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Grease Monkeys is a comedy television series about a family running a garage. This family run garage business is the setting for this wild comedy about growing up together and being in business together. This family is very dysfunctional. They have to keep the business running and all must do their part. Each family member has a different responsibility. They all have different ways and levels of responsibility to their jobs and their family.

This show focuses on the comedy aspects of running a family business. Each member does things in their own, unique way. They must all do their jobs for the business to survive.

Grease Monkeys is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on April 14, 2003. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

Grease Monkeys is available for streaming on the Content Media Corporation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Grease Monkeys on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Content Media Corporation
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
April 14, 2003
Cast: Lee Oakes, Archie Panjabi, Marc Zuber
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Grease Monkeys Full Episode Guide

  • Mo and Rita clash over her close relationship with Trevor, Dave has a new and bizarre future for the garage and Marley bob has evil plans to wreak havoc.

  • Ada, Trevor's mum, wants a divorce. She has evidence that Bertrand has been having an affair. Trevor turns to Rita for comfort.

  • Dave is fast approaching his 30th birthday. The arrival of a distant cousin from the home country puts a strain on Dave's relationship with Mo, and his sexual ardour.

  • Dave considers selling the garage to a local MP / land developer. Rita thinks this is a bad idea.

  • Mina returns to Manchester to tell Dave that he is the father of her son, and she wants him in her life again.

  • Nicola and Dave unwittingly secure maintenance contracts from rival mobile disco companies.

  • Mo's concerns about the community spur him into starting a milk round.

  • Dave and Trevor help out DIY Derek the discount mortician to transport dead bodies, which DIY Derek drains and embalms from his back kitchen.

  • Mo attempts to exorcise the ghost of his dead wife, Jasbir on the 15th anniversary of her death.

  • Dave collects his old friend Trevor Baptiste from jail, where Trevor has spent the last three years for insurance fraud.

  • Rita meets the man of her dreams. Dave gets into bother with some Geordies and Happy builds a wall with a racist.

  • Dave and Happy are on the road to salvation, each in their own way.

  • Dave's lust brings out the worst in some women but he just can't help himself. Dave has a girlfriend,Tracie, who is very keen to marry him. In a drunken moment, he agrees.

  • Mo settles down to watch a late night movie and his dead wife Jasbir is around to make sure he pays for it.

  • Dave and Happy explore ever more dodgy business dealings, but they're being watched.

  • Mo wants to marry his daughter off whilst Dave is rekindling his love for a married woman.

  • When Rita catches Dave in a comprising position, Dave has to keep her quiet at any cost.

  • A complaining customer has to be dealt with, Dave and Happy style (blood will flow).