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  • 2008
  • 1 Season

K9 Cops is a thrilling and fascinating show from Animal Planet that takes viewers on a journey into the world of police dogs and their human handlers. The show follows officers and their canine partners as they work together to fight crime and keep their communities safe.

Each episode of K9 Cops focuses on a different police department and their K9 unit. The show gives viewers an inside look at the intensive training and selection process that these dogs undergo before they become official members of the unit. From basic obedience training to specialized detection work, these dogs are highly skilled and trained to handle a variety of situations.

Throughout the show, viewers get to know the individual officers and their canine partners on a personal level. Through interviews and on-the-job footage, we learn about the unique bond that develops between these dedicated partners. The officers often refer to their dogs as their "partners" rather than their "pets," and it's clear that they have a deep respect and admiration for their four-legged companions.

K9 Cops explores a wide range of police work, from bomb detection to drug searches to tracking down suspects on the run. The show highlights the incredible abilities of these dogs and the invaluable role they play in law enforcement. It's amazing to see how these dogs can use their powerful sense of smell to locate hidden drugs or explosives, or how they can track down a suspect who has fled the scene of a crime.

In addition to showcasing the work of the K9 units, K9 Cops also introduces us to the officers and their families outside of work. We learn about their personal lives, their motivations for joining law enforcement, and the challenges they face in balancing their work with their family responsibilities. These officers are dedicated public servants who put their lives on the line every day to protect their communities.

One of the most compelling aspects of K9 Cops is the way it allows viewers to see the human side of law enforcement. We often hear about police officers in the news, but we don't always get to see the individuals behind the badge. K9 Cops gives us a glimpse into the personalities and motivations of these officers and the special bond they share with their dogs.

Overall, K9 Cops is a gripping and informative show that will appeal to anyone with an interest in law enforcement or working dogs. It's a testament to the incredible capabilities of these animals and the important role they play in modern policing. The show is both entertaining and educative and is sure to leave viewers with newfound respect and admiration for the men and women who serve and protect our communities.

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The War on Drugs
10. The War on Drugs
January 14, 2009
Summary is not available.
Guns Kill
9. Guns Kill
January 7, 2009
Summary is not available.
Violent Crime
8. Violent Crime
November 19, 2008
Summary is not available.
The Heat is On
7. The Heat is On
November 12, 2008
Summary is not available.
Hide and Seek
6. Hide and Seek
November 5, 2008
Summary is not available.
5. Teamwork
October 29, 2008
Teamwork is key to the success of the all police operations. On the tough streets of St. Paul, the regular Patrol officers know they can rely on the specialist skills of the K9 Unit. And the K9 Officers have complete trust in their four legged partners. Officer Mike Ernster and K9 Buzz uncover a hidden stash of cocaine and the dealer has nowhere to run. A dangerous felon crashes a car and flees the scene but the K9 cops are on his trail. The suspect tries to hide but Officer Isaac Rhinehart and K9 Sarik are closing in. Plus, K9 Auggie and Officer Mike Davis detain four suspects - their car is full of stolen property and the smell of drugs is in the air. When a man is violently attacked on the city streets, three suspects are on the run - it's up to K9 Sully and Officer Brady Harrison to bring them in.
4. Rookies
October 22, 2008
Officers Nicole Rasmussen and Mark Blumburg with their K9 partners Chase and Cobra get into a 90mph car chase down the freeway and through the side streets of St. Paul. New Officer Rob Vetsch and his K9 Charlie take on an armed man in the middle of the notorious Eastside. And Officer Isaac Rinehart and Sarik are hard on the heels of a callous car-jacker … and they won't let their man get away.
3. Gangs
October 15, 2008
Officer Mike Ernster and his K9 partner Buzz are on the trail of an armed gang member who's been firing rounds in a residential area. They find the suspect - but he runs from the team. Ernster and Buzz have to stop him before he can get away. Plus, Officers Isaac Rinehart and Brady Harrison, together with their K9s Sarik and Sully, close in on a suspect wanted for a gang-oriented murder. The K9 unit leads the way as cops storm a house - and when armed suspects flee from the police, Officer Jeremy Ryan and his partner K9 Ranger are on hand to track down the weapon - but there's a surprise waiting for them.
Meet the Elite Part 2
2. Meet the Elite Part 2
October 8, 2008
Two armed men are on the run. Officer John Buchmeier and K9 Andy are hard on their heels. The suspects go to ground but they can't escape the K9 Cops. K9 Andy won't give up until he's found his man. Plus, there's a dramatic raid when shots are fired on the East side of St Paul. An apartment must be searched; Officer Rob Vetsch and K9 Charlie take the lead. Going in first they risk their lives to make sure they find the gunman, before it's too late. And when a convenience store is robbed the suspect runs from the police. In the pitch black the patrol cars lose him but K9 Deuce won't give up that easily.
Meet the Elite
1. Meet the Elite
October 1, 2008
When a car is stolen Officer Jeremy Ryan and his K9 partner Ranger are drawn into a high speed car chase across the city. The teenage driver loses control, he crashes and bails from the car; he runs on foot and K9 Ranger is on his tail. Also, Officer Nicole Rasmussen and K9 Chase close in on a wanted man and the K9 cops help to take a drug dealer off the city streets when K9 Rico follows his nose to a hidden stash of Heroin.
  • Premiere Date
    October 1, 2008