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The Invisible Man is a old series that had a remake in 2000. It is a science fiction series that revolves around Darien Fawkes a thief. He was recruited by a spy organization and has been implanted with a gland that makes him invisible. This gland lets him secrete a substance called QuickSilver that makes him invisible when needed. It has side effects that are unpleasant like causing intense pain and antisocial behavior.

The episodes lasted two years and are about specific cases given to Hobbes and Fawkes to solve with his power to become invisible. They usually have to solve killings or experiments that have gone awry. There are some episodes where Fawkes tries different methods to remove the gland implanted in his head that makes him invisible. Often episode open with Fawkes quoting a famous person and his thoughts about what is going on around him. Hobbes is another agent that is older with personality problems and quirks.

In one episode Fawkes and Hobbes another agent investigate the theft of a large Quantam computer. During this investigation Fawkes learn this computer may help him remove the gland implanted in his head. In one episode Hobbes follows his ex wife around only to find new boyfriend seems to be more than he claims. Another episode Hobbes ends up in the hospital and Fawkes sees strange operations and goings on making him question the ethics of the hospital. Another episode Fawkes is stuck by lightening to wake up with no memory of the incident. In the hospital the doctors wonder what the gland is in his head. The agency races to be sure to get him out before their secret is discovered.

Charles Borden is the head of the agency. No one seems to know his background. He expects his orders to be carried out with little questions. Claire is the agency's medical doctor and does minor research projects too. She monitors Fawkes gland and his overall health as he continues to work and do assignment for the agency. This series is suitable for children and adults to watch. The episode aired for two years and then was discontinued in 2002.

The Invisible Man is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 2006.

Where do I stream The Invisible Man online? The Invisible Man is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Invisible Man on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

2 Seasons, 57 Episodes
July 5, 2006
Science Fiction
Cast: Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor, Brandy Ledford
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The Invisible Man Full Episode Guide

  • Darien learns that the Keeper and the Official have been keeping antidote secrets.

  • Arnaud (Joel Bissonnette) seeks out Darien for help in exchange for a cure for quicksilver madness.

  • Darien's sudden immunity to the counteragent forces the Keeper to use an untested antidote.

  • The keeper develops a way to keep Darien's invisibility static.

  • A disfigured woman (Susie Park) tries to enlist Darien's help.

  • The sinister head of the SWRB discovers that Gaither is still alive and storms the Agency to recapture him, kidnapping Alex and stealing all of the Keeper's vital computer files in the process.

  • The Official sends Darien and Hobbes on a mission to an exclusive Agency, and they end up in "The Community", a town made up of U.S. intelligence operatives who had their covers blown up.

  • The Keeper is accidentally injected with an experimental serum that could cause her to become permanently insane unless she can be given an antidote in time.

  • The agents are sent to capture a dangerous government assassin who is said to have switched allegiances, and Darien is stunned to discover that the man may be his own father, who has been missing for decades.

  • Darien helps a young woman who seems to be haunted by a strange apparition, and she is convinced it is her mother, who had disappeared mysteriously weeks before, trying to communicate with her.

  • Alex finally locates her missing son at a Chrysalis baby camp, only to discover that he belongs to Stark, the agency's sinister leader.

  • The agents are infected by a fatal form of Quicksilver-producing bacteria, and the Keeper must figure out how to stop it before they all die.

  • Darien loses his memory after being struck by lightning, and Arnaud convinces him that he is his own brother and that his Agency friends are really trying to kill him.

  • Darien goes to an acupuncturist who discovers his powers of invisibility and forces him to help her steal a set of ancient needles from a museum to treat her mentor, who is suffering from stomach cancer.

  • Darien works undercover to capture a mysterious international terrorist and finds himself facing incarceration to preserve his cover.

  • A strange old man who has lost the ability to experience normal sensation comes to Darien in the hopes that he can lead him to his late brother, Kevin, whom he blames for doing a horrible thing to him.

  • Darien decides to have himself injected with his brother's RNA in the hopes that he can discover how to remove the Quicksilver gland from his head.

