Kaboul Kitchen

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In French with English subtitles. Kabul, Afghanistan, 2005. George Bush is President of the United States, Jacques Chirac is President of France and Jacky is master of his own little domain, the "Kaboul Kitchen." It's a free-spirited place where sex, booze and the Taliban collide and it's the only place where expats can enjoy a swimming pool in the heart of the Afghan capital.

MHz Worldview
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
March 12, 2012
Cast: Simon Abkarian, Azzedine Riyad, Stéphanie Pasterkamp, Benjamin Bellecour
Kaboul Kitchen

Kaboul Kitchen Full Episode Guide

  • In French with English subtitles. Jacky and Amanullah are face to face at last, no as longer friends, but as bitter enemies. Jacky has no choice but to trust the CIA and Afghan police to imprison Amanullah or else he's a dead man.

  • In French with English subtitles. While in the CIA's custody, Jacky is interrogated for details surrounding Harvey's death. The CIA force Jacky into locating and retrieving the murder weapon, but getting it is easier said than done.

  • In French with English subtitles. Jacky's had enough with his role as a pawn, and the most recent incident convinces him that he needs to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Sophie attempts to blackmail her former boss and lover with a video tape that could destroy his career.

  • In French with English subtitles. After a close call at Amanullah's palace, Jacky is once again blackmailed, but this time by Harvey. As always, Jacky attempts to deceive the CIA in order to protect his own skin.

  • In French with English subtitles. Exposed by the French secret service, Jacky is now forced to work as a double-agent against Amanullah and the CIA. The first assignment for the DGSE is to wear a wire while catering Amanullah's private gathering.

  • In French with English subtitles. Jacky's old flame shows up in Kabul as part of a French diplomatic delegation, and requests to book his restaurant for her boss. Jacky is again faced with the obligation to bug his restaurant for the CIA, at the expense of the loyalty to his fellow countrymen.

  • In French with English subtitles. After Damien uncovers a big story involving the CIA, Harvey orders Jacky to bug his phone. Conflicted, Jacky doesn't want to betray his employee and friend, who seeks to sell the scoop to the press.

  • In French with English subtitles. In order to lure a CIA target, Harvey brings in prostitutes to Kaboul Kitchen, which brings heat on Jacky from Kabul's underworld. Meanwhile, Colonel Amanullah is planning an arranged marriage for his unruly daughter, Lala.

  • In French with English subtitles. After making a deal with Colonel Amanullah and the CIA to reopen his restaurant, Jacky reluctantly accepts his first covert assignment as per the agreement. Meanwhile, under orders from his boss Colonel Amanullah, Axel requests help from Sophie's NGO to finance a new sports stadium.

  • In French with English subtitles. After "escaping" from his kidnappers, Jacky finds his restaurant in serious disrepair and has no money to restart his business. He is forced with the decision to partner with one of two objectionable individuals to reopen Kaboul Kitchen.

  • In French with English subtitles. With the city consumed by riots and the restaurant on lockdown, Jacky's main concern is getting his trapped customers to safety. He isn't aware however that some fundamentalists are specifically going after Sophie at her school.

  • In French with English subtitles. Jacky learns the truth about the Halli brothers and Colonel Amanullah's involvement. Jacky is forced to make an important decision regarding his business relationship with the Colonel.

  • In French with English subtitles. The staff at the Kaboul Kitchen is insisting on a lot of changes, which threaten Jacky's business. While Jacky struggles with their demands Sophie is informed about a new project opportunity.

  • In French with English subtitles. Jacky's ex-wife is demanding years of unpaid alimony and heads to Kabul to collect it from him. Jacky asks Sophie to help resolve things between him and her mother.

  • In French with English subtitles. Sophie's school project for Afghan girls is off to a rocky start when attendance turns out to be very low. Meanwhile, Jacky becomes very concerned about his health and imagines the worst.

  • In French with English subtitles. Colonel Amanullah comes to Jacky pleading for a personal favor; he needs to hide his mistress for a few days. Jacky reluctantly accepts to lodge her at his place while looking for a better solution.

  • In French with English subtitles. A nationwide alert has been declared that the Taliban are on the offensive, making the Kaboul Kitchen a possible target. Jacky turns to a private firm to help increase security at his restaurant and reassure his customers.

  • In French with English subtitles. A new arrival comes to the Kaboul Kitchen, and Jacky falls head over heels for her. Meanwhile, Sophie tries to find a way to finance a school project for Afghan girls.

  • In French with English subtitles. After his restaurant was almost permanently shut down, Jacky seeks to break ties with his shady business partners. Axel's election campaign for Colonel Amanullah is also underway, but he might have a problem with the poster printer.

  • In French with English subtitles. Jacky's neighbors confront him to raise a higher wall around his pool to hide what they see as his clientele's inappropriate attire. Meanwhile, Sophie is very disappointed with her first assignment.