L.A. Cops

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At the eye of the storm is the 6th precinct -- or as the 450 plus people who work out there refer to it -- ‘The Crazy Six Motel'. With unprecedented exclusive access, L.A. Cops goes behind the scenes of the Hollywood Precinct and gets to know the men and women who police ‘glitz and glamour central', as they make every effort possible to save citizens from themselves.

Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 5 Episodes
October 1, 1998
L.A. Cops

L.A. Cops Full Episode Guide

  • In Hollywood, a cop shakes down a fire bomber at the Hollywood Bowl one day, and shakes hands with celebrities at the Hollywood Christmas parade the next.

  • Charts the stark reality of cops picking up the pieces and dealing with the realization that one day, they could be on the receiving end.

  • Follows officers as they respond to everything from domestic violence to women fighting on Hollywood Boulevard to transsexual prostitutes to undercover vice stings.