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The television series On Duty is a reality series. The show follows fire fighters in Santa Barbara and how they react to emergency situations. The viewer will see real fires and these heroic men and women risk their own lives to save people. The show also follows the firefighters at the station when all is calm.

On Duty is a Reality series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on February 26, 2011. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2.

On Duty is available for streaming on the Content Media Corporation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch On Duty on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Content Media Corporation
3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
February 26, 2011
Cast: Ernie Hudson, Danny Nucci, Indigo, Scott William Winters, Mercedes Colón
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On Duty Full Episode Guide

  • Firefighters battle a brush fire, and a paraglider makes a hard landing on the beach, posing a challenge to firefighters to find a way to get him to the ambulance. Later firefighters in rural Santa Barbara County deal with wildlife.

  • A future firefighter gets a tour of a fire station, and on the local freeways and in the mountains, our firefighters deal with a spate of vehicle accidents.

  • The hills above Santa Barbara are burning threatening homes, campers and wildlife. Over 2000 acres go up in flames, and the fire is finally contained after 4 long days.

  • Firefighters rush to a residential structure fire after multiple explosions are heard. Executive Chef Budi Kazali, from the Ballard Inn & Restaurant, shows the firefighters at the Solvang station how to cook short ribs and creamy polenta.

  • Santa Barbara County Firefighters are called to assist with a raging brush fire in the hills. At the Academy -it's graduation time. Later, firefighters assist a heart attack victim.

  • A file involving a dozen garages and 6 carports with 9 vehicles poses a unique challenge to firefighters. At the Academy, recruits learn specialized fire training.

  • Firefighters assist their neighbors to the south in Montecito with a large structure fire. At the Academy, the recruits train to rescue victims from a vehicle roll over, and then a real life vehicle roll over involving a cliff in the mountains.

  • Firefighters respond to a fatal motorcycle accident. At the Academy recruits train for wildland fires. Later, a vehicle roll-over requires some creative solutions, and a wild fire and structure fire require quick responses from the firefighters.

  • A brushfire near Painted Cave Road brings back memories of the devastating Paint Fire of 1990 which destroyed 641 homes and other structures; with 100 homes threatened, and heavy brush in the canyon, a multi-agency effort is needed to combat the blaze.

  • Firefighters comfort a small child injured in a car fire following an accident. A campground fire at Refugio State Beach Park goes out of control and engulfs a motor-home; firefighters have to deal with potentially dangerous propane tanks.

  • A house fire involves a vehicle in the garage and a search for any remaining occupants; a home next door is full of ammunition from a home business, and firefighters create a wall of water to prevent a potentially dangerous spread.

  • The Aviation Crew rescues a female hiker who fell 40 feet, using the aptly named "Screamer Suit," and also demonstrates a night air rescue. A dangerous attic fire requires the use of thermal imaging equipment to find hot spots in the walls and ceiling.

  • Dry lightning ignites a back country brush fire near Zaca Peaks, and firefighters are assisted by water drops from helicopters. A semi truck driver sneezes and causes an accident on Highway 154 at night, blocking both lanes of traffic.

  • An amazing freeway rescue of a mom with her infant and 10 year old daughter trapped in a car teetering on the edge of a bridge in the Gaviota Pass leads to an emotional reunion of the participants months later, saluting the heroic efforts that saved lives

  • In the most dramatic episode yet, firefighters must use all their resources and test the limits of their emotions as they battle to free a family trapped in a mangled car as it teeters on the edge of a precipice.

  • A house fire turns into a mystery, as firefighters search high and low for the source of troubling smoke. Later, a group of Girl Scouts visits a firehouse on a thank you mission only to earn a complete tour of the house.

  • Firefighters must work quickly and use all their skills to save the man from near-death. The tragic results of a motorcycle accident are seen before firefighters tackle an apartment fire that forces them to rouse sleeping residents.

  • Bright flames light the night sky as firefighters join forces to attack a house fire. Then a brush fire in a remote canyon force firefighters to get creative about finding water.

  • A house fire presents a unique set of challenges, including a long driveway, a difficult entry, and dark conditions. Then a brush fire is complicated by buzzing power lines. Firefighters train at The Academy and then take part in a swimming drill.

  • A hiker is in danger on a hill high above a lake . . . chopper to the rescue! Then a mobile home is on fire, and firefighters race to keep the flames from spreading. A fire in a barn threatens to spread, too.

  • Street sweepers are supposed to clean up, but this one makes a fiery mess. Then a car in a creek leads to an environmental cleanup. A fire at an apartment house leads to a smoky mystery in a house; where's the fire?

  • A wildfire so hot it melts hoses kicks off this episode of On Duty. After a visit to The Academy and a firehouse cooking lesson, it's on to a car fire that keeps reigniting.

  • The versatility of the firefighter is demonstrated repeatedly in this episode. After dealing with a car rollover on a rain slicked highway, firefighters clean up a garage fire, but discover a potentially deadly hazard.

  • A large building is ablaze, but could collapse at any moment. Watch as fire chiefs make a crucial life or death decision. Then firefighters deal with a van on fire, an operation made more difficult by the van's cargo: Dozens and dozens of folding chairs!

  • In one of the more unique rescues shown On Duty, firefighters ascend to dizzying heights to pull a paraglider out of a palm tree. Then they battle a car fire beside a busy highway before rolling into the hills to dodge power lines and flames.

  • Brush fires have their own dangers, but when the fire threatens to overwhelm a vital traffic artery, the fire takes on greater urgency. In this episode, firefighters attack the flames from the ground and from the air in a race to save the day.

  • A historic structure is threatened by a raging fire deep in the Santa Barbara night; viewers are amid the flames as firefighters struggle to keep the flames from spreading. A highway accident scene is made more difficult by darkness, too.

  • First, they swoop in on a chopper to save a biker downed on a remote trail. Then it's all hands (and gear) on deck as a large crew fights to keep a wildfire from swarming toward a populated area.