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Irene Huss is the story of a detective in the Violent Crimes Unit in Gothenburg. Irene is a Ju-Jitsu champion and mother of two teenage girls who are twins. She is married to Krister, who is a chef. The show features Irene encountering many different criminal minds. These criminals are extremely diverse and they include international serial killers and young girls.

The series also features many other interesting characters like Fredrik, Birgitta, and Johnny. Fredrik is the computer guy on the Violent Crime Unit team. Birgitta is an ambitious detective that is trying to work her way up the ladder. Johnny is an old school style cop who is known for his sexist and racist comments. The series is based on a series of books by Helene Tursten.

Irene Huss is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on August 11, 2007.

Where do I stream Irene Huss online? Irene Huss is available for streaming on MHz Worldview, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Irene Huss on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

MHz Worldview
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
August 11, 2007
Cast: Angela Kovacs, Jenny Antoni, Lars Bjarke, Lars Brandeby
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Irene Huss Full Episode Guide

  • In Swedish w/English subtitles. A car floats in the waters of a port, with a corpse in the driver's seat. The investigation leads Irene to a motorcycle gang, whose reach appears to go deep into the justice system. After a bombing attempt on her husband's restaurant, she's ready to take matters into her own hands.

  • In Swedish w/English subtitles. A young man is found dead in a dumpster, his body naked, bloody, burned and battered. The autopsy reveals the presence of GHB in his system, suggesting sexual abuse and torture. Irene and her colleagues discover links to a trendy nightclub that Irene's daughter, Jenny and her friends visit frequently.

  • In Swedish w/English subtitles. A retired policeman crossing the street gets hit by a stolen car. The car turns up later in an industrial area, a charred cinder. Nearby, the police also find the body of a severely injured young girl. Irene and her colleagues look for the car thieves and for any connection between the unidentified girl and the hit-and-run victim.

  • In Swedish w/English subtitles. A young girl is brutally attacked and dragged into a van. Irene and her team arrive too late to save her, but discover a link to other recent abductions. A killer is using internet chat rooms to lure his victims. The trail leads to someone using the Gothenburg-Malmö train.

  • In Swedish w/English subtitles.Two boy scouts find a woman's body buried in a desolate field. Irene and her team discover more graves, each with a body and what appears to be a personal item. Clearly a serial killer is on the loose and the only apparent link between all the victims is that they were middle-aged women.

  • When dreams of big money from online gaming bite the dust, so do three men in a brutal execution. Marital tensions flare in the normally functional and tranquil Huss household as Irene suspects her husband of an affair and she once again finds herself torn between a case and her family.

  • In a small village, three members of a family are brutally murdered in their homes, and their blood used to draw upside-down pentagrams on the walls. Irene pursues a lead from a local minister who's been investigating a Satanist movement. But are the culprits really members of a Satanic cult?

  • A series of suspicious fires in Gothenburg has its citizens unnerved by the thought of a serial arsonist on the loose. Are the blazes related to a cold case that plagued Detective Inspector Irene Huss when she first came to the VCU? And are they related to the recent and random stabbing of a reclusive old lady?

  • One of Gothenburg's wealthiest men plummets to his death from a balcony. But was it suicide or murder? Irene seeks the answer among ex-millionaires, motorcycle gangs, drug-dealers and blackmailers, all while dealing with a troubled teenage daughter in the midst of a dalliance with a neo-Nazi skinhead boyfriend.

  • A dismembered corpse washes up on the shore outside Gothenburg and the only lead Detective Inspector Irene Huss has is a striking tattoo on the victim's torso. The investigation plunges her into a manhunt for a vicious killer - one who will strike again and who's far too interested in her family.