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  • 2004
  • 1 Season

Blitzkrieg: The Lightning War is a documentary series produced by Content Media Corporation that focuses on the German military strategy of quick and overwhelming force during World War II. The Blitzkrieg tactic was first used in Poland in 1939 and allowed the Germans to take control of the country in only a matter of weeks. This tactic was then used in other campaigns throughout the war, including the invasions of Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, and the Soviet Union.

The series begins by delving into the history of German military strategy, including the changes in doctrine that led to the development of Blitzkrieg. The show explores the influence of military theorist Carl von Clausewitz and military leaders such as General Heinz Guderian, who played a major role in developing and implementing the strategy. The tactics involved in Blitzkrieg are explained in detail, including the use of air power, fast-moving armored columns, and surprise attacks to overwhelm the enemy.

The series then goes on to chronicle the major campaigns of the war, including the invasion of Poland, the fall of France, and the devastating battles on the Eastern Front. The show uses archival footage, interviews with historians and military experts, and reenactments to bring these events to life. The strategies used in each campaign are examined, from the initial planning stages to the final battles.

One of the key themes of the series is the idea that Blitzkrieg was not a foolproof strategy. The show explores the limitations of the tactic, including difficulties with supply lines, communication between units, and the ever-changing nature of warfare. The series also examines the human toll of Blitzkrieg, including the brutal treatment of civilians and prisoners of war.

The show also explores the impact of Blitzkrieg on the course of the war. The rapid success of the tactic in the early years of the war gave Germany a significant advantage, but as the war dragged on and other nations developed effective countermeasures, the effectiveness of Blitzkrieg was diminished. The show also examines the impact of this strategy on modern warfare, and how it has influenced military doctrine to this day.

Throughout the series, the show seeks to provide a balanced and nuanced look at the events of the war. The series does not focus solely on the German perspective, but also explores the experiences of the Allies and the civilians caught up in the conflict. The show also touches on the moral and ethical implications of Blitzkrieg, exploring questions such as the responsibility of soldiers for the actions of their leaders and the use of civilians as pawns in a larger conflict.

Overall, Blitzkrieg: The Lightning War is an engaging and informative series that provides a detailed look at one of the most significant military strategies in history. The show is well-researched and highlights the complexities and contradictions of a tactic that had both stunning successes and devastating failures. The series will be of interest to anyone interested in military history or the events of World War II.

Blitzkrieg: The Lightning War is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (3 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2004.

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Part 3: Russia Attacked
3. Part 3: Russia Attacked
January 15, 2004
This episode tells the story of the German attempted invasion of Soviet Russia. The most colossal military operation in living history.
Part 2: France Falls
2. Part 2: France Falls
January 8, 2004
France Falls follows the highly coordinated and mechanized assault as the Germans sweep through Scandinavia, the Lowlands and into France.
Part 1: Poland Invaded
1. Part 1: Poland Invaded
January 1, 2004
Using archival footage and detailed computer generated maps to follow the German's invasion of Poland in 1939.
Where to Watch Blitzkrieg: The Lightning War
Blitzkrieg: The Lightning War is available for streaming on the Content Media Corporation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Blitzkrieg: The Lightning War on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2004