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This TV drama is based on a soul searching Swedish cop named Kurt Wallander. The series goes through various different episodes and cases in which Kurt is has to track down the criminal and take him in. The episodes vary from religious cults, sadistic killers, bank robbers, missing people, and etc.

The episodes are the length of full length movies and always have a start and a finish to each episode. The show is based in Ystad, Scania which is on the southern tip of Sweden. Detective Kurt Wallander makes for a great hero depicting an everyday cop out on a mission. The stories are very broad and detailed, always creative and different than the next. Every episode is based on a new story in the day and life of Swedish detective cop Kurt Wallander.

MHz Worldview
1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 5, 2007
Crime, Drama
Cast: Krister Henriksson, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Mats Bergman, Douglas Johansson

Wallander Full Episode Guide

  • A boy's body is discovered in an abandoned barn. Inconsistencies between the crime and the suspects plunge the investigation team into the world of child abuse. The case forces Stefan, Kurt and Linda to deal with personal grief, and their own demons.

  • Linda Wallander's allegiance to the job gets tested when a murder investigation leads her across the path of an old lover. He comes from a time she'd rather forget but her knowledge of him helps her discover the murderer of a beautiful young woman.

  • When the police investigate an abandoned container lorry they find it filled with dead bodies, including those of children. Human trafficking and a ring of suspects emerge as part of a larger puzzle. Wallander finally gets a lead from an unlikely source.

  • When an old man lies dead next to his poisoned dogs, the yuppie community in the condo next door breathes a collective sigh of relief. Wallander's investigation uncovers the reasons for their disdain.

  • An American tourist is found dead in Ystad. Just before her death she visited a famous photographer, fuelling suspicion of adultery. Wallander takes an interest in the cuckolded husband and suspects there's more to the photographer than meets the eye.

  • A farmer is apparently kicked to death by a horse, until Wallander uncovers clues suggesting a different scenario, one that involves a woman the farmer had met through the personal ads. Kurt and Linda attempt to bait the killer with their own ad.

  • Someone has infiltrated the Ystad police station, effectively shutting it down for several critical hours. At the same time, Kurt Wallander tries to connect the disappearance of a colleague's daughter with a woman found hanged.

  • An African man is found dead in a freight car. Most of the evidence points to it being a race crime, but the investigation takes a surprising turn when the murder weapon is connected to one of Kurt's oldest friends, who happens to be running for office.

  • A baby screams alone in an abandoned car along a highway. The father is missing, and the mother lies in a catatonic state in a psychiatric hospital. Linda takes the lead on a case that brings her face to face with every parent's worst nightmare.

  • A wealthy couple is found murdered at the same time a military exercise is taking place in Ystad. Linda and Stefan find a surprising lead, proving that when it comes to hunting criminals they can hold their own with Kurt Wallander.

  • An intellectually-challenged man walks into a bank wearing a feather in his hair, claiming to have a bomb around his neck. Was he sent by someone? The case plunges Kurt Wallander and his team of investigators into a world of astrology and murder.

  • A series of bizarre, ghoulish homicides defy explanation, with only a King James Bible left on each crime scene as a clue. Detective Kurt Wallander and his daughter Linda discover what gets lost when belief turns into zeal