Faragua while its dictator, General Pierre Habib-Johnson, is visiting Toe Valley. Junior gets the child laborers involved in a revolt of the government by impersonating the General.
Junior & The Z Guys
5. Junior & The Z Guys
November 28, 1993
When Junior's favorite series "Z-Guys of Squad Force One" is abruptly cancelled and replaced by a kiddie program, Junior goes to Washington to confront the person responsible.
	Junior & The Babysitter
4. Junior & The Babysitter
November 21, 1993
Little Ben hires a grandmotherly-type baby-sitter for Junior while he goes to Atlantic City; Junior however has plans to have a party and hires a biker woman to take over.
Junior & The Jail Break
3. Junior & The Jail Break
November 14, 1993
Junior gives his pet rodent's urine specimen as his own, escaping further treatment from the doctor, then goes to meet his Dad in jail only to become a hostage to two prisoners.
Junior & The Grammy Bombs
2. Junior & The Grammy Bombs
November 7, 1993
Junior and Cyndi sell Grammy Bombs as part of a fund raiser at school but the candy is so old and awful that they end up selling all of their boxes to Big Ben as winter golf balls.
Toys Will Be Toys
1. Toys Will Be Toys
October 31, 1993
Junior wants the Li'l Trooper Missile so badly that he earns money to buy one himself and takes revenge on the manufacturer when it doesn't work.
  • Premiere Date
    October 31, 1993
  • IMDB Rating
    4.3  (239)