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  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (683)

Peacemakers is a thrilling Western drama that premiered on the USA Network in 2003. Starring Tom Berenger, Peter O'Meara, and Amy Carlson, the show is set in the late 1800s and follows a group of lawmen tasked with bringing law and order to their small town in the American West.

The lead character, Marshal Jared Stone (played by Tom Berenger), is a decorated Civil War veteran who is determined to bring justice to his new home in Silver City, Colorado. Alongside his team of deputies, including the skilled and sharp-tongued Katie Owen (played by Amy Carlson) and the tough but compassionate Larimer Finch (played by Peter O'Meara), Stone takes on a series of cases that challenge their skills, test their courage, and often put their lives at risk.

From hunting down dangerous outlaws and investigating murders to mediating conflicts and resolving disputes, the Peacemakers are faced with a wide range of challenges that require not only their physical strength and marksmanship, but also their intelligence, wit, and compassion. They are aided by the latest technologies of their time, including telegraphs, photographs, and forensic science, which help them solve crimes and catch criminals more effectively.

Despite their differences in personality and background, the Peacemakers form a close bond as they work together to protect their town and its people. They are not afraid to stand up to the corrupt and powerful forces that threaten to undermine their mission, whether that means confronting crooked politicians, greedy businessmen, or even their own prejudices and weaknesses.

At the heart of the show is the complex relationship between Stone and Owen, who share a deep respect and affection for each other despite their occasional clashes and misunderstandings. Stone is a gruff and reserved man who has seen too much pain and suffering in his life, while Owen is a confident and spirited woman who refuses to be silenced or underestimated. They both struggle with personal demons and past traumas that shape their views of the world, but they find solace and strength in each other's company.

Peacemakers is a beautifully crafted and entertaining show that captures the essence of classic Westerns while adding its own unique twists and turns. The production values are top-notch, with breathtaking cinematography that showcases the rugged beauty of the Colorado landscapes and authentic costumes and sets that transport us back in time. The acting is impeccable, with Berenger, O'Meara, and Carlson delivering powerful performances that bring their memorable characters to life.

Overall, Peacemakers is a must-watch for anyone who loves Westerns, dramas, or just great television in general. Its combination of action, suspense, humor, and heart will keep you hooked from beginning to end, and its exploration of timeless themes of justice, loyalty, and redemption will stay with you long after the credits roll.

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A Town Without Pity
9. A Town Without Pity
October 8, 2003
Stone investigates the kidnapping of the wife (Dahlia Salem) of the new minister (Neil Maffin). The incident, which exposes the couple's troubles, forces Stone to do some soul-searching.
Bad Company
8. Bad Company
September 24, 2003
Two oilmen bring the promise of progress to Silver City, but when Stone and Finch investigate the murder of the Mayor's brother-in-law, they find out how far some people will go for big bucks.
The Witness
7. The Witness
September 17, 2003
Stone and Finch's investigation of the sudden murder of a visiting scam artist centers on another out-of-towner, an alluring woman with a curious connection to the victim. Her train-ticket number is one removed from that of the deceased.
The Perfect Crime
6. The Perfect Crime
September 10, 2003
Finch's reputation suffers when $20,000 is swiped from a mining company under his watch and the only clues available are a Pinkerton badge and a wounded man in Katie's care.
Legend of the Gun
5. Legend of the Gun
August 20, 2003
Legendary gunfighter Cole Hawkins arrives in Silver City to lay his legend to rest and hopefully find some peace.
Dead to Rights
4. Dead to Rights
August 13, 2003
A local trader perishes in a cabin fire along with a female companion, alarming the residents of Silver City, who fear an attack from the disgruntled Arapaho tribe. Complicating matters is Katie's painful discovery of the female victim's identity.
No Excuse
3. No Excuse
August 6, 2003
The mayor's efforts to entertain investors are frustrated by Stone, Finch and Katie, who link the murder of a shady out-of-towner with the local saloon, and Luci.
29 Seconds
2. 29 Seconds
July 30, 2003
A convicted murderer headed for the town's newfangled gallows weighs on the mind of Stone, who questions the man's skill with a rifle after taking notice of his eyesight. But convincing the victim's mother of his innocence is another matter.
1. Peacemakers-Pilot
July 30, 2003
In 1880s Colorado, a gruff, middle-aged marshal forms an unlikely partnership with a young, cocky eastern detective to solve the murder of a land baron.
1. Pilot
July 30, 2003
In the series premiere, the murder of a land baron brings A marshal in an 1880s western town teams with Pinkerton detective Larimer Finch (Peter O'Meara), who relies on forensic science to solve crimes. First up: the murder of a land baron brings Finch to town to work what appears to be an open-and-shut case. The mystery deepens when a second murder occurs. Although Marshal Stone (Tom Berenger) is put off by the Yale-educated detective, the two find common ground. Meanwhile, Stone is stalked by a figure from his past.
Peacemakers Pilot
1. Peacemakers Pilot
July 30, 2003
In 1880s Colorado, a gruff, middle-aged marshal forms an unlikely partnership with a young, cocky eastern detective to solve the murder of a land baron.
  • Premiere Date
    July 30, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (683)