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"The Munsters Today" is a popular American comedy series. With its ghoulish yet funny family living in a haunted house this show offers a steady stream of hilarious episodes. The head of the Munster family is Herman Munster who is played by John Schuck. His wife Lily is portrayed by Lee Meriwether and Grandpa Vladimir Dracula is played by Howard Morton. Their son Eddie is portrayed by Jason Marsden and Hilary Van Dyke takes on the role of their cousin Marilyn.

On "The Munsters Today" the Munster family wakes up after being in a state of suspended sleep for more than 20 years. They regularly run into all sorts of unlikely and humorous situations which often arise when people see them. The house they live in is almost like a haunted museum.

While the appearance of most of the members of the Munster family is enough to scare most people they are really nice and friendly. Even though Herman looks like a monster and Lily and Grandpa are vampires they actually think they look like average people. While their boy Eddie is a werewolf his cousin Marilyn is a normal-looking young woman.

When the members of the Munster family go out in public they often create chaotic scenes without knowing it. When Herman drives the family car down the street other drivers think they're seeing things. If Lily and Grandpa are shopping at the grocery store other shoppers are apt to stop in their tracks or drop their groceries.

Some of the episodes of "The Munsters Today" include Eddie drinking a mind reading potion, the family taking a camping trip, Herman being turned into a human and Marilyn meeting up with a genie.

More than 70 half hour episodes of "The Munsters Today" were produced and the show originally ran in syndication for three seasons.

The Munsters Today is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2008.

Where do I stream The Munsters Today online? The Munsters Today is available for streaming on UMS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Munsters Today on demand at , NBC online.

3 Seasons, 73 Episodes
March 1, 2008
Cast: John Schuck, Lee Meriwether, Howard Morton, Jason Marsden, Hilary Van Dyke
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The Munsters Today Full Episode Guide

  • The family sees a counselor (G.K. Smith) when they have problems relating. With John Schuck.

  • Grandpa's (Howard Morton) bet with Eddie (Jason Marsden) that he can get Herman (John Schuck) to be dishonest...

  • Lily (Lee Meriwether) becomes depressed about her life, and the family's efforts to lift her spirits fail....

  • Herman (John Schuck) throws away Lily's (Lee Meriwether) chain letters, bringing a streak of bad luck to the...

  • The family goes camping in order to raise their awareness of environmental issues. With Kaye Ballard as Mother...

  • An inheritance from an aunt (Camila Ashland) known for practical jokes may mean wealth for the family (John...

  • Parents (John Schuck, Lee Meriwether) and children (Jason Marsden, Hilary Van Dyke) reverse roles in an...

  • Marilyn and Eddie (Hilary Van Dyke, Jason Marsden) become discouraged when their aptitude tests predict a...

  • Herman (John Schuck) encourages Eddie (Jason Marsden) to pursue a career as a rock 'n' roll mogul.

  • A lucky coin gives Eddie (Jason Marsden) good fortune while causing equal misfortune to others.

  • A genie (guest star Billy Barty) released by Marilyn (Hilary Van Dyke) takes advantage of the family.

  • The son (Michael Oliver) of Herman's boss is accidentally aged by one of Grandpa's (Howard Morton)...

  • Herman's (John Schuck) worst fear is realized when Eddie (Jason Marsden) gets his own credit card.

  • Herman (John Schuck) sells the house, then has no place to live when his promotion falls through.

  • Herman (John Schuck) decides he needs a new image in order to become successful.

  • Eddie's (Jason Marsden) horizons expand after he accidentally drinks a mind-reading potion.

  • With Grandpa's (Howard Morton) help, Marilyn (Hilary Van Dyke) gets her wish for the perfect boyfriend.

  • Herman (John Schuck) gets "recycled'' in Grandpa's (Howard Morton) new invention.

  • Grandpa's (Howard Morton) brush with mortality leads to a change in attitude. Guest star: Robbie Rist.

  • A party to lift Grandpa's spirits goes awry when the guests (Ruth Buzzi, Richard Moll) overstay their welcome.

  • The Munster men tackle baby-sitting while trying to watch a football game. Stars John Schuck, Howard Morton.

  • Eddie (Jason Marsden) regrets a wish come true when his dream girl (Teri Ivens) wreaks havoc in his life.

  • The Munsters appear on a home-video show. With John Schuck, Lee Meriwether.

  • Eddie (Jason Marsden) competes against his childhood enemy in a rock-video competition.

  • Herman (John Schuck) regrets being kind to a grieving widow who winds up taking advantage of the Munsters.

  • Herman (John Schuck) and his fellow gravediggers go on strike.

  • Grandpa and Herman (Howard Morton, John Schuck) serve on the jury of a murder trial.

  • Herman (John Schuck) asks Dr. Frankenstein for help in curing a nasty cold.

  • Grandpa and Herman (Howard Morton, John Schuck) travel in a time machine and come back with two unexpected...

  • Grandpa (Howard Morton) is outraged when a book slams the vampire code.

  • Herman (John Schuck) opens his own mortuary after losing his job as a gravedigger.

  • Herman and Lily (John Schuck, Lee Meriwether) recall the day Eddie was born.

  • Grandpa's (Howard Morton) best pal, Leonard the Skeleton, is attacked by a group of poodles.

  • Grandpa invents a device that will keep Eddie from watching a forbidden TV show.

  • Herman, Marilyn and Eddie make up excuses to keep from doing household chores.

  • The Munster's mansion is filled with odd characters when the family holds a reunion.

  • The Munsters take in the unruly son of Herman's boss for a few weeks.

  • Drac The Ripper

  • Grandpa's ex-wife visits.

  • Grandpa strikes a deal with the devil.

  • Lily invites Herman's depressed co-worker to dinner.

  • Eddie seeks revenge on a school bully who got him in trouble.

  • Herman (John Schuck) feels like a failure after meeting his prosperous former assistant.

  • Herman (John Schuck) ends up in court after saving a choking man's life.

  • The Munsters startle their neighbors when they all play a game of "Murder Mystery."

  • Eddie (Jason Marsden) changes his image, much to his parents' disapproval.

  • The Munsters move into a luxurious apartment after a flood damages their home. With John Schuck, Lee...

  • Lily wants to spend a romantic weekend with Herman. Guest: Zsa Zsa Gabor.