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All CSI: Crime Scene Investigation news Recaps14x20: Consumed recap: A man bound to a chair yells no as another man stabs him... read more.14x19: The Fallen recap: Russell arrives at the station to talk to Jacob Baker about a car accident. He was previously given a warning from Nick about pointing lasers at planes. Lieutenant Debra Hughes fills Russell in when her husband, Blake Hughes, arrives to man the desk. A teenager cuts in line at the desk and pulls a gun on Blake. He asks him to take it easy but the boy fires at Blake and takes a woman hostage. He shoots a few more officers before he makes his way into the room where Russell is. Jacob has been shot and the teenager takes Russell hostage... read more.14x18: Uninvited recap: A family in their home doesn't notice when a man dressed in black walks by their front window. 30 days later, a girl goes to the door selling chocolate bars. She looks in the window and screams when she sees a man lying on the floor... read more.14x17: Long Ride Home recap: Sara and Russell investigate the murder scene of a groupie, from a concert the night before, in a limo bus. She doesn't have any news about the band and the driver is in the hospital after having alcohol poisoning. The band stole the limo and the driver later tried to drive it back. There's a lot of blood on the girl and none in the limo... read more.14x16: Killer Moves recap: The CSI team investigates a crime scene where a murdered Elvis impersonator has been set up to sit on a bench. Sara and Greg follow the blood trail to a rook with a screwdriver in it. Greg makes the connection between the rook and the king being related to chess. He also notices the street intersections play into chess as well. Greg leads Sara to where he suspects they will find further information. They find a car that contains the murder weapon... read more.


Creator: Anthony E. ZuikerExecutive Producer: Louis Shaw Milito, Andrew Dettmann, Don McGill, Jonathan Littman, Anthony E. Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Kenneth Fink, Danny CannonView full crew list

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Crime Scene Cleaner is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on February 28, 2012.

Where do I stream Crime Scene Cleaner online? Crime Scene Cleaner is available for streaming on MHz Worldview, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Crime Scene Cleaner on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel, Hoopla online.

MHz Worldview
3 Seasons, 27 Episodes
February 28, 2012
Cast: Bjarne Mädel
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Crime Scene Cleaner Full Episode Guide

  • Schotty is thrown off-task when the boss of a consulting firm challenges his abilities. Directed by Arne Feldhusen, 2016.

  • After 20 years, Schotty meets his old friend Dennis - now a multimillionaire. Directed by Arne Feldhusen, 2016.

  • A job at a religion emporium leads Schotty to a shocking epiphany about his own mortality. Directed by Arne Feldhusen, 2015.

  • Schotty encounters an insistent young man determined to follow his weekly routine. Directed by Arne Feldhusen, 2015.

  • Schotty tries to teach an overworked businesswoman to lie. Directed by Arne Feldhusen, 2015.

  • Two morticians attempt to sell funeral insurance to Schotty, despite his objections. Directed by Arne Feldhusen, 2015.

  • In German with English subtitles. In the aftermath of a bar shootout, Schotty tangles with the owner over love and money.

  • In German with English subtitles.

  • In German with English subtitles. Schotty cleans up after an electronics store heist, assisted by a survivalist who's planning for the apocalypse.

  • In German with English subtitles. Schotty may have met his match with his latest obsessive-compulsive client.

  • In German with English subtitles. Schotty's in a rush to get to a soccer game, but his new client is in no hurry to see him go.

  • In German with English subtitles. Schotty contemplates marriage to a woman he's never met.

  • In German with English subtitles. Schotty navigates office red tape after a long-time employee dies.

  • In German with English subtitles. Schotty encounters an old girlfriend and uncovers some secrets about their relationship.

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