The Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries

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  • 2005
  • 1 Season

The Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries is a captivating crime drama series that follows Inspector Giovanni Vivaldi, a brilliant Italian detective, as he solves complex cases in the stunning city of Bologna, Italy. The show, which is produced by Italy's state broadcaster RAI and available on MHz Worldview, features 12 thrilling episodes that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Each episode of the show presents a new mystery for Inspector Vivaldi to solve. From murders to thefts to kidnappings, the crimes are always intriguing, and the Inspector's methods are equally captivating. He is a seasoned detective who takes his job seriously, and he's not afraid to take risks to crack the case.

The show's setting is also a prominent feature that adds to the allure of the series. Bologna, known as the gastronomic capital of Italy, is a city steeped in history and dotted with stunning architecture. The show's producers have done an excellent job in showcasing the city's many charms, from its captivating Gothic towers to its sprawling piazzas. Whether the Inspector is in a bustling market or a quiet alleyway, the show will transport viewers to the heart of Italy's most enchanting city.

In addition to its strong cast of characters and gripping narrative, the Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries also boast exceptional production values. The show is shot with a cinematic flair that is often missing from television drama. The lighting, camera work, and sound design are all top-notch, resulting in a series that is both visually stunning and sonically immersive.

The Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries is not just a show about solving crimes; it's also a testament to the human spirit. The show explores themes like love, loss, and redemption, and the characters are all nuanced and fully realized. Inspector Vivaldi, in particular, is a complex character whose personal life is often intertwined with his work. As viewers watch him navigate his job and his relationships, they will be drawn into his world and compelled to root for him.

The show's supporting cast is equally impressive. From the quirky coroner who always has a new quip to the loyal police officers who work alongside the Inspector, each character brings something unique to the table. Viewers will find themselves invested in the lives of these characters and eager to see how they grow and change over the course of the series.

The Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries is a show that is perfect for fans of crime drama and detective fiction. It is a show that will keep viewers guessing until the very end, and each episode will leave them hungry for more. With its beautiful setting, exceptional production values, and compelling characters, the Inspector Vivaldi Mysteries is a must-watch series for anyone who loves a good mystery.

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The Third Equation
8. The Third Equation
February 27, 2005
In Italian with English subtitles. As the late Professor Sangermano's third equation is unlocked, Inspector Vivaldi and his team race against time to locate the kidnapped Eva. Is this case connected with a string of unexplained patient deaths at the local hospital?
Last Exit
7. Last Exit
February 20, 2005
In Italian with English subtitles. Eva Ferrer has been kidnapped - just as her sister was fifteen years earlier. Inspector Vivaldi and his team are also confronted with the brutal murder of an unidentified girl found in a motorway rest stop. She was last seen exiting a car driven by a young cellist - but what really happened, and why?
Silent Witness
6. Silent Witness
February 13, 2005
In Italian with English subtitles. Inspector Vivaldi's team investigates the brutal murder of a local monk. The prime suspect's name is Samir, but the young Arab boy refuses to talk.
Sins of the Father
5. Sins of the Father
February 6, 2005
In Italian with English subtitles. Geographical coordinates unlocked from the late Professor Sangermano's second equation lead to the unearthing of human remains. Meanwhile, Inspector Vivaldi and his team investigate the murder of the owner of a car dealership. But the victim was no saint...
The Debt
4. The Debt
January 30, 2005
In Italian with English subtitles. A jewelry heist on the streets of Trieste leads to a shootout. Inspector Vivaldi and his team finger Nicola Pinto as the chief suspect; he's a man with a gambling vice and plenty of debt. Meanwhile, Eva Ferrer returns to Trieste fifteen years after the kidnapping of her sister.
The Cold Equations (English Subtitled)
3. The Cold Equations (English Subtitled)
June 27, 1905
In Italian with English subtitles. The disappearance of a married couple leads Inspector Vivaldi and Stefano to suspect the woman's son. Meanwhile, the sudden death of a professor triggers renewed interest in a 15-year-old cold case: the unsolved abduction of a young girl, Irene Ferrer. The professor had been working on cryptic equations before his death, which could explain his demise.
My Son, Part 2 (English Subtitled)
2. My Son, Part 2 (English Subtitled)
June 27, 1905
In Italian with English subtitles. Inspector Frederico Vivaldi comes to terms with Stefano's secret, as father and son work together to solve the murder case.
My Son, Part 1
1. My Son, Part 1
January 9, 2005
In Italian with English subtitles. Police Inspector Frederico Vivaldi investigates the case of a girl who turns up dead at a party. Why does Vivaldi's son, Stefano, who's also a policeman, lie about being present at the same party?
  • Premiere Date
    January 9, 2005