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This DVD contains the first season of an Italian police drama set in a beautiful rural village. A brilliant police officer named Luca Manara finds himself posted to the tiny community after offending his supervisor in the big city of Milan. Luca, played by actor Guido Caprino, indicates he wants a re-assignment; however, his new supervisor refuses to approve a transfer. Many local murders occur and these cases keep the police very busy. Meanwhile, Luca develops a love-hate relationship with the beautiful head of the forensics department. Inspector Manara combines crime investigation and comedy frequently in this engrossing police series.

Inspector Manara is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on April 29, 2014.

Where do I stream Inspector Manara online? Inspector Manara is available for streaming on MHz Worldview, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Inspector Manara on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel, Hoopla online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on MHz Worldview
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
April 29, 2014
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Jane Alexander, Massimo Andrei, Guido Caprino, Augusto Fornari
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Inspector Manara Full Episode Guide

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Manara and friends investigate the curious case of a woman found without a face, while Lara seeks a best man for her wedding.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Manara and friends investigate the death of a man felled in a hunting accident and discover a strange series of events. Marta is called to testify in an important trial, bringing back a familiar face.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. A famous local artist is found dead in his studio. Manara and friends must infiltrate the art world, navigating frescoes, critics, and art connoisseurs to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Manara receives startling news from an old colleague.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Theresa Manara arrives for a visit with her brother, but her excitement is cut short when the body of a murdered woman is found on the bus on which she arrived. The investigation uncovers evidence... all pointing to Theresa. Manara must discover the truth if he's going to exonerate his sister.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. While Manara is suspended, a prominent townsman is found murdered in the cellar of a local winery. Refusing to let politics stifle duty, Manara enlists the help of trusted colleagues to get to the bottom of this murder.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Manara investigates the death of a wealthy oil magnate. To discover the killer, he must infiltrate the society of the wealthy and make his way through a web of secrets and hypocrisies.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. As Luca investigates the seemingly random murder by gunshot of a woman in front of Ada's farm, Marta pays a secret visit to the superintendent. While Luca looks into the woman's murder, he also does some private investigation into his colleague's background.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. A scuba diver is found dead in his garage after what seems to have been an accident. While he, Marta and Toscani investigate, Sardi finds herself occupied with other tasks - like having a baby.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. A beauty pageant photographer is found dead in a swimming pool and Luca's investigation brings him into the world of sponsors, organizers and judges. The challenge for him and Marta: to sift between the genuine and the fake in order to find the real culprit.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. When an acquaintance of Luca's is found murdered in her bed, he feels personally invested in solving the case. Working beside him is a new colleague, Marta, who proves to be extremely competent. Together they uncover Luca's friend's secret life.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Luca and Lara have just started living together, but something feels wrong. While they try to figure it out, they also have a case to investigate: an old florist who lived alone and had no enemies is found dead. His closest of kin seem surprised.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Family and friends have gathered for Luca and Lara's storybook wedding. Everything looks perfect, until a wounded man wearing a helmet stumbles into the church and falls to the ground.

  • Inspector Manara Bonus Feature

  • In Italian with English subtitles. In an apparent suicide, a psychic is found hanging in her home. Her death becomes a murder case when Manara and his team discover that it wasn't the dead that the woman could see, but dollar signs.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. A prominent businessman dies of smoke inhalation in his office as the many women in his life beat frantically at the door. Manara tries to recover a fumble with Lara, whose father is in town from the Andes.

  • Manara's sister arrives and offers perspective on the life of the Inspector. Brigadier leads Police to the body of a young mother, floating serenely on an air mattress in a lagoon. Directed by Davide Marengo, 2009.

  • A prominent psychologist is found murdered at his practice along with his purported killer, a patient, who is found holding the murder weapon. However, further investigation reveals much more to the story.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Just as Manara is about to go on vacation, there's an environmental emergency: someone has polluted the oasis of the local lagoon. The same morning, the distraught wife of a documentarian comes to the station to report her husband missing.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. Someone has stolen an ancient artifact from a local museum. Shortly afterwards, fishermen discover a man's corpse in one of their hauls. While Inspector Manara and his team look for links between the two events, Lara runs into an old flame, who owns the local marina.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. A local librarian is found dead a week before he was going to unveil the Letters of Leopardi and his assistant has disappeared. Fearing a PR disaster, the police chief brings in Cultural Inspector Giulia Chiamparini, who also went to police academy with Luca and Lara.

  • In Italian with English subtitles. A homeless man is found dead along a highway, and there's a dead body in the trunk of the car that ran the homeless man over. It takes the combined efforts of Inspector Manara and Lara, plus the simple listening skills of Lara's Aunt Catarina, to crack the case.