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  • 2009
  • 1 Season

Goodnight Darling is a heartwarming romantic drama that tells the story of a widowed father, Quanzhou, his daughter, Qinxiu, and the various people they encounter in their lives. The Chinese drama television series is produced by the China National Theatre for Children and has been made available to international audiences with English subtitles by the MHz Worldview network.

The show is set in present-day China and is centered around the cozy, small town of Liulin, where the father-daughter duo live. Quanzhou is a kind and gentle-hearted man who runs a small grocery store. Throughout the story, he is shown as a dedicated and responsible father who prioritizes his daughter's well-being above everything else. Qinxiu, his daughter, is a cheerful and mature child who is wise beyond her years. Together, they share a beautiful bond that is heartwarming to watch.

What's interesting about Goodnight Darling is that its themes are universal and relatable. The show explores the struggles of being a single parent, the trials and tribulations of growing up, and the joys and sorrows of falling in love. The characters in the show are complex and nuanced, and you can't help but become invested in their lives.

Throughout the show, we see Quanzhou trying to juggle his roles as a father and a provider. He's constantly trying to strike a balance between his work and his family life. Along the way, he meets various people who add color and depth to his life. We see him slowly opening up to new experiences, trying new things, and even falling in love all over again.

The show also explores the theme of community, with Liulin being portrayed as a close-knit town where everyone knows everyone else. We see the characters supporting each other through difficult times and celebrating each other's victories. It's a refreshing take on small-town living that is a welcome departure from the usual stories that we see on screen.

Goodnight Darling deals with some heavy themes, but it never feels bogged down or overwrought. The show's pacing is slow and deliberate, letting the characters and their relationships develop naturally. The cinematography is beautiful, with the show making the most of its tranquil rural setting. The show's soundtrack is also noteworthy, with its mellow and soothing score adding to the overall ambiance of the show.

One of the most endearing aspects of Goodnight Darling is its portrayal of father-daughter relationships. We see Quanzhou and Qinxiu's bond grow stronger with each passing episode, with the two of them sharing laughs, hugs, and a whole lot of love. The show also explores the theme of absent fathers and how it affects children, with Quanzhou taking up the role of a surrogate father to a young girl who he meets along the way.

Overall, Goodnight Darling is a delightful show that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. It's a masterclass in storytelling, and every episode is a treat to watch. Whether you're a fan of romantic dramas or heartwarming family stories, there's something in Goodnight Darling for everyone. It's the perfect show for a lazy weekend binge-watch, and it's sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

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Part 3 (English subtitled)
3. Part 3 (English subtitled)
December 13, 2009
In Norwegian with English subtitles. In the conclusion of Goodnight Darling, the noose tightens around Terje and Per, and Hilde takes matters into her own hands.
Part 2 (English subtitled)
2. Part 2 (English subtitled)
December 6, 2009
In Norwegian with English subtitles. The cat-and-mouse blackmail game escalates as both the police and Per's girlfriend get in on the act.
Part 1 (English subtitled)
1. Part 1 (English subtitled)
December 6, 2009
In Norwegian with English subtitles. A struggling musician tries his hand at blackmail after witnessing a murder.
  • Premiere Date
    December 6, 2009