Watch TV Shows on MHz Worldview

MHz Worldview is a re-broadcast channel focusing on distribution of International content in the US. It is available on both IPTV (broadcast over the Internet as a streaming media service) and via DirecTV on channel 2183, with its signal running of of the Galaxy 19 satellite. Several Public Television Station broadcasters carry MHz Worldview as subchannels in their digital broadcasting packages.

MHz Worldview repackages and broadcasts news and entertainment programming from around the world, and for the US audience, is nearly unique for broadcasting unfiltered news from foreign sources. They are a countervailing source of opinion on breaking crises around the globe. Their unfiltered approach gives a local perspective that doesn't make it past the corporate or advertiser interests in the United States media market.

When covering non-crisis level events, MHz can be rather eclectic with everything from mystery programs made for European audiences with subtitles - mostly from Scandinavia - to talent shows from around the world, along with foreign language soap operas. Because of the wide variety of programming, a simple synopsis is hard to compile, though comparing and contrasting the different ways different countries generate police and crime dramas are made in different parts of the world is educational.

Because of how MHz buys their programming overseas, they often run back-to-back episodes of their programs, and do "compressed seasons" - a show that would take 12 episodes to complete typically runs in a month to six weeks in the US, with a lot of build-up towards a series finale.