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  • 1996
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (29)

The job of a campus cop is typically greatly overlooked. The cops at Canfield University are dedicated to their jobs. Dealing with drunk students, graffiti, and nonsense in general is just part of the job. Do they have what it takes to protect thousands of students that don't know that they need protecting? Watch to find out.

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Treasure of Sierra Canfield
13. Treasure of Sierra Canfield
January 1, 1996
The campus cops find a map to the hidden treasure of office supply magnate Osbert Canfield and discover that it lies beneath Dean Pilkington's office.
Alien Notion
12. Alien Notion
January 1, 1996
In an effort to ease sagging business at the Schlicter Falls gift shop and save the jobs of the beautiful shopkeepers, Andy and Wayne plant evidence of an alien invasion.
Weekend at Hingle's
11. Weekend at Hingle's
January 1, 1996
Dean Pilkington tells Captain Hingle, who is suffering from a debilitating cold, that he's hired an efficiency expert with the intention of cutting staff.
Free Wally
9. Free Wally
January 1, 1996
Wayne convinces Andy to wrestle an enormous -- but lethargic -- alligator at the local fair in order to impress a beautiful temporary officer.
The Alum
6. The Alum
January 1, 1996
Andy and Wayne must provide security for Francesca Silverstone, a wealthy guest of Dean Pilkington who, he hopes, will purchase the local park for a bizarre research center.
Cop Squad
5. Cop Squad
January 1, 1996
Raskin manages to get the reality-based show "Cop Squad" to cover a day in the life of Canfield University's campus cops, but just as the bored producer is about to cancel the shoot, a real emergency transpires.
A Knight's Hard Day
4. A Knight's Hard Day
January 1, 1996
Two beautiful coeds convince Andy and Wayne to throw an intimate party in the dean's office, but when they're caught, the entire force is fired and replaced by overly anxious student auxiliary police.
Be My Guest
3. Be My Guest
January 20, 1996
When Andy and Wayne are assigned to patrol Dean Pilkington's estate while he and his wife are away on vacation, they can't resist using the opportunity to make some extra money.
Muskrat Ramble
1. Muskrat Ramble
January 6, 1996
Two beautiful coeds convince Andy and Wayne to throw an intimate party in the dean's office, but when they're...
  • Premiere Date
    January 6, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (29)