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The two main characters of the television show, Strictly Sexual: The Series are Stanny and Joe. The friends have not had much fortune when it comes to love; but, the men have gotten women into bed. Georgia and Summer are not interested in being in a serious relationship because they are focused on their careers; the women decide to try to keep their relationship with the men as only sexual. Despite not being interested in a long term relationship, Georgia decides to have many sex encounters with Stanny. Georgia thinks she will never fall for him because she is not interested in falling in love with him.

When the couple starts falling for one another, the couple runs into expected drama. Everyone was trying to prevent the drama but it happens anyway when the couple feels for each other. The TV show is based on the character's experience of love. Other than the four characters mentioned above, there is only one other main character in the show. She is a lesbian lover, and she dates Summer. Summer does not want to date any men because she does not want to risk falling in love with the men. She is focused on her career.

The show follows the five main characters as they show the audience members their love life. The audience member gets to see how the characters' sex lives, and the drama that unfolds when the relationships become serious. The series can be classified under comedy and drama. Joel Viertel is the director of the film, and it is written by Stevie Long. Long is also the main character on the show as he plays Stanny. Johann Urb plays Joe. Kristen Renton plays Summer. Mercedes Manning play Georgia. Elvina Beck plays Shoot.

Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 7 Episodes
August 15, 2011
Cast: Johann Urb, Stevie Long, Kristen Renton, Mercedes Manning
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Strictly Sexual: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • Summer decides to join Shoot on her photography gig in Haiti. Georgia is furious with Summer for running off with a girl she just met.

  • Stanny professes his love for Georgia, but she cant take his declaration seriously. When he presses the issue, she insists he move out. Shoot helps Joe find his own place to live, and in the process, sleeps with a guy none of them have ever met.

  • Nowhere to stay, Joe joins the other four friends attheir house. Crashing on the couch causes uncomfortable tension, as Shoot has a crush on Joe, and Georgia no longer has Stannys full attention.

  • Georgia is surprised to find how shes actually fallingfor Stanny, and Summer is more than smitten with the new girl in her bed.

  • With each newly formed couple under the same roof, tensions arise

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