  • Hobbes becomes irrationally violent and shoots up a post office, and his co-workers are afraid he's lost his mind again.

  • Darien rescues a 12-year-old boy from the sinister Chrysalis agency, only to discover that his body has been implanted with a deadly virus that will be released when he reaches puberty.

  • The Official sends Eberts out with the agents to capture a computer hacker who is trying to get at the Agency's most sensitive information.

  • Darien and Hobbes learn that the Chrysalis Agency is artificially inseminating women all over the country and stealing their babies to create its own unstoppable army.

  • The agents find themselves hunting for the legendary Sasquatch on an Indian reservation after two men have been killed there under mysterious circumstances.

  • If we succeed in turning an invisible superhero into a fluorescent superhero, then we have effectively neutralised his special powers, and left him at the mercy of his evil enemies.

  • The Chrysalis organization implants a computer virus-like bug into Darien's bloodstream that enables them to follow his every move.

  • Hobbes decides whether to join Darien's escape from the agency.

  • Darien uses his invisibility to help his fellow employees break the bank at a casino Arnaud runs in Mexico, and Darien decides to steal five million dollars for himself.

  • Allianora tells Darien that the Agency is planning to kill him and asks him to switch allegiances to her secret organization.

  • The evil terrorist Arnaud reappears with a diabolical new plan to steal the Quicksilver gland from Darien's brain.

  • When sixteen brilliant scientists disappear without a trace, Darien discovers that it is the work of the mysterious Organization and the Dark Woman he encountered before.

  • Darien and Hobbes uncover a plot in which two corrupt computer geniuses are reprogramming the brains of unwitting victims to transform them into ruthless assassins.

  • Hobbes is accidentally injected with a retrovirus that raises his intelligence to genius level, but also has a sinister side effect.

  • Darien impersonates the ghost of a soldier to prevent a South American Prime Minister from deploying a dangerous new defensive weapon against the United States.

  • Chinese spies come to town to kidnap Darien and steal the secret of the Quicksilver formula.

  • Darien goes back to his hometown to search for his brother, Kevin, when he hears that he is still alive.

  • Darien discovers that a world-renown neurosurgeon is using homeless people as guinea pigs in his brain regeneration experiments.

  • Hobbes is worried that his ex-wife is going to marry a criminal, and his suspicions are borne out when Darien discovers that the man is planning to sell government weapons to a gangster.

  • In total darkness there's no point in being invisible. No one can see you, but you can't see anyone else either. In a city condemned to permanent total darkness, an invisible hero is no more invisible than the next man.

  • Darien gets involved with a beautiful scientist who has invented a quantum computer that can change the fate of mankind.

  • In certain situations being invisible can be very advantageous. For example, you can be a perfect spy -the only person able to discover the intimate secrets of the most unapproachable pop star of the day.

  • Darien's mentor, a beautiful safecracker whom he hasn't seen for years, suddenly reappears in his life and asks him to pull one last job with her.

  • As much as you would like to be a famous hero, if you appear on a prime time TV show and are made a complete fool of, then there is no doubt that you will become the best known idiot in the whole city....

  • A justice department employee, who is also working for a sinister secret organization, takes over the Agency so that he can use Darien to carry out his own murderous plans.

  • Darien and Hobbes go after a phony spiritualist who gets a perverse thrill out of convincing his clients to kill themselves.

  • Faced with a highly visible kidnapping - that of a television studio full of people during a live broadcast in front of millions of viewers, our invisible hero is the only person who can help the police solve a very tricky problem...

  • Darien pretends to be a traumatized little girl's imaginary friend in order to learn the identity of a sniper who killed a foreign dignitary.

  • One of the problems you face when you're invisible is that without your mask, you're nobody. And worse still, if someone else wears your mask, that persons turns into you!

  • Darien must capture a Catevari, a man-made monster who can kill with a mere scratch of his fingernails.

  • It's never easy for a super-hero to lead a double life, and it becomes harder still when you lose your memory and can't work out why on earth you are invisible